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Idaho Springs, Colorado Map

Super fun for beginners, easy going, is definitely fun with melting snow and mud!

A lot of snow but nicely packed. The running water on the trail can create some slush in spots so definitely dress accordingly. Love the views!

I did this a few last year and I loved it! Torrey's was my first 14er!!

9 days ago

Went and did this hike on Monday night. For about the first mile, there's no snow, just rocks and some running water down the trail. Definitely recommend water proof shoes. But later on the trail, there's quite a bit of snow. It's hard packed for the most part, but just be ready for that. The loch itself is still frozen over, but the ice isn't thick. Overall, it was a great experience. Definitely would like to hike it again in the summer months.

There is still a lot of snow on the trail. I went for a sunrise hike and the snow was pretty icy for me. not sure if it gets nice and soft during the day for better tread.
make sure to wear an extra layer (or bring it with) when you get passed the treeline and up to the summit. it's pretty windy and the wind chill is pretty icy. Beautiful nevertheless! I'd do another sunrise hike in same conditions anytime because it's breathtaking up there.

People, just a hint on how all trails works. When you write a review & rate a trail, the rest of us would like to know the trail conditions. Also another helpful hint, when you take pictures we want them of the trail & its surroundings, not of your family. Just trying to spread the good word.

First 14er. Great hike & no snow in July. Looking forward to my next trip to CO & my next 14er!

Beautiful. We also hiked up across the glacier and around the back of the lake to add some length to the adventure. The hike described here is pretty short but does get you to the lake. Roaming around the rest of the area is definitely worth it though, to see the lake from above.

11 days ago

Completed this weekend. Suggest Gators, trek polls; snowshoes were a help for the last mile and up to the final lake. Although the trail up to Summit lake from the final Chicago lake wasn't accessible still an awesome view through the valley.

12 days ago

Loved the hike up there today. Lots of snow on the ground which meant sinking into knee deep snow from time to time!

12 days ago

12 days ago

Great trail. Tonnes of parking. Easy to get to from Denver approx 1 hr drive.
Trail conditions to the lower lake were ok. Still a fair amount of walking on snow. Slow going on second half of hike. Seemed longer than 8.7miles. Classic panoramas at the end. Lake frozen. Encountered a snow gear encumbered pair that claimed to come down from the upper lake and it had taken them an extra 45min to get to that lake through some deep soft snow. Put a dry pair of socks in the car.

12 days ago

This was brutal...for me anyways. I went yesterday (5/13). This was my first 14er ever and had no idea about the snow. The road to the closest parking lot was closed, so there was an added 1.5 mile hike to the trail head. I only wore trail running shows, but this was definitely a day for snow shoes! Several times I wanted to turn back and my feet were sop and wet. I also should have brought more snacks and a hat! It was windy up there. The entire hike took me about 7 hours. 10:30-5:15 (round trip to and from my car). I did make it to the top and glad I did, but next time I'll be better prepared...or wait a few weeks like the previous poster mentioned!

I wish I had done this hike in a few weeks when the snow had melted. I went today (5/13). Was there from 11am - 5 pm. Reached 12,000ft, but STRUGGLED on the way down because I did not have the proper footwear and the snow was melting, so I was falling into waist-deep holes the entire way down. If you have the proper attire, go for it. If not, make sure the conditions are right before making the trip. I don't suspect reaching the summit is too difficult with the right equipment/warmer weather, considering I almost got there wearing the wrong gear today. I need to come back to complete this 14er!