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I stand by my review written for folks not familiar with the area. Specifically #3: "Nothing along the route will tell you where to go or how far you've gone. The trails are labeled with numbers not names which if are not familiar with the area are not terribly helpful." Note the trail map attached to this page also does not use #s. If I got lost so easily, others out of towners may as well. Compare to the Columbine trail I hiked the following day which is well marked, easy to follow and much more interesting.

20 hours ago

This was a great hike filled with wildflowers and alpine lakes. The beginning of the hike is mainly through the woods and wasn’t as bad as I thought based on reviews here. Still took plenty of breaks but the trail was well maintained. I found this same section much harder on the way down due to loose rocks. Anyways, we had planned to sleep over but we made it to lower lake in less than 3 hours, so we just decided to drop our packs and hike all the way to upper lakes. You won’t be able to see all 3 lakes at once unless you hike the pass (which we didn’t do). Decided to just make it a day hike since it went faster than expected. I thought this hike was moderate and I’m 6.5 months pregnant and don’t live at altitude. Overall, it’s beautiful and can definitely be a day hike. Again the way out was worse than in due to loose rocks. Poles are essential on this hike and definitely wouldn’t recommend it if it’s raining heavily.

Super easy and quick hike, can get a bit busy. If you’re experienced and looking for a longer trek take this trail further up to loch.

Amazing wild flowers. Good fishing (gorgeous brookies on an ant). Great family hike-bit of a challenge, but worth it.

We chose this trail on the chance to see a moose and because the weather was better on the west side of the park this day. When we arrived at the park I took my girls to that bathroom and after exiting the restrooms we see a startled moose running by us in the parking lot. We hiked to big meadows without seeing another moose, but luckily on the way back in one of the smaller meadows we spotted a mamma moose and her baby. Wow, what a great hike. A lot of mosquitos so bring bug repellant.

First time doing this trail and I loved it. I left a little late in the day around 1:30 and I was back down by 4pm (hung out at the lake for at 45 mins). Traffic is bad down at the bottom but once we got onto the loch trail it thinned out a lot. Bits of sun and bits a shade, gorgeous waterfall views. When you finally arrive to Loch it is sooo rewarding and SO beautiful. Amazing hike for it only being 5 1/2 - 6 miles long!

22 hours ago

Easy to navigate. beautiful scenery. no shade at front end from NCAR. but once you get going there is eventually shade. Lots of wild flowers, butterflies and bees.

Very nice trail, very easy, beautiful. A little steep at first but then real easy. I would do this trail again.

I’d say this is one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done. I did this on a Wednesday afternoon (began hike at 12:30pm) and it took me about 4 hours after spending 45 minutes at the peak. I only saw a few people total which was great. I’d consider this more of a moderate hike not hard, because it’s only about 6 or so miles. But, there are tons of boulders and a nice scramble towards the peak. The water was amazing at the Final lake and I spent 10 minutes soaking in the ice bath with my dog.

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23 hours ago

First time on this trail. $25 to get into the park but totally worth it. I read previous comments about getting to the trailhead early... do it! I made it to the parking lot around 730am, and it was 3/4 full. Luckily I got a spot and didn’t have to make the trek like others later in the day. Trail is mostly shaded. Moderate incline with some rocky terrain. Go to the waterfalls. It’s a great place to have a snack.

Beautiful trail! Well marked and maintained-even heard a moose! Might suggest bug spray - mosquitos get a bit thick.

Great hike! It’s rated as hard but it’s probably more moderate. Amazing views at the top. Not a ton of parking so get there early.

The hike from Crags to Devils Playground is a great one. From Devil's Playground to the summit is just average. You spend a decent amount of time next to the road, which is a negative. I was a little worried because some people mentioned losing the trail. I found it to be really well marked and did not have any trouble. I was looking forward to the donuts at the top, but all they have are plain- yuck!

Beautiful hike! It's a steady incline almost all the way, so it's definitely a bit of a challenge, but nothing too steep. would recommend this hike to anyone!

Awesome trail close to Denver!!! Took us about 3 hours - a mix of shade and sun- huge parking lot. Tons of wild raspberries along the way but we almost stepped on a rattlesnake

1 day ago

We went 3 days ago on a Sunday at around 4 pm and there weren’t too many people, and the wildflowers are BREATHTAKING! At their peak - we kept stopping to take pictures of the wildflowers and the great views. Awesome.

1 day ago

Great hike, good for kids, look for moose and deer!

Great easy hike with lots of beautiful flowers! Very kid friendly with lots of trees!

Had a great time on this trail. at the very beginning but my pup and I enjoyed it immensely. Camera died on the way up I'll have to do it again.

Outstanding hike! Probably one of my top 5.

We took the steeper side up, and it took a little more than an hour to get to the top. It was worth every step. Lots of beautiful views throughout the trail.

We got a late start around ten; it wasn’t crowded, but it was hot. There are some shady places.

Wouldn’t recommend any kids on this trail. The terrain gets pretty rocky.

Beautiful, fairly easy hike. The trails was pretty packed, which at times was hard cause it was so narrow, but manageable. The views were stunning and the wild flowers were amazing!

Gorgeous views. Took a 5yo and 8yo it was tough but they crushed it! Great hike

1 day ago

Great views. I posted a trail review on Flattop.

Perfect for our first 14’er!!

Decent hike with good views of interesting rocks. The trail is hard to follow in some spots and many other trails cross this one. Having this app to keep us on track was very helpful. This trail is in the middle of Colorado Springs, and traffic noise detracted from our enjoyment along the northeastern portion of the trail.

okay just got this app but I hike very often and want to warn people of this crazy deee that wonders around and scared me and some friends while sleeping and would follow us around. so FYI. it was two years ago but he is getting more famous or she idk

Short and very pleasant trail.
I feel Alberta falls is a little bit hyped (did not find it as beautiful as reviews suggest) but Mills lake is definitely a place of serenity !!!
You must plan some time to spent at the Mills Lake before descending.
One of the best part of the trail is that you can start this hike anytime of the day till 3 pm (in summer ) and still you can complete it with full sunlight.
Decent elevation gain.

Especially fun to end up at the top of the mountain at the Wolf Creek chairlift.

Nice easy hike. Lots of people at the pond

My friends and I loved this hike. We hiked this when impending thunderstorms cancelled a 14er attempt. We were very happy with this climb and then easy stroll through the forest. Some really great views of the valley and the surrounding 14ers. Trail description is very accurate. Some intense sun exposure at times, especially on the first half climb. Signage is easy to follow.

The waterfalls were well worth the hike- much larger than I was expecting and the mist felt so good! I highly recommend this hike.

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