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18 hours ago

Great first 13er hike. Went early and it wasn’t busy.

22 hours ago

There were some pretty views, so long as you can get past the dust from all the 4x4 traffic. Not a pleasant “hike” having to constantly move to the side for vehicles.

Nice quick trail off of Guanella Pass that isn't too hard. I arrived at 11:30 am and found a spot in the upper lot after driving up the 4wd road without trouble. I have been spoiled by being able to hike mid-week all summer; this trail was SUPER crowded. Dogs everywhere (many off leash, but there were no leash signs and the majority were well-behaved) and I was constantly having to step to the side to let people go by. Wildflowers were gorgeous!

Great hike! We followed this trail up, then continued on to Torrey’s. The summit to Gray’s definitely isn’t as steep as Torrey’s, but both offer great views and a fun hike. Defiantly bring lots of water. Conditions are all clear. It’s definitely not an easy hike but we did see families with younger children making their way.

Hiked today (Saturday). Got to upper parking lot around 9am and was able to find a spot. Gravel road was tricky to maneuver in a few places. We were in a all wheel drive Honda Pilot. Hike is beautiful and the wild flowers were stunning!! Got more crowded as the day went on. Everyone was friendly and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Have also hiked this in the fall when the aspens were at their peak and it is breathtaking! A great hike summer or fall!

Pick. Up. After. Your. Dog. And don’t leave the bag on the trail. It really ruins those wildflower views. Rude.

Also, every dog here is off leash. Pretty sure they are supposed to be leashed here. People were letting their dogs run like crazy and the trail is pretty narrow.

Great hike, gorgeous views, but it seems like the people that use this one don’t really care about ruining someone else’s experience.

Great hike. Beautiful. Lots of incline but doable. Many many people spend the night before at or near the trailhead, so if you are not there and parked by 5am plan to park on the road. But a lot of people do that. The road up ... I went 2.3 miles in with my Kia Sedona minivan before stopping to camp the night before with my group. The Kia Sedona has the highest clearance of any minivan at 6.7 inches and although the road was rough I did not bottom out or have any issues for those first 2.3 miles. The next morning, while walking to the trailhead from the campsite, I noticed that after the 2.3 mile point on that road that the pot holes were a LOT deeper in some places. I probably could have made it with enough momentum in the minivan but I like my car and would not have wanted to do that. So, if you don’t have a higher clearance vehicle or AWD and actually like your car maybe that 2.3 miles in on the road is a good place to park or camp.

You are basically just hiking up a dirt road that’s heavily trafficked by ATVs and cars. Not worth it. Too much dust and traffic.

What an AMAZING place!!!!!!!! I ended up going the “extra mile” into the gulch which made it closer to an 8 mile hike. Parts of it are steep so take it slow going up and be careful on the way down. A must-do for locals and visitors alike!

Really enjoyed this 13ner. A bit windy toward the top. Will definitely do it again. Nice enough to trail run most of it.

1 day ago

Not difficult but good workout. I clocked closer to 8 miles. 360 degrees of stunning views. Friend and I had trail and top of mountain to ourselves. Some rocky areas so watch your footing there. Weather today not an issue. No wind at top even, but still, go prepared. Really spectacular.

Great trails. Well marked. Challenging :)
Access to trail head rough.

great hike..got last spot in parking lot at 540am on Thursday...glad we had a jeep for the drive in. beautiful flowers, mountain goats, and scenery!

First hike ever in CO. I am from NE. stunning views of the continental divide ranges flowing creek throughout the trail, wonderful wildflowers and a small lake at 12k feet. There a multiple different approaches off the trail too. We went off trail at the lake to go up another 1000' vertical and you can see all the Rockies as far as the eye can see. This hike had everything. Bring plenty of water and I mean plenty you will need it. Fantastic hike.

2 days ago

Beautiful, easy hike.

We love this trail! Right now the wildflowers are blooming and it’s really pretty. Definitely park in the lower parking lot unless you have a 4 wheel drive. It can be a little chilly on top.

Completed over the weekend mid-June. The lake was still frozen at the top, and we weren't expecting it. Beautiful hike, steady climb all the way to the lake. More like 8 miles than the listed 6.3 miles. Would love to do it again in late July or August for even more flowers and a summer alpine lake view.

Beautiful trial - I do a lot of hikes and prefer to do the hard ones , and I would actually rate this trail as more “hard” than “moderate.” I go quickly and summited in 1 hour and ran down in 30 min.

The incline is significant in parts which is fantastic, but the wind really makes it challenging. The wind is also why I only gave it 4 Stars, as at times it was unpleasant and almost made me fall over!

Otherwise, this is a GREAT workout if you push yourself and the views are amazing for being an hour from southern Denver.

When you park in the lot you can go straight up the dirt path as a short cut (but a steep shortcut) or take the service road up to the trail head (it’s on the left and the sign faces away from the road).

4 days ago

Overall, a great hike. Went on a Wednesday and got there a little after 8 and didn’t have any crowds. The views don’t change much as you climb but the views are spectacular! Hit a good amount of wind about halfway up that caused some worry if I should turn around but I ended up pushing through as I saw others on the trail and they didn’t mention any unsafe conditions. If you usually eat a snack at the turnaround point, maybe plan to eat a heavy breakfast in case you aren’t able to sit and relax at the top (bc of the wind). It gets rocky at some points so if you have knee or ankle issues, wear the appropriate gear.

4 days ago

Started at 8 am on a Tuesday and the parking lot was surprisingly 1/2 full. Beautiful hike, tons of wild flowers. Definitely recommend doing it in summer and winter! We’ve snowshoed this trail in the winter and its always a great work out. Start early this is a pretty popular trail with high traffic

amazing trail. The terrain is easy, but with the elevation this is not quite an "easy" hike like some others I've seen on this app. There was still some snow at the top, and with the rising temps it was a bit slippery coming down, but well worth the climb to get the 360 degree views.

4 days ago

One of my favorite hikes close to Denver. Great views and the Lomond is beautiful.

One of my favorites. This hike has it all. It’s a good workout with steady incline in beginning and end. Lots of wildflowers, trees, meadows, water and views. My GPS said 7 miles. Ends up above tree line. Get there early if you want to avoid people, even on a Tuesday.

4 days ago

This is a really nice moderate hike. I completed it in about 4 hours with lots of stops and a long break at the top. There is a steady incline at the beginning and very end that can be tough. Hiking poles are recommended. There are lots of people (parking hard to get), but everyone was friendly and I didn't find it a nuisance or like I wasn't in the wilderness. the views at the top are spectacular! This hike is good if your looking for a bit of a liner hike with great views. The wildflowers are in full bloom, and conditions great. Highly recommend and a new favorite!

Brutal drive coming off of the highway...as others have mentioned, wouldn't do it in a passenger car.

Arrived at 5:15 am-ish, and I took one of the last three parking spots in the lot. Pretty heavily used trail...even for a Monday morning.

Great hike, though. Very windy at the top, so putting on layers was a smart move.

did this hike last weekend and was surprised how really beautiful it was!! wildflowers for days and gorgeous views at every turn. The top (3rd) lake is the prettiest and not as many people. Took my Rav 4 up the 4WD road to the trail head....not too bad. :)

5 days ago

Gorgeous wild flowers, good steady incline. Mix of shaded areas and open, sweeping views. Very dog friendly. A must do!

Our first 14ers! Wow, what an experience. I'm hooked! Couple things: The road is absolutely terrible. We picked up some hitchhikers going back to the bottom, and I would recommend thumbing a ride.
There is absolutely no scrambling. Just lots of steps!
Views were astounding on both peaks even in the smoke which made up for relatively mediocre scenery on the way up.
5.5 hours total trail time.

Gray was my first 14er and it was a beautiful trail!!! Many of the reviews said it was a packed trail, I went on a Monday starting around 10am and found it to be pretty lightly populated.

I didn’t train or acclimate myself to the altitude. It was doable, I made it to the top but there were a lot of breather breaks in between (and some altitude sickness when I got home).

Amazing wildlife along the way!! Encountered mountain goats, Marmots, and nice!

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