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It was a nice trail. Shaded parts and also parts in the sun. Nice views way up high. Fun hike overall.

A great hike through lots of terrain to get some miles in without a lot of elevation.

Great trail. Moderately traveled with lots of horseback riding. Absolutely beautiful views and landscapes.

Great trail- loved the diverse terrain. Well marked. Even spotted some Ute sacred trees. Beautiful views of Piles Peak. Easy to access and not crowded.

This is a great workout. The rapid elevation gain is more so if you take the path straight/right, continue past the Eagle Pass Trl and UP the service road. You can add time/distance with the hike to the cemetery (more like a seeded fenced area,) and then adding the 1 mike loop at the top (sorry forgot the name)
Beautiful views!
A bit easier hike is starting to the left, but still uphill, just slower gain.

Go either direction, you won’t get lost. Watch for horses and their droppings. It has many sandy areas, appropriate shoes are helpful

good hike short and sweet.

Beautiful trail, lots of shade. It's fun walking the perimeter of the summit for a view on all sides.

22 days ago

Nice trail with a lot of shade. The views are worth the trip to the top.

Fun trail! Good for a day hike for the whole family. Mostly wide walking trails, marked very clearly, great views with the smell of spruce trees the entire way. This trail should be deemed "easy" not " moderate"

Great combination of open field and shade from the trees. Path was well marked and the sand was good for the dogs. Not busy at all Sunday afternoon. Great easy trail.

1 month ago

Easy trail for sure. Good portion of it shaded. Great for kids or for trail running. Well marked trail with nice views. Good place to take out of towners not used to the elevation.

1 month ago

This was a great hike with versatile scenery. You had meadows, mountain views, walking in the woods, open area. We saw wild turkey. It wasn’t difficult nor too easy to hike. There were log benches scattered on the trail and easy signs to follow. Yes there is horse poop along the trails but just step aside. We went on a Sunday midday and there were people but not crowded. We plan to make this a regular one.

This was a great 5.5 miles venture, 2.3 miles was the upper loop. There was a couple other out and back trails, not included in the 5.5 miles. Took two moderately active people an hour and 45 minutes. Saw a coyote.

Enjoyable and beautiful location! A great option for someone new to trail running! The trail is narrow and has a couple sharper turns; I did see a couple biking and could imagine it's not a good spot for mountain bikers who don't want to take it slow. Ultimately a place I look forward to visiting again!

Great easy trail with scenic views. Some nice shade along the way

Great trail, very scenic. The service road going to the top nearly killed me

I would rate this more on the easy side -a pleasant walk. Nice views from the top.

This has been our favorite trail so far. We hiked the entire path with our dog and sons (ages 7 & 9). The scenery was beautiful and the path was perfect. It wasn’t too hilly and very doable for kids. When you hit the split path sign, I definitely recommend taking the Stairway to Heaven. It added a little bit of distance but it was well worth the extra effort. Everything was very well-marked and there weren’t too many other people. Oh, but you do need to watch out for horse poop. We will definitely be returning to this trail.

Nice Trail. Signs were very easy to follow.

One of my favorite hikes! This morning I trekked up Spruce Mountain, then down the steep, rocky service road to the Greenland Trail. Doing this nice 5-6 mile loop allows you such varied terrain: stunning overlooks from up high down through serene scrub oak and pine forest to beautiful prairie and meadows below. Lovely!

2 months ago

Beautiful little hike, about 5.5 miles. Went today at about 8 AM and there was very little traffic on the trail. Came down about 1030 and there was a few more people coming up but not crowded at all. Horses, bikes, and hikers all had plenty of room from what I saw. I felt the trail itself was easy, but for those who aren't experienced the first 1.5 miles could probably be a little more tiring.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes

2 months ago

I love this hike! Nice trail and excellent views.

This trail is probably lightly trafficked because it's not easy to find the trailhead or several of the landmarks along the way. For our group of five adults, that meant that what should have been an 11-mile hike (5.5 miles each way) turned into almost 16 miles of hiking. We had a guidebook AND instructions printed from the internet, and we did eventually make it to the crash site. It's the early part of the hike that's confusing. Once we got on our way (with continual checking of our instructions), we did better. We also brought chalk with us to mark our turns and make our return trip more straightforward.

The hike itself was lengthy but enjoyable. It was a little strenuous at times, especially for those not accustomed to the altitude. Some sections were a little slippery with scree, so poles were useful. We hiked on a Saturday and although there were a decent number of people hiking around the Palmer Lake reservoirs, we only saw one family and a single hiker once we got on our trail. When we reached the crash site we ran into a dad and two young boys who had reached the site by taking a 4WD road from the North side and then only hiking about 2.5 miles.

Bring plenty of water with you in case your hike ends up longer than expected.

Great trail. I would say a good amount of this trail is shaded! Views are beautiful.

Beautiful and close to the south Denver Metro. The trail is very well maintained. Minimal elevation change. I would call this a nice longer (5 mile loop) walk before I would call it a hike. As a non-mountain biker, it looked like it would be a lot of fun to bring a bike to. Also very horse friendly. There are benches and picnic tables all along the trail. Nice place for a picnic but no challenge for a hiker.

Beautiful trail. Gets strenuous near the top. Views payoff!

Super easy trail. Not a lot is shade. Would be perfect early morning or evening.

3 months ago

Such a fun hike! Beautiful views of Pikes Peak and cool rock formations and not much elevation gain. The 5.5 miles goes by pretty quickly!

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