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4 days ago

Hiked it on a weekend and was not very crowded. We parked just past the point where the stream crossed the road and the hike was 7.5 miles round trip (from car to the lake and back). Very pretty hike, very challenging. Would recommend it.

Wonderful trail! We hiked only 3 miles in, then turned around as we had our dog and needed to get things done at home in the afternoon. Aspen and/or pine woods for the first mile, mostly shade. The trail then opens up to grand views of the valley below and surrounding mountains. We plan to return in the fall and do more, if not the entire trail.

Other hikers and mountain bikers. Everyone was very pleasant.

Despite the entrance being adjacent to a campground, there is a sign very specifically about no public bathrooms.

We arrived at 8:20am, four cars in the lot. Nearly full at 11:30am.

Wildflowers still blooming: Indian paintbrush, lupines. Didn’t see columbines. Nice easy hike but turned back as a storm came in and make it back to the car just in time. Many bikes but most were polite, but it’s a narrow trail so you have to keep moving over This would be a good place to alternate day use for the bikers.

25 days ago

It was a beautiful challenge. 9.04 miles in and out on my Fitbit from the 4WD trailhead. My husband and I and three littles 5,3 & 1 year old in hiking backpack, went with a group and had a wonderful day. Beautiful waterfalls, birdsong and gorgeous fields of wildflowers through the whole hike.

Was a bit boggy/muddy nearing the lake on the trail. People were fly fishing at the lake. Mild rain coming down on the way back. There was also a little field of wild strawberries that were delicious.

It is a longer hike than I have done in the last but none of the trail is very hard not steep. I hope this helps.

off road driving
29 days ago

I started this trail from the Hwy 285 side at the beginning of March. I did not do this whole trail because unfortunately I got stuck and had to have help out. I have not been on this trail in the summer but with snow on the ground I would highly advise you consider what your vehicle is capable of and that you do not attempt it alone. With all that said I did about a 3 mile portion of the trail and loved it right up until I got stuck haha.

For reference I was in a stock Jeep JKU Rubicon Recon. Happy Wheeling!

off road driving
1 month ago

Had a great time going through it in a ram 1500 3 inch level kit and all terrain tires a bit challenging going down steep drops being wide also during sunset got dark quick but made it no problem took about 1:45 to complete trail.

I was on a different loop, but started on this trail around mile 6 on this map. It was so steep at one part that we had to turn around. We had backpacking backpacks so it was also harder to go downhill at such a steep gradient. Would also note that there is a lot of bouldering and the river is hidden under the boulders at that point (mile 7 or so).

1 month ago

Took my 11yo niece up here for her first backpacking trip last weekend. Our Subaru Outback didn’t quite have enough clearance to make it to the TH so we found a campsite about 1 mile down from the TH and hiked up the road to the trail. Most of the cars at the TH are trucks and SUVs with big clearance. The hike to the lake is exactly 3 miles from the designated TH.

The trail was in good condition and there was a bit of mud up near the lake in the willows. Our night at the lake was fantastic, although super windy! It’s such a beautiful lake. The campsites are few (3-4 total) there’s not a lot of level ground. We used a bear canister for food and a jetboil stove.

I was bummed to see what looked like recently burned wood in the fire rings at the lake. Also, saw some abandoned fire rings on the hike out that were still smoking. Put it out people. Drown it in water!

The trail length is off. From 4 wheel drive lot, it is closer to 10 miles round trip

1 month ago

So to add more info about the trail length; my garmin watch had me at 2.7 miles from the trailhead to the lake. I'm guessing the distance of 7.5 includes the walk from the campground if you don't have 4WD. And you turn right just before the campground, not left. That is where the bumpy road begins. So many species of flowers, though it's definitely dry, so I don't know how long they will last; delphiniums, columbine, waterleaf, paint brush, jacob's ladder, chiming bells, globe flower, penstemons, violets, primroses, moss campion, valerian, kings crown, golden rod, aster, milk vetch, marsh marigold, Elephant's head.....

Great trail, the hike was a bit longer than the app says GPS said 6 miles round trip. The road up is a 4x4 only because you need higher clearance. Very worth the final push to the lake. The flowers are in bloom this week.

beautiful views , vault toilets still closed, people had thier dogs off leash, annoying, still beautiful.

2 months ago

We made it to the 3.75 mile mark and ran out of water. We only crossed 2 streams and both were dry. There was not a stream that ran alongside the trail. On the positive note the views incredible and it was very lightly trafficked.

This is not a super easy trail. there aren't many wild flowers yet so it was disappointing to me. there is some snow closer to the top and pretty muddy but the view and lake are worth the draw backs.

We had a beautiful day. met wonderful people (hikers & bikers) & dog. want to try again only longer.

off road driving
2 months ago

3 stars only because we didn't get to the top, or down the other side. We headed towards the pass from the Breck side and got within a half mile or so, and the road was still snow bound in places. It appeared like some went further than us, but I wasn't about to. Towards the top this road is only one lane for the most part too, and that is always sketchy when meeting someone coming the other way. It was bad enough backing up where I was to get turned around. The north side, which we were on, is really rocky the further you went. It does get steep too, the closer you get to the pass. I was in 4 high up until I turned around. I may try the south approach and see if I can get up. Was glad to be down and off that rocky road though, just didn't think it would be back the way we came!! Too early yet for my truck.

trail running
2 months ago

Did trail run from Kenosha pass to the high ridge line about 1 mi before Georgia Pass. Great views of the peaks above Breckenridge. This is an excellent stretch for trail running - low traffic on this Sunday and nice steady elevation gain up to Georgia Pass. A little snow on trail above 11k but nothing to slow you down much.

Big bad news: vault toilets at trailhead are CLOSED due to idiot yahoos throwing in their trash. So pack a few squares of TP, ladies, and a little bag to pack it out. Limited privacy first mile of trail.

2 months ago

The road to the trailhead is 4x4. Completed 5/27/18 and there was still snow knee deep towards the top. The last half mile is completely snow covered, and had to pretty much guess where the trail might be. Lots of other people where turning around, so it was nice to have the lake to ourselves. A few different trees fell across the trail towards the bottom, but climb over them, or walk around. Beautiful views the entire trail. You walk along side the creek pretty much the whole time. This time of year, would recommend for more experienced hikers.

3 months ago

This was a beautiful trail. We did it in two days, but it could easily be stretched to three. The views were fantastic, especially once you get into the alpine parts of the hike. There's a stream that can serves as a water source that stays close to the trail for the first six miles or so. A lot of the last stretch up the mountain is exposed, so expect it to be bright and windy.

I’m sure it’s beautiful but heads up- the road is closed for the season about 3 miles ahead of the trail head. Will definitely be back to check out again! Definitely a seasonal trail! Rookie (like me) be forewarned! That’s the only reason I went with 3 stars

off road driving
7 months ago

From Denver take Lost Park Rd after Kenosha Pass. Take that to Rock Creek Hills trail (FSR 130) which leads all the way to Tarryall Rd. Lost Park and Rock Creek are both very easy dirt roads and would be kind of low on my "fun" list in summertime. However with 6" of snow I had a blast and in any season the trails offer amazing views. There also seemed to be quite a few great campsites so keep that in mind. If you'd like to see a video of the run I have one up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

9 months ago

Beautiful Hike! Just enough snow to add to the beauty! Winds at Gibson Lake were definitely 50+ miles an hour so we took a few pics and heading back.

Absolutely breathtaking. Very easy hike and great view of the fall color's. Went last weekend but started right before sunrise before the crowd, good thing to because by the time we got back there was more than 100 people when there was only two cars when we started. Highly recommend to keep walking the trail till you get a gorgeous view of the Valley.

off road driving
10 months ago

on French Pass Trail

mountain biking
10 months ago

Great trail...some really steep sections

10 months ago

Quiet, peaceful stroll up to the pass. Camping and animals

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A lot of elevation gain, but well worth it for the views. Bring your water or a filter and a lunch for the lake. High clearance vehicle required to get all the way to the parking lot. If you only have a low vehicle, expect 1-2 miles extra just to get to the trailhead (didn't get a read on the exact distance). Great camping along the drive up too. Fishing looked good at the lake. Stream was a bit small.

Easy hike but we did not go all the way to the end either, maybe about a mile or two. It is quite beautiful, full of aspen trees and wild flowers, great for the little ones. A little bit off of the trail there is a surprise waiting for you but I won't ruin the surprise for yo to explore. The trail is also partially shaded for at least the first mile or two. Lots of bikers in the afternoon hours so be prepared to move over a little to let them pass you.

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