Beautiful trail!! Perfect hike for getting fully immersed in the San Juans. Uncompahgre is a unique, funky, and photogenic mountain and is, for the most part, a Class 1 walk-up. Perfect for novice-to-intermediate 14er hikers. Near the top is a gnarly, steep Class 2 (borderline Class 3) crux. When you get to this part (you'll know it when you see it), I recommend taking the route to the left of the rock tower, not the one to the right. It's less steep. The good news is that it's short.

The Nellie Creek 4WD road to the trailhead is no joke. Large rocks, creek crossings, tight hairpin turns, and dips. High clearance is mandatory-- my Jeep Liberty has 8" of clearance and still scraped bottom more times than I would have liked. Good news is that the creek crossings are running low right now-- about 3" for the first crossing and about 4" for the second crossing.