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Hiked this trail on 05/20. Had to park down Guanella Pass road, about 1.8mi away from the trailhead and started around 8am. Bit of a late start as this was my first 14er. On the way up, the lower section of the trail was frozen. A decent amount of snow near the top, relatively packed. Made it to about .5mi from the peak and had to turn around due to dark clouds. Really muddy at the bottom of the trail. Plan to return at some point this summer to begin at an earlier time and complete the trail.

13 hours ago

Fairly approachable hike for all abilities. The views are okay and maybe impressive for newbies or short term visitors who don't have too much time to stay.

BEAUTIFUL HIKE! Happy to be back in the alpine so early in the season

Perfect trail for someone seeking a half day beginner-intermediate trail. We hiked on 5/19/18 and were nervous about not being prepared for the snow/ice. There were some slick spots but totally doable in tennis shoes.


3 days ago

This is a great hike, and an excellent time of the year to make a trek into some high-altitude backcountry wilderness!

When I hiked this trail on 22 May, it was clear all the way to the Lower Chicago Lake. Only in the last mile or so did I encounter any sloppy muddy conditions due to remaining snowmelt runoff. Did not walk on any snow on the trail itself, only a small amount near the Lower Chicago Lake.

It’s usually very busy since it’s so close to Denver. It’s also a short hike so can go out and back in an hour. However the views of the lake and glacier are beautiful especially if you hike up the glacier a little!

Great little hike! Went on a Monday, 5/21; We only went to the first valley @ the creek and back up, which was 1.25mi ea way. Saw maybe 4-5 groups the whole way, couple leashed up dogs too. The trail portion we did was on the edge of the mountain until you got to the creek. Beautiful views and quiet place. Very minimal snow on the ground, and not very muddy at all but ground was wet (rained lightly the two days before). Definitely recommended!

6 days ago

Great conditions currently and the trail was easy to follow the entire way.

Road blocked off by snow drifts that are impassable as of May, 19 2018. In a 4 inch lifted jeep it was not possible for us. Come back when its warmer.

Don't start too late or you will enjoy crossing the snow melt swamps in the flat lands returning to the trail head. The last mile to the trail head took almost 1.5 hours of low crawlyto make it out.

Also, this is about an 11 mile hike round trip at this time. Geunalla pass is closed about 1.88 miles below the trailhead. Plan accordingly.

9 days ago

5/16. Awesome hike with great views. Could only reach lower Chicago lake, still too much snow for upper. Although some hikers went all the way up. Reservoir is also beautiful but worth the hike all the way to the top. Once you pass upper Chicago lake it, the trail continues to Summit Lake and then continues to the summit of Mt. Evans. Waterproof shoes a must. Instagram ec_boyd

10 days ago

May 15. Very little snow; less than 1% left on the top part of the trail. You must hike until the end...the views are beautiful. Great place to have lunch. First 3.5 miles are all up hill. Enjoy. Instagram ec_boyd

11 days ago

Started at Echo Lake TH. Made it to the reservoir and kept going. To the right of the Rez there is snowpack that is melting. I post holed a little, but was fine. Passed the private property and on up to the lake. The trail near the lake was snowed in so I couldn’t find the rest of the trail. Had lunch to the right/backside of the lake then turned back.

I imagine in the summer the trail continues on past the lake. I looked at the map where you register for wilderness camping and noticed you can summit Evans from this trail, so I know the trail wraps around past the lake, I just couldn’t find the trail because of snow.

Anyway, I’ll give it another shot this summer. Still a decent hike for 5/12/18.

on St. Mary's Glacier

11 days ago

I usually agree with the average rating on AllTrails but not in this case. Yes it is close to Denver but this is overrated on all accounts. Drive an extra 20-30 minutes for many more options.

Great hike for early May. The trail was nearly completely snow free and it wasn't terribly hot!! Great views of snowy mountains while you are on dry land! Some parts of the trail were thru forests which is a nice switch up from what I've been used to in CO. The lake is gorgeous and a fun place to sit and watch clouds roll over while drinking water and enjoying a snack and sitting silently without cell service or the sound of cars rushing by. It does become a little physically demanding so lots of water is a must.

Super cool to see a glacier! Great hike for someone who wants epic views without it taking a chunk of your day. The trail was icy/slushy when we went 5/13/18 but nothing terrible in hiking boots!

11 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in Colorado. Went up yesterday and the trail was pretty much clear of snow. Some snow in small patches. Beautiful scenery and a moderate amount of people around 10am

12 days ago

Great variety of scenery; walking labyrinth about 2/3 of the way down the trail. Very little traffic at 8am until about noon.

13 days ago

We hiked this trail today. Was amazing! Still some snow up top and good hiking shoes needed for sure as some of the piles are still deep. Also some water crossing you will get wet if not careful. This trail is a lot of up up up for the first 3 miles. But it’s worth it. We didn’t actually see anyone else out there til we were on our way back, which is perfect for those of us that like the path less taken. Happy Trails!

Trail head has Portal Potties (not the cleanest). $5 fee to park (Honor System). The trail is pretty steep and rocky in the beginning but not bad at all. Once you reach the top it's amazing. Mountains were covered in snow. The trail is covered in snow, some slush but no ice..snow is very very slippery in sneakers so wear boots. At the top you can ski down, snow board or just slide down. The lake was half frozen. Beautiful pictures on this trail. Trail had moderate traffic. Definitely coming back when snow is melted.

fun trash bag sledding!

14 days ago

Absolutely beautiful scenery throughout the entire hike. Some snow but easily passable with hiking shoes. I brought my yak tracks but didn’t need them. The trail was wet as you get closer to Chicago Lakes #1. If you are careful, it shouldn’t be a problem. My feet were dry the entire hike. There was one slightly sketchy water crossing but it’s not too bad if you take your time and watch where you step.

15 days ago

Simple, beautiful hike. My favorite to do with family and friends coming in from out of state because even the out of shape of us can handle it and it’s an incredible pay off.

16 days ago

Beautiful little trail. Definitely wear some waterproof boots.. lots of little streams and snow on the trail. Otherwise great views ! 5$ parking bring exact change !

Started at 9 AM and got back around 2 pm. There is a little snow but I only put on spikes for the last hill going up to the 2nd lake. Otherwise normal hiking boots are fine.

18 days ago

Excellent hike through pine forest opening up at the top in a meadow with mountains directly to the south and to the east. The incline is steady throughout and gentle enough to make the entire trip fairly relaxing, yet with enough climb to get the heart going! Snow patches are frequent after about 10,600 feet. Snowshoes weren't necessary, neither were spikes. Although I think the trip would have been a little more comfortable with some gators to help keep the feet dry. The end of the marked trail lands you in an area that would be ripe for further exploration, but we were short on time and so we headed back down after
a snack and a sit at the top. The way down was quite a bit sloppier than the way up as the afternoon sun encouraged more rapid snowmelt. The whole journey took us around 4.5 hours including a short break at the top.

18 days ago

Great hike! Was on the trail about 8:45 on Saturday morning (5/5/18), we were the first ones up to the lake although we didn't actually go right up to the shore, we basically stopped where the map shows the trail ending, 50 ft or so above the lake. Mud & Snow most of the way after you hit the reservoir. 2-3 feet of snow in a few spots once you're close to the lake made for a few solid postholes, but i don't think snowshoes would be worth it, and the snow will be gone soon enough. Poles & Yaktraks might help but i didn't have either and was fine. Not sure i would classify this as a "Hard" hike, the most difficult part is probably the uphill at the very end, since the trail takes you to the bottom of the canyon from Echo Lake before you start climbing again, but there was quite a bit of level ground as well, not just a constant climb. Will definitely be back in another month or so to try and make it to the upper lake!

Amazing views! Lots of snow, bring water proof boots

23 days ago

Didn't make it all the way there but that's okay! Very pretty views. My buddy and I had a bit of a hard time finding the trailhead for some reason, but its in the middle of the picnic area to the right next to a no camping sign.

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