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Better for mtn biking

26 days ago

Nice open trail. Beautiful views of the surrounding foothills and mountains. Very easy paths some rocky places but nothing too bad. Good mixture of uphill and flat areas. Nice hike without having to go too far from the city. Great day for it, is definitely a spring, fall, winter hike, no shade. Will be back again.

Easy to navigate, mostly good for mountain biking but some hikers on trail. Many paths to choose from. Ran some of it.

Good views of downtown and the hike was a good length for a weekend outing. Despite the views the trail wasn’t very scenic or interesting.

Beautiful sunset views over the front range.

Great views + nice people + good weather = A GREAT TIME

I came in hopes to see elk and and as I started up the hill it was the 360° views that took my breath away. Couldn’t see how there would be elk on this hill but when I got to the top I was thrilled to see a BIG buck and his large herd of females and some young boys! Majestically standing over them staring at those of us who stopped to admire them. We were so close! What an amazing experience! Definitely a great hike!!! #bestdayever

nature trips
2 months ago

Very relaxing

2 months ago

The lake is beautiful with lots of birds and great views as you walk around. Great for the family.

Nice trail accessible by public transportation. When I went last night I watched a herd of elk grazing right off the trail in the sunset.

3 months ago

so close to home but definitely feels like another world. a few 'urban' features and more open patheways ...then if you head to the lake it is more natural and there are birds and turtles! love it.

Ended up being 6 mi trail due to being poorly marked. Not to shabby otherwise though!

Good long trail. Ran in to a herd of 12 elk, and also saw a mile deer. Took part of the Rooney trail through the valley as well.

great hike. loose gravel makes it slippery at times.

A great option for a runner that is new to trail running! I was hesitant to run this trail because of the previous snake warning, and though I didn't cross paths with one, I was warned when I got back to the parking lot that one was spotted on the near by Summit trail. Use caution and always stay aware!

I've been hiking this 4-6 times a week for the last 3 months. I also mtn bike all of GM. A few days ago, I encountered a very large rattlesnake on the single track part of the trail just before the tower. After striking at me once and thankfully missing me, I quickly backed up, but he slithered toward me and struck again and I again moved back, he advanced and struck again. I used a hiking pole to throw him well off the trail. It is best not to aggravate them with rocks, dogs, sticks, etc. if you can't get past or even if you can and you have some way to move them well off the trail, please do. Any aggressive poisonous snake is a dangerous snake. Be careful, especially with small children and dogs.

5 months ago

Great city hike!

Beautiful scenery and saw elk out and about. Close to Denver which is nice and you will see the roads and cars driving around you for a good part of the hike

5/21/18 start 5:30pm. First of all, this is categorized wrong. It’s an easy trail, not moderate. It’s also boring compared to countless other trails you could hike. This should be classified as MOUNTAIN BIKING ONLY. The paths are relatively wide in a lot of places with no real technical hiking challenges. In the places where path was not wide I had to get out of the way for WAY too many bikes. Never ever had to say that before about a trail. One bike guy announced himself from way up the hill and then came charging down at freight train speed. Scared me to death and almost lost my balance. Dear biker: you don’t need to be going that fast on a trail with hikers. Won’t be doing this trail again.

Had a nice hike here today. We brought our dogs and luckily we had some cloud cover. It was about 6.6 miles from the car and back. The hike was great, lots of ups and downs and some good incline. My one complaint is that there is no tree cover. It is really just a wide open meadow and field. We were fortunate with the cloud cover today but I wouldn’t bring a dog back here during the summer months knowing how hot it gets, the rattlesnakes and the lack of any water or shade cover. Other than that we saw lots of runners and bikers. It was a good trail and I think we were lucky with the weather today!

I've really enjoyed this hike over the last couple of weeks. The weather has been wonderful. Only downside is that myself and my friend both slipped while hiking the last mile as a result of all the loose dirt and gravel.

My wife and I hiked wearing our one year old and waking our dog. Nice views of Denver and it's suburbs.

Not bad. Not great.

This was an awesome trail with a beautiful view. It was windy 3/18 and there were mostly mountain bikers but everyone was extremely nice and respectful of all trail rules. 10/10 might be back next weekend!

Hardly any mud left - a couple of spots but nothing tennis shoes couldn’t handle. Pretty low traffic at 10:00 on a weekday - picking up by the time we left. Easy hiking for our 25 lb pup.

Great walk. Windy today and some mud (

The trail was just fine but, the description in the app was not accurate. I planned for a 3.2 mile loop, by myself, unaware that there are several loops. I ended up hiking over 6 miles and not knowing where I was. I wound up in a neighborhood and fortunately a woman headed out for her hike directed me back to the parking lot.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Easy. Nice

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Easy walk

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Very moderate of not easy. Pretty noisy with road traffic. I work in lakeside do its a god hike near my office. I would not choose it as a first choice. Good fir mountain biking.

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