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Idaho Springs, Colorado Map
14 hours ago

Beautiful views and light traffic on a weekday. I could see how parking and the trail itself could easily become overcrowded on weekends. I would not advise doing the trail if it’s been wet - it’s a narrow path and traction could be an issue in the lower part of the trail. I did it in about 90 min w a few stops and absolutely will be back. Climb the rocky outcrop at the end of the trail, the view is worth it and there’s plenty of spots to climb up on (I saw more than one person w a dog up there!)

Walked here with my girlfriend the day before New Years. Was snowy peaked, and beautiful. A good quick trip for those who live in the front range!

22 hours ago

Super short trail, pretty much an incline up to the lake the whole way. Definitely worth it for visitors as it’s close to the city. I took out of town guests in Nov. it was just the perfect amount of chill, there was snow and ice in some parts of the trail but the photos were amazing and worth it. From the lake you can keep. Hiking up and the views only get better!

I loved this trail! It was beautiful the entire way. We parked in the lower parking lots, but there was parking in the upper parking lot when we got to the trailhead, on a Tuesday at about 11:00am. Lots of wildflowers this time of year. A little bit of slushy snow in parts but nothing to worry about. Just a really beautiful trail. The hike to the upper lake from the lower lake is very short, totally do it. The lake you see most of the hike must be the private lake. I’ll do this one again.

on Hells Hole Trail

1 day ago

Beautiful uphill trail with healthy aspens and wildflowers.

Awesome place! Incredible views with just a short hike away

Loved this hike as the views were breathtaking. Be mindful that you need to drive south of Idaho Spgs to mile marker 18 (18 miles) to reach the pullout on the side of the road to park. The directions state that the trailhead is 5 miles east of Echo Lake but we didn’t know where that was located until we drove by it.

1 day ago

Classic! Great views and easy enough hike. The only part that isn’t the easiest is the elevation can get ya a bit more tired than usual. This is where I take out of towners for a easier hike with beautiful views!

It was really beautiful! Several lakes and great mountain views. There are a few short slippery snowy passes that aren't fully melted but we didn't need to use any sort of spikes or poles or anything. Going in the afternoon in the rain may have been a little risky, but we dodged the crowds!

The trail from Echo Lake to Idaho Springs reservoir is pretty rough and honestly uneventful, work like hiking. Once you get up to that lake, it’s more open hiking in the Chicago lakes vale.
The camping at Echo Lake is cool. I really enjoyed having a burger and beer at the lodge when I got back.

Amazing hike with spectacular views. Moderate incline to get above tree line. Once you reach the first view point there’s a section of steep switch backs. Worth it for the views! The weather alternated quickly between sunny and cold/foggy. Can definitely feel the elevation gain on this hike!
Wild flowers are out.

on Yankee Hill Road

off road driving
2 days ago

indeed very easy to get lost but super fun none the less. went in a stock 99 pathfinder and kept up with the wranglers almost no problem. went done the hill pretty good, wife chickened out when we tried to go up but that's ok we still had a blast!

off road driving
2 days ago

I absolutely love the view up there. I would definitely go again, possibly camp there as well.
There is still still blocking the trail though so you won't be able to go all the way.

Super easy hike, decent workout. Good views, a lot of water! If you're looking for something that will last more than 2-3 hours, pack a lunch and head up to Chicago Lakes.

2 days ago

Fantastic hike, challenging enough to feel the payoff at the top. Stunning views and a few cool lookout points along the way. Super quick trip down, low traffic - highly recommend!

3 days ago

this was great. we woke up at 3 and got hiking at 530. we had plenty of parking spots as people park on the road. It was real crowded. we did grays peak in 2 hours and then it took 45 to get to Torreys. did the whole thing in under 5 hours. It was great. Would recommend picking up your dogs poop bag if you bring a doggo.

We hiked on 6/16/18 and the wild flowers were in full bloom on the entire trail. Beautiful hike!

3 days ago

This 13er is great when you want a good workout and have limited time. Was able to hit the summit in an hour. Park at summit lake to start the hike. This is a fairly easy hike with some holding of rocks to move through a few sections of the trail. Hike across to Gray Wolf Peak, which is another 13er for an extended hike of about 5 miles (parking, Spalding, GMP and return to parking). No snow on the hike and only a few people at the start of the trail. Had the peak to myself at 6:30am and saw only two people coming up trail before hitting parking lot!

Beautiful trail, lake surrounded by 13er peaks, wild flowers were in full bloom. But the people train started at about 8:30 am. At least 50 dogs none of them on a leash. Bags of dog poo all over the trail and stacked up by the porta potties. If you can't carry, take out and put in a garbage can your dogs poo then leave them at home. If you want to feel like you are hiking in an off leash dog park for 6 miles this trail is for you. Otherwise avoid weekends or start very early.

4 days ago

Loved it! Was not able to figure out how to get up to last lake, but well worth the trek. Will go again and find it, and summit Mt. Evans.

on Herman Gulch Trail

4 days ago

Had a fantastic hike - this is a great time of year (mid-June) to see wild flowers. The plant ecology changes as you get higher in elevation: conifers, columbines, wild roses, shooting star flowers, anemones, alpine primrose, whiproot clover, and some of the tiniest forget-me-nots. There was a very little bit of snow at the top but not enough to dissuade or deter hikers who have gotten that far.

Challenging hike. Our group completed it in 4-6 hours. (Stopped often to enjoy the views.) Arrived at 7:30am on Friday. Found parking just outside of lot. Trail was easy to follow. Lots of other hikers on the way up.

4 days ago

Didn’t come up to climb a 14er but we couldn’t find the trailhead to Griffin Memorial Trail so we just grabbed the next closest one we could find. But now I want to come back so I can get to the top! The people we met along the trail said it took them between 7-9 hours... will definitely need more time and gear next time! But Its so gorgeous and I can’t wait to try again!

off road driving
4 days ago

1st half of the loop counter clockwise is pretty mellow forest roads, second half is pretty rocky with some fun switchbacks and obstacles both up and downhill.
1st gen Tacoma with 33’s and a 3” lift was good to go, no clearance issues. 4 low in 1st-2nd gear most of the time. Pretty views and some fun stuff to see on the trail. Thought I’d see other rigs there on a Saturday morning but I was alone the whole time (6-16-18)

**BE ADVISED**- there should be a waypoint for the 710.1 turnoff on the AllTrails map, but there isn’t. If you’re going counterclockwise on the loop, it’s about a half mile southwest of the spring creek intersection. The sign will be on your left hand side. If you follow the red line given on the map at that point, you will go off course. 710.1 is the trail that will lead you back to hwy 103. As other people mentioned, get AllTrails pro or equivalent so you don’t get lost.

Great hike! Start early to beat the storm and the crowds with their dogs. People, please please pick up after your pets!!!!

5 days ago

Wide rocky trail with a lot of people. This hike is all about the beautiful reward with minimal effort. The journey up is only so-so.

We loved it. Definitely a tougher hike (the altitude made us stop for breaks along the way) but the views were incredible and the lake at the top was so clear. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a good time and a good workout!

Parking is weird, it’s all marked no parking but I parked along the road and was fine. Pretty easy hike, most of it is up a service type road, but the views are good and the lake is beautiful. Nice, relaxing walk.

One of our favorite trails. The views are stunning and the terrain is quite varied. The first third is somewhat steep. The middle section is flatter and the forest opens up to reveal great views of the surrounding mountains. The last part of the trail is steep and strenuous. Make sure that at the sign close to the top, you are keeping on the left. There is still snow in mid-June and the lake is partially frozen. The views at the top are stunning. Something to keep in mind is that the trail is longer than indicated here - it's over 7 miles.

Great hike, but very crowded. Very little snow still at the summit, lots of wildflowers now and easy to follow trail. Beautiful views and loved walking through the willow down low. Very manageable 14er.

Unfortunately, hiked with many people with poor wilderness etiquette - speakers blasting music along the trail, a huge group (25ish) of loud teenagers, and a collection of drunks yelling at the summit that people were asking repeatedly to quiet down.

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