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Idaho Springs, Colorado Map
off road driving
17 hours ago

Went up on 3/18/18 right before it snowed. Trail was a ton of fun. I have a stock 2017 Forester XT, only thing done so far is new AT tires (KO2s). I didn’t bottom at all. Some steep rocky spots. Car handled it no problem. Was snow on the trail and I got off the trail before a snow storm came. Later found out a bunch of vehicles had to be rescued. I’m posting a YouTube video of my ride up.


Beautiful hike! Ups and downs! Pretty snowy but it was packed down well. Some sections of small slippery areas on the path that are along a cliff so a little difficult at time but this trail was definitely worth it for the views!

Hiked on 3/17/18. No snowshoes needed. Bringing micro spikes of some kind is probably a good idea, there were definitely some icy spots but everyone in my group managed without any additional traction. The lake (we didn’t venture up to the top lake) was beautiful and even for a beautiful Saturday there were not many people on the trail. Excited to come back in the summer!

Snowshoes were needed for this hike. Some spots had avalanche risk. It was a beautiful hike. Also a great place for backcountry skiing.

Great short hike with stunning views in every direction at the top. Packed snow most of the way 3/17, spikes a big help. Gorgeous day!

I would give this a moderate rating in the winter! Steep incline and icy at spots until you get to the top. Great views! I recommend for a short hike outside of the metro area

Bring microspikes in winter months.

great trail with a steady incline pretty much the whole way up. I did this with my wife and two teen sons and enjoyed it very much. fantastic views once you break the treeline. it didnt seem to busy either.

off road driving
8 days ago

I have driven this "trail" several times in my 2017 E300.... That should give you a good idea of the challenge level with this trail. When I want to get from Central City to Idaho Springs it is my preferred method of travel. It is honestly just a dirt road and there weren't even ruts towards the end of 2017 when I drove it. It has some great views of the mountains, but that is really the biggest draw that I am aware of. I cannot speak to how well the road is maintained in the winter after snow as I have not driven it during those conditions.

8 days ago


I love this trail! It was difficult going uphill with the snow but hiking shoes and yaktrax were sufficient. I have hiked this in the summer as well and though I missed the beautiful lake at the top, it was cool to see the trail from a wintry perspective. The solitude was much needed and appreciated as I only saw a couple other hikers. Took about 3 hours round trip.

Good hike! Did this one in mid March and the snow pack was decent. Used snowshoes the entire way and towards the top the snow got pretty deep. Definitely doable and worth the view!

Went up when it was frozen over with some friends. It's tough getting up and back down with all the snow, but so worth it. Some people hike up and sled / snowboard down. You get to walk around on a big frozen lake once you make it all the way. Really awesome.

off road driving
9 days ago

Terrible "trail". The only reasons anyone would say "oh my god" is due to he amount of ruts on this dirt road. There was no peak overlook or anything interesting. Old mining stuff was along the route but you could also just go down 70 and see much better stuff.

Do not recommend at all. Save yourself the time I wasted.

Path is completely covered in snow, but there are a few tracks you can follow from the skiers who hike up to the first peak. Recommend GPS, but still had to cut across some trail sections because of deep snow. Only attempt at this time if you go with someone else or if are an expert hiker. Dress warm. Views are completely wild at the top!

Beautiful place to hike! We went 3/12 early in the morning. We did not do the full loop at the end as the wind picked up, but it was still a wonderful hike. We did read the recommendations to wear yaktrax but we did not, wished we would have at times but it was still doable without them, just need to be careful with the ice!

We hiked this trail yesterday (3/11/18) and it was quite wonderful! We hiked 3 miles in before turning around. The part of the trail we hiked is packed and easy to follow. Microspikes/crampons recommended after the first mile or so. Definitely don’t need snowshoes right now. For such a popular area, there were only about 15 other people the trail. Great hike, in close proximity to Denver.

This trail has no access.

Went a few weekends in a row now. Weekend of 3/10 was dry with ice in the shade. No issues. Easy trail.
Weekend of 3/11: blizzard. 2ft or more of fresh snow while we were on the trail, large drifts towards the top. Lots of fun!
2011 Tacoma single cab 3.5” lift
18psi 285/75r16 mudstar radials
No lockers
No sway bars.
No issues with this trail.

off road driving
11 days ago

In the summer difficulty 3.5/10. Winter 7/10. Trail does not shut down, and there are enough trails that connect to keep you busy as long as you want. The back side drops down st. Mary’s glacier.

11 days ago

We completed this trail today. Snowshoes were not needed for the first two thirds of this trail, but were very helpful for the top third. That’s how my wife did it, I didn’t take my snowshoes and still did fine. A lot more snow than last weeks pics.

Used snowshoes on a well-packed trail to Naylor Lake. The trail to Silver Dollar is rocky and right near avalanche possibilities (that was our opinion, however, the amount of snow up on the mountains is not significant due to high winds.) It's a short hike up but with the help of alltrails.com, we were able to trek in the deep stuff off trail on the way down. We just had fun and meandered in the 3 ft. of snow off-trail. Thanks AllTrails! We didn't stray too far from the trail either but you don't want to get lost out there!

I did this hike on 3/8, it was a little windy but an otherwise gorgeous day. Didn’t see too many other people out hiking.

Trail is snow packed and flooded/frozen over in spots. Snowshoes are not necessary but micro spikes are definitely helpful.

A little slick today, but my footwear was comprised only of Mukluks - nothing with much grip. Conditions have been so variable this year that it pays to keep an eye to the west almost daily to really grasp the spacial variability in the Front Range this season.

Bring water, layers, cheese and why the hell not throw your yak tracks in your bag as well. They don’t take up much space and you’ll be happy you’ve got ‘em at least once.

Happy trails!

Fun day hike! Only downside would be the amount of dog poop everywhere.

This is one of my fave go-to hikes. I do some pretty tough hikes so I’ll be assigning degrees of difficulty to this. But the reason I love it so much is its proximity to Denver, relative ease for most skill levels, and possibly the best view of Colorado’s Front Range you’ll encounter. On a clear day you can see every 14er in the Front Range. Some extraordinarily clear skies this weekend and perfection for this hike. Right now the trail is packed snow with some ice. Traction is absolutely necessary but will create a better experience getting up and down both. Snow shoes are too much but micro spikes are perfect right now in this trail. Again, not required but you’ll have a better day both ways using them. At least until you get above tree line. Go up. Enjoy. Take some gorgeous photos. Reward on this hike for the effort is just hard to beat. Dig it.

18 days ago

I hit the trail at about 9:30 am. Made it on the packed area...straight up to the lake...without traction assistance, but definitely needed my snowshoes to bound around up by the lake. I saw three people on the way up (all within the first half mile) and about ten—on their way up—in the last mile of the descent. :) Windy but great!

Spikes were very useful on hike out. Beautiful day in Idaho springs

off road driving
19 days ago

I've hit this trail every week for the past month and it never gets old. Varying snow amounts make or break each trip and today was the day I'd been waiting for....THE SNOW IS MELTING. Tons of mud puddles to hit and there's no serious snow until you get up past the second shooting range clearing. Another wheeler was stuck on the path so that's as far as I got today. This trail is perfect for seeing what you're comfortable with. Plenty of modest alternative routes to the more intense lines and just enough sketchy to get the blood flowing. My stock '15 Wrangler does just fine on this trail. If you see a tank green 4 door on the trail, stop and say what's up!

The access to the trail is at the lower area of the parking area.. think “parallel parking” on north side (uphill) of the road. It’s technically not a “Easy” Trail, where elderly and young kids can hike, there is incline all the way up the top and somewhat of a rock scramble at the top. But it’s a great view and hike. Snowpacked trail about 95 percent so I’d recommend microspikes just so you don’t have to worry about any slipping.

off road driving
19 days ago

My ‘07 Grand Cherokee worked this trail just fine. Some steep rocky slopes were difficult to maneuver with the ice/snow, but after a couple tries I was able to get passed them.

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