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Views r absolutly a wow! Def bring lunch and plenty of fluids. Say hello to the goats and the rock scramble towards the end can make the trail a lil blurry of where ur going but once there def worth it!

Hiked this on a Saturday and it was busy (7/21/18). We got there at 6:30 and parked in the upper lot. This was my first 14er and the views were so beautiful. It's steep but worth it at the top. The only negative was other hikers who had their music playing loudly on speakers, it would've been courteous to have headphones instead.

beautiful views!

We only did Gray’s summit for our first 14er. We arrived at 5.15 am and the main lot was full. We were able to park on the side of the road... which added a little to the hike. We made it to the top in about 3.5 hours. And we were finished and back at the trailhead in about 6.5 hours. The views at the top were beautiful. We plan on doing Torreys next time!!

22 hours ago

This was my first 14’er since moving to Denver a month ago and it was amazing. The trails are exceptionally well laid out and if you are a first timer like me, it’s nice to have a trail with lots of people along the way. It took me 3.5 hours round trip. I went up in 2.0 hours and down in 1.5. The scenery is beautiful and the views from the top are incredible.

23 hours ago

I rented a toyota rav 4 and glad i did. i parked about 1/4 mile before the trail head as i got tired of the relentlessly bumpy road. there is a restroom at the trail head, typical trail head restroom so hold your nose and bring your own tissues.
I started about 5:45 AM got to the Summit at about 9AM. If you hike a lot this is not a strenuous hike it’s just the elevation that gets you so I went super slow, drank lots of water and took some breaks and had no problems.
View at the top of Gray’s Peak is beyond beautiful totally worth it. I wanted to go on to Tories but my bladder would not let me so made my way down in about an hour 30minutes.
my fit bit said this was more like 10.5 miles than the 7.7 listed on here.
if you are in the area it’s worth doing just got to get up early because it gets very warm once the sun hits you. however at the summit it was pretty cool and windy glad I brought my down jacket but towards the bottom it was very warm.

off road driving
1 day ago

I would rate this a 5 but could never find the complete loop. We went onto a lot of the dead ends. 08 JK Dana 60’s with 40” with Hemi. In low most of the big climbs very tough trail at points but very manageable. Like a couple of the other trailers went the Georgetown way and that was a very intense decent. Very Rocky to the point of having to climb up some to continue and the rocks were the size of a Prius lol. Views were awesome would definitely do this one again but probably camp at some point along the way.

Beautiful hike! My friends GPS said it was 8.4 miles though. Nicely maintained trail until you get to the last 1/2 mile or so, then it's rocks and scrambling so make sure you are prepared for that and if you choose to bring a dog please make sure you have them leashed (required anyway but especially on the rocks as they can easily bump in to someone and knock them over). It is steep in sections to give the person in front of you some space on the way down (if you fall and you are right on their heels, you'll take them out with you). We arrived at 5:00 am and got the last spot in the main lot, but you can park on the road and I am told there is an upper lot as well. Wear layers for sure and bring lots of water, The boardwalk can be slippery early in the morning. Hiking poles are helpful. Also there is 1 creek crossing, the water is low right now so no problem just hopping rocks to get over. It's a great hike overall, plan to be out there for several hours and have fun!

1 day ago

Great first 13er hike. Went early and it wasn’t busy.

SO, while I am glad we did this I will absolutely never again. We referenced our map often and even while remaining on trail there are definitely some class 4 climbs with very extreme exposure. The class 3 rating of this trail definitely had me thinking I could handle this, which I know know to be incorrect. We summited to Torrey’s which took us 5 hours. It’s super easy to get off trail, and fast. There are no Cairns to mark the path. Also had to bear crawl up most of the class 3 scrambles as it was all loose soil and rocks. I was very nervous to lose my footing. The knife edge was so much more of a steep exposure ON BOTH SIDES, which I did not feel most photos reflected. I went into this thinking one edge was extreme exposure while the other was not so bad. I had much panic and took about 15 minutes to cross that short path, but there was no turning back at that point. Please do not ever attempt this path alone, or without capability to call emergency alpine services. It started to sprinkle as well and the rocks were immediately slippery as ice.

As for driving to the trail head; the path is rough but you can do it. Imagine a seasonal ORV path. Dirt, bumps, and many rocks. Any SUV should handle it fine. I’ve even seen a Chrysler 300 make it down the path to the trail head. Would not recommend doing that however with any less than 9” of vehicle clearance.

This trail climbs gently up through forest for a short time before breaking treeline and traversing the tundra on a smooth dirt singletrack trail. Beautiful views, and not a lot of effort! The parking lot is huge so getting there at 7:00 on a Saturday was not a problem at all.

The direction of the wind today however meant I could easily smell the smoke of nearby fires (and the smoke was very visible). If you're worried about that then maybe hold off on this trail until another season/year.

There were some pretty views, so long as you can get past the dust from all the 4x4 traffic. Not a pleasant “hike” having to constantly move to the side for vehicles.

Nice quick trail off of Guanella Pass that isn't too hard. I arrived at 11:30 am and found a spot in the upper lot after driving up the 4wd road without trouble. I have been spoiled by being able to hike mid-week all summer; this trail was SUPER crowded. Dogs everywhere (many off leash, but there were no leash signs and the majority were well-behaved) and I was constantly having to step to the side to let people go by. Wildflowers were gorgeous!

Great hike! We followed this trail up, then continued on to Torrey’s. The summit to Gray’s definitely isn’t as steep as Torrey’s, but both offer great views and a fun hike. Defiantly bring lots of water. Conditions are all clear. It’s definitely not an easy hike but we did see families with younger children making their way.

Hiked today (Saturday). Got to upper parking lot around 9am and was able to find a spot. Gravel road was tricky to maneuver in a few places. We were in a all wheel drive Honda Pilot. Hike is beautiful and the wild flowers were stunning!! Got more crowded as the day went on. Everyone was friendly and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Have also hiked this in the fall when the aspens were at their peak and it is breathtaking! A great hike summer or fall!

Pick. Up. After. Your. Dog. And don’t leave the bag on the trail. It really ruins those wildflower views. Rude.

Also, every dog here is off leash. Pretty sure they are supposed to be leashed here. People were letting their dogs run like crazy and the trail is pretty narrow.

Great hike, gorgeous views, but it seems like the people that use this one don’t really care about ruining someone else’s experience.

Great hike. Beautiful. Lots of incline but doable. Many many people spend the night before at or near the trailhead, so if you are not there and parked by 5am plan to park on the road. But a lot of people do that. The road up ... I went 2.3 miles in with my Kia Sedona minivan before stopping to camp the night before with my group. The Kia Sedona has the highest clearance of any minivan at 6.7 inches and although the road was rough I did not bottom out or have any issues for those first 2.3 miles. The next morning, while walking to the trailhead from the campsite, I noticed that after the 2.3 mile point on that road that the pot holes were a LOT deeper in some places. I probably could have made it with enough momentum in the minivan but I like my car and would not have wanted to do that. So, if you don’t have a higher clearance vehicle or AWD and actually like your car maybe that 2.3 miles in on the road is a good place to park or camp.

You are basically just hiking up a dirt road that’s heavily trafficked by ATVs and cars. Not worth it. Too much dust and traffic.

2 days ago

Really enjoyed this 13ner. A bit windy toward the top. Will definitely do it again. Nice enough to trail run most of it.

Loved it! I was the only one there until I started back down. Beautiful views and flowers. Saw lots of marmots and some pika. The last push to the top isn’t clearly demarcated as a trail, more like bushwhacking but pretty easy to follow the ridge. The lakes would be an awesome place to stop on the way back down for lunch. This is only a couple hundred feet lower than Bierstadt which is across the road and NO CROWDS!!

off road driving
2 days ago

Dirt road through the mountain, nothing exceptional but drive it down in the evening for relaxation.

2 days ago

Not difficult but good workout. I clocked closer to 8 miles. 360 degrees of stunning views. Friend and I had trail and top of mountain to ourselves. Some rocky areas so watch your footing there. Weather today not an issue. No wind at top even, but still, go prepared. Really spectacular.

Beautiful 1st Fourteener! From the saddle, stow your poles and scramble to the summit.

2 days ago

It’s more like 7-7.5 miles round trip. I would plan at least a good 6-7hours for the hike. Also plan on stopping a bit, incline is quite steep and rocky

Amazing views at the top of a pretty easy trail. Climbed on a big rock at the top to be almost blown away by the wind, climbed off the rock and sat at the base of it and couldn’t feel the wind at all but still heard it howling. Gorgeous area

Great trails. Well marked. Challenging :)
Access to trail head rough.

great hike..got last spot in parking lot at 540am on Thursday...glad we had a jeep for the drive in. beautiful flowers, mountain goats, and scenery!

Great trail! Beautiful lakes, wildflowers, wildlife and mountains. Mileage is 9.5 mi r/t to second lake with increased elevation. It’s a push to the final lake, and save food, water and energy for the final mile back to the trailhead because the hike down to the creek is tough to hike back up at the end of 10 miles! We started early to avoid the heat, but there were people headed out as we finished with one 12oz bottle of water! Please be prepared with at least a liter of water, electrolytes and snacks...we live in the mountains and we needed all these...flatlanders will really need them!

Great trail. You can do it even if you’re from out of town if you’ve given yourself some time to adjust because it is at high elevation. There is some gain but it’s manageable because of the switchbacks. You get the beautiful views you’d get from climbing a 14er without the extreme effort. It’s cold at the top, refreshingly so, in July.

3 days ago

Beautiful, easy hike.

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