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Idaho Springs, Colorado Map
15 hours ago

Lots of people and dogs.

on St. Mary's Glacier

1 day ago

The elevation is by far the toughest part of this hike for those coming from sea-level (like me)! Awesome little hike with rewarding views!

Beautiful, still muddy and snowy on the trail in places. Saw a bull moose, pika, marmots and lots of mosquitoes.

1 day ago

So, I'm still confused as to whether this is a trail or not...

Let me preface this with I hike-- A LOT. I'm not an idiot when it comes to finding trails, and AllTrails showed I was on the correct trail, too. That's why I'm giving this two stars.

I went yesterday, and while there is definitely a sign that says "Jones Pass Trailhead," we parked and looked behind the sign. I didn't see a well-defined trail, so we walked up the road instead. Being as it was our first time there, we thought we were correct. However, we passed a couple parking lots, and cars kept passing us. Is this a driving trail, or is it a walking trail? I still don't know, and after reading these reviews, I'm thinking it's a 4 x 4 road, but other reviews make it sound as if it's a walking trail. SO CONFUSED. We turned around after 2 miles in, because walking on a road, uphill, in blazing sunshine is not my favorite thing, nor do I consider it hiking. I will say there are beautiful views up there, and tons of wildflowers. There's even some water for pups to play in.

Maybe I'll go back, prowl around to sign some more, and see if there's actually a trail there. Until then, 2 stars for you, Jones Pass. If anyone has any clarification on this, please let me know.

best advice I can give is follow the stream up to the glacier!

on St. Mary's Glacier

1 day ago

I was actually hung over when I climbed this morning haha The weather was excellent and the scenery was beautiful!

Remember that this is a 14er so when people say it's "easy" that means it's easy for a 14er. My sister and I are in average shape and we prepared for this hike and it was still hard for us. Please please please make sure you understand that demands of a 14er before you do this hike or you will get hurt. That being said, the hike was amazing. The views were great and even though it was crowded the people were all friendly. Get there early so you can find parking and be off the summit before the afternoon thunderstorms. And be prepared for some easy/fun rock climbing to the summit!

Excellent hike today. I cannot emphasize enough the requirement to know the route. Tons of class 3 scrambling!
It should not say that it is a dog friendly route. It's barely human friendly haha.

2 days ago

off road driving
2 days ago

Beautiful lake! The views are amazing. The trail could be better marked toward the end