6 months ago

Beautiful hike to see the changes colors of the aspen. The trail head gets very crowded so the earlier the better. We arrived around 8:30am on a Sunday and the place was already packed with cars using the side of the road for parking spots. Still, we didn't have too much trouble finding a place to park. The trail begins right off the road, make sure not to follow crowds into campground on the opposite side, you'll just have to turn around. The trail begins through beautiful pine forest but the best is yet to come. A couple miles in, the trail emerges from the woods and reveals an expansive view of the plains to the south and the mountain range farther to the west. Beautiful golden yellows and bright oranges paint the sides of mountains around you. You can keep going on as the trail descends, but once the trail enters the forest again, there are no more high points. The trails does meander its way down through a dense aspen growth but most of the leaves on these trees had already fallen, and you find yourself about the skeletons of trunks and branches with the occasional yellow leaf in its final days of grasping to the tree. We turned around here but the trail goes on for a long ways as this is part of the Colorado trail. We didn't go all the way to where the trail end is marked on the Alltrails map and the out and back took us about 5 hours.