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13 hours ago

A nice hike overall. I would recommend it for a day hike. It was pretty crowded by my standards. Lots of dogs on and off leash at the top. A guy smoking pot at the top too. But I managed to find a nice quiet rock to sit and each lunch and stick my feet in. The top of the hike is where you gain all of your elevation which not the best. At that point the trail is a bit eroded. It could use some basic maintenance, but manageable.

This was my 3rd 14er and probably the easiest (bierstadt and quandary). Prettier than bierstadt up top, but not as good as quandary. This is a great beginner mountain to climb. We started from the FairPlay side

Beautiful trail. Not boring but not extremely difficult either.

Busy but beatiful! A beautiful trail with lots of wild flowers. Well worth the hike. It is in no way lightly trafficked. During peak season on the weekend the parking lot will be full and over flowing onto the road by 9am.

Wonderful wildflowers, water-crossings, and wandering at the beginning of this segment. I really enjoyed strolling the first bit of it. Didn't see a whole lot of people, but the few folks that I did run into were friendly. Bring your bug spray!

First 14er yesterday... and I chose this one (or rather, my boyfriend did). It was a cool hike and I’d like to think I’m in good shape, but this is not an easy hike. I recognize now why they call them the Rockies, there is nothing but rock all over this mountain. The hike up was fantastic most of the way, but the elevation will get you with the terribly steep incline... now with that said, once you reach the top (10+ stops and 4 teary moments later for me) the views are astounding and you feel incredibly accomplished! On the way down, you should feel immense relief, however, your knees and hip flexors may take a beating... all and all it’s not all doom and gloom... it’s gorgeous and I would recommend if you’re looking for a challenge and youve done a couple 14ers... this is all

Amazing views! They made the whole hike worth it.

But the trail was difficult. It's almost completely incline on the way up, plus 2 brutal false summit inclines. I would say this isn't a beginner's hike unless you're in fabulous shape or familiar with 14ers. Plus coming down is hard on the knees.

Don’t let reviews saying how “easy” this is fool you. Yes, there are always the outliers who are super fit outdoor enthusiasts who are super human and can crush this thing and call it “not very difficult.” And hats off to them, we saw them cruising up and down and couldn’t be more in awe. But for the rest of us, it’s very difficult. I’m not fitness guru, I’m pretty average, but I can handle a decent hike. This one pushed me to my limit. On a mere 3 hours of sleep, we drove up from Denver (03:00-05:25), hit the trail at 05:25, and returned at 16:05. We took lots of small breaks, had plenty of nutritious food with protein and carbs + 3L of water each was perfect, and about 15 minutes at summit. I should also mention that at hour 3 I felt a strain in my right groin that only got worse the whole way up and back - by the end it was super painful, which definitely impacted my pace on the way back while going downhill. Three false summits and each one takes a lot of work to reach. It’s one steady incline the entire way up, and going down isn’t easy either, because it’s all careful footing the whole way down, even below treeline (there was some relief for a few small stretches below treeline, but very few). Having reached the summit seemed like such an accomplishment, and it is. But turning back around and grinding out 4+ more hours back? I could barely walk toward the end.

Everyone was so kind on the trail, when passing through the false summits, everyone gave us encouragement and I have to say, I think it was a huge influence that ultimately helped us dig deep and get to the top. The 360* views were spectacular. Feeling very proud and thankful to this beautiful state for giving us such incredible forces of nature.

This is not a loop. One of my favorite trails In the area. However not a loop which makes all trails distance incorrect. I believe the point to point distance to be incorrect as well. My iPhone distance recorded almost 9 to get from fish hatchery to native lake. Not that I completely trust that to be correct although it defiantly seemed longer than AllTrails records as.

Hiked this a week ago. Left 5:20am from trailhead and was back by noon. We did move fast so plan on spending time on the climb. The first false summit is rocky and steep, but the climb eases after that. Can’t beat the summit views both south to the collegiates and west to maroon bells. Worth the grind!

Nice secluded section of the CT. There are a few elevation ups and downs but the flowers were in full bloom and the creeks all had water. Beautiful area.

2 days ago

Great hike with great views. My three legged dog really enjoyed the smaller lake before Windsor

Fun! Starting above tree line takes away from the 14er experience of ascending/earning your changes of scenery, carried my 4-yr old, she hiked a good portion on her own, she didn’t like the exposure on the edge leading to the summit, and about lost it when she learned what a false summit was the hard way lol. However, a great experience for the two of us!

Great easy hike for an acclimation day. Easy groomed trail along the lake. Went on a Friday mid-morning and it wasn’t too busy.

Beautiful hike, abundant wildflowers with some great incline near the top! Well worth the trek. Low traffic as trail nears top cuz folks bail. Lake is lovely, nestled in amid pines.

Super short and easy fourteener. Took me less than 2 hours to summit and 45 minutes to descend. Giving this 4 stars because it isn’t one of the prettiest fourteeners I’ve summited. Road leading to trailhead is rough but 2WD vehicles can make it.

Camped the night before and was on the trail by 5:45 am (the parking lot at the trailhead was already crowded with the perimeter parking spots filled). This was definitely a challenging hike in regards to rapid elevation gain both below the tree line and above, but it was rewarding. Having been at sea level two days prior the hardest part was the altitude, but the legs definitely got a workout. The hike up the first false summit was pretty brutal! And got to model several different outfits as went from tank top to long sleeves and wind breaker above tree line! Stayed on summit for about 20 minutes and was back at the trailhead just after noon. Definitely needed a nap after this one!

5 days ago

Started at 6:30 am and finished around 3:30 or 4 pm. I’m from the Midwest, so the elevation slowed us down a bit, but the hike was so worth it. This was a great first 14er as the trail requires little scrambling.

Awesome hike. False summit is sad. I wish I used poles.

6 days ago

The lake is beautiful and a great place to camp!

Fantastic vistas

6 days ago

My 5th 14er. Beautiful wildflowers and the old mine buildings are cool as well. There are a lot of trails to follow and we got a little off track and turned it into an 8+ mile hike. It was very windy in places and hiking near the top with drop-offs on both sides was a new and exciting experience for me.

Definitely start early.. We started at 4:30 am.
This was my first 14er and we plod and go slow. It took us 9hrs 40 minutes. Lots of rocks and step ups from start to finish. I’m 58 and a flatlander, so I was sucking air. Also watch the weather. Afternoon storms are usually a given.

Our 1st 14er, glad we chose this one ! We started a bit late, 6:20 and barely got a spot in the parking lot. Go early, it got pretty warm on the descent, was wishing I wore shorts ! The peak is very windy but not too cold. There is a card board sign with Mt Elbert's elevation you can use at the you for a picture of you want, its weighted down with a rock. we saw a big mountain goat nearby and a pica. Stunning views at the top and a pretty, scenic hike. Pack light, it's a looking hike!

Beautiful walk

We started at 3:30am, got above tree line around 5:30am and watched the sunrise. Around 8am we summited and spent an hour at the top. Got back to our car around 11:30. It was an amazing hike and can be done with 1.5-2 liters of water!

Easiest 14er I’ve done.

9 days ago

THE BEST. Completed on 7/4/18. This is an absolutely tremendous hike. Well marked and well taken care of trail. I did track closer to 8 miles than 7 however, no parts of this trail were overly exerting. At a nice steady pace and lunch at the lake, we completed in 4.5 hours. I would highly recommend bug spray for once you get to the lake. Views are jaw dropping. Wildflowers growing out the wazoo! This easily became a new favorite trail. Highly recommend 10/10.

9 days ago

Great hike. Short, steep, and peaceful. Please remember you entered a Wilderness Area keep your dogs on a leash, don't pick wild flowers, and if a fire ban is in place don't light a fire no matter how small.

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