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Kittredge, Colorado Map

Nice hike, aptly named. Very easy at first with only substantial elevation gain before the top. A bit of snow and ice for the first third of a mile, but didn't need any traction. Definitely a nice little hike

I can’t believe that I lived within 10 miles and never been here! Loved the serenity. Nice views, pretty trail.

Great hike, not too strenuous. If there is snow at the base of the trail, you might want to consider some good footwear, poles and some crampons. The trail can get quite slippery when going downhill, with risk of falling into the adjacent creek. It gets better after about 0.5 miles from the parking lot.

Lovely nature walk close to Denver. The view at the top is legit and would work well to satisfy the average out of town guest. No snow on the trail today.

Decent hike that starts with a mild incline, then fluctuates with ups and downs. Nice mellow hike, no real view points. Good for staying close to Denver. Some of the trails are blocked off so it was easy to get turned around, navigating with AllTrails was needed to get to the right place.

One of my favorite laid back scenic hikes. The elevation isnt crazy enough to have you breathing hard the whole time. When you first start the trail its all downhill for the most part, its coming back you get a little incline. I love looking for mica (the rock) on trails and theres a lot of it there. This trail is ideal for mountain biking and an easy (and visually stimulating) trail run. Not the best for peak views though, but you get to see a little hints of it here and there. Overall, I'll be returning.

2 hour hike at comfortable pace within 45 min of downtown. Great all around hike, decent amount of shade and views.

amazing in the winter. gorgeous area look out at the top

We took our 5 week old son. It’s a great hike for beginners, visitors and families. Easy trail with moderate sections. When taking the loop I recommend taking the right route. Have fun and happy hiking.

4 stars for the sunset, but the hike was not anything challenging or awe inspiring though. Short enough to watch a sunset at the top but not be caught out after nightfall long enough to need a headlamp or anything. Fairly short, easy hike close to Denver!

Great hike for just enough resistance so you don’t feel like you’re just nature walking. The view at the end was very pretty, definitely glad we took this one as I’m sick and my hiking buddy was from out of town and not used to the altitude

Harder than I expected, but a beautiful trail. Very shaded. The incline on the way up was hard for my new to Colorado lungs but I definitely want to go back. Watch out for a lot of bikers though. Also, limited parking at the base. And if you're coming from Denver, it's a short and gorgeous drive!

This was mine and my family'a first hike! it was amazing but is a little more difficult than expected. The last inclin up was hard but well worth the view and the accomplishment! Definitely going to do a return trip up here!

This trail should really be rated "moderate", as it was quite challenging at times. It is also NOT a loop. In and out is how it goes.

Lots of shade, which is great when you go in the middle of the day like we did. Also because we went in the middle of the day, on a Sunday, it was quite busy. The path is very narrow at some points requiring either you or them to pull off to the side for passing people. It took us about an hr up, and 45 ish down. The view up top is well worth the hike. It is quite beautiful!! Parking was difficult at busy times because it only has a small lot at the trailhead, which fills fast. We parked along the street.

If you looking for a heart pumping hike that won't kill you if your not an avid hiker, you will like this trail.

This trail was absolutely amazing. It wasn't too difficult but still posed a challenge. The trail was well marked and really clean. Once you get up to the top,
( which took me about an hour) you get a beautiful view. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to go on a nice little hike with their family.

This was a nice easy hike not too far away from Denver. The trail head has its own parking lot, but there isn’t a bathroom at this trailhead.

The hike itself is very pretty. You start next to a stream and head through the woods before going uphill to the point. Signage is very clear.

Unless I’m missing something, there was no loop at the point. Once we saw the views we came back from the same way we started. The distance is still about 3 Miles total.

Easy, pretty, and fun for all ages/ ability levels!

First I would like to say that if you’re coming from the Corwina Park parking lot that there is NO loop! We went up to Panorama Point thinking we could take it back down on a loop like AllTrails show on the map view and there was no trail to be found. So this was an in and out trail for us.

Secondly this is more of and easy/moderate hike. Short trail but very steep and rocky for a good mile with not much leg up. I will say although I was worried my 5 year old wouldn’t make it she did!

Lastly the payoff was nice but not amazing. Glad we did it. Any day hiking is a great day!

Great little hike! The views from the point are breathtaking. First portion is easy, filled with wildflowers and lots of shade. The trek up to the point was more rocky but not too steep. Light traffic for a Monday morning!

A great little day hike!

Nice, quick hike just 30ish mins outside of Denver! Go in the morning to avoid crowds. We got to the trailhead around 10:30 and barely saw anyone on the way up. Lots of traffic on the way down (after 11:30) Lovey spot at the top to relax (if there aren’t a lot of people). Easy hike most of the way, a little more challenging as you get on the Panorama Point Trail going up but quick descent back down. Treed most of the way, sunnier as you get to the top. Good for a summer morning hike.

Nice trail, easy, but but steep at start. Also it's difficult to spot the fork to the panorama view point. I missed it and walked past it later figured out that high ground was in other direction so went off-trail and managed to reach panorama point. Later found trail from panorama point leading to the actual trail! It's so obvious to miss that junction. Should have clicked a pic.

Awesome view at the top. Easy enough for the dog too. Went early on a weekday and saw 5 people total.

Plenty of shade, quite a few mountain bikers but everyone was polite and friendly. We didn't have time for the loop and couldn't find Panorama Point as shown on the map, but the Bear Creek Trail was nice.

Very nice hike! Great view at the top! We found the trail very easy to find and that it was well marked. Mixed shade/sun. Just went on a Saturday around 1pm and it wasn’t too crowded at all.

Decent trail with mixed landscapes with some steep parts but mostly level with gentle grades. A fair amount of bikers with little regard to anyone else.

Arrived at 7:30am on a Wednesday...only ones there! Really nice trail. Starts out narrow trail thru thick forest. Starts to open up about 1/2 way up. Gradual incline for first 7/10 of a mile. Then at split to Panorama point, it gets more of an incline. But don’t stop. Last 2/10 are fairly steep, but levels off near top for great viewpoints! We are casual hikers in our 60’s and we made it. Enjoy this beautiful shady hike! Total distance to top is about 1.5 mile with 650 elevation change.

There was plenty of parking when we went. The start of the trail was a little tricky to find, kind of walk back in the direction of Lair o’ the Bear. We also found it tricky to actually get to panorama point once at the top. There wasn’t a trail for the last let like the map indicated. I would suggest continuing till you actually meet up with the panorama point trail then taking that up. We wanted to do a loop rather than out and back so took bear creek trail to panorama trail and back to the road and walked along back to the car. You can do a shorter hike if you park at Corwina Park and take the trail. The views are definitely awesome! It’s really not to difficult of a hike, a little rocky in some spots. My brother and his girlfriend are from Michigan and don’t have the opportunity to hike too much, and the kept up on this hike. There are wild raspberries several spots along the way. If you’re looking for a hike with a payoff, give this one a go!

Great sunset

A little difficult to find but great once you’re on it. My husband and I hiked this today in a little under 2 hours. There were a lot of spots for great photo’s! The trail was moderately busy with other hikers, bikers and many dogs. I had only running sneakers with me for this trip and they faired just fine, though there is one spot with a staircase of rocks that I slipped a bit. All in all a great hike for us first time hikers!

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