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Amazing.Very nice view. Easy trail. Definitely recommend.

The trail itself was nice. It was a little confusing once you got to the top of the mountain as there was no signage and 3 different trails you could take. Stay right to reach the summit. The views were great. Pretty cool view of Pikes Peak.

Rating it a 3 because of the road to get in. I had a Jeep and still had some trouble so I'd recommend high clearance. And you could hear shot guns the whole time.

15 days ago

Really fun hike! Getting to the trailhead was the best part! It was like the best of both worlds. 4wheeling and hiking!

Very cool hike! We logged about 14 miles including a stop at St. Mary's falls. Took about 8hrs round trip and we were moving quickly most of the time. Did this in late April and there was still some snow and ice on the trail on the nothern slopes, mostly close to the summit, we made it without spikes, but prob recomended to have them just in case. I would rate this trail as difficult.

Terrain made this one a bit challenging for our dogs. Besides loose, pebbles rock most of the way, the views were beautiful and the incline made for a great workout.

Loved this hike. Had my two dogs and they killed it! Definitely doing Rosa again!

Great hike but it ended up being 14.5 miles round trip. The view at the top is worth the wait.

1 month ago

Did this hike today. Very beautiful. Unless you want to hike in, adding an extra couple miles to the actual hike. You NEED high clearance.

My only complaint is the abundance of shotgun and bullet casings near the trailhead. The area is known for being an unofficial shooting range but the people who use it as such don’t clean up after themselves.

Don't be fooled - this is a long hike. My GPS clocked it at about 6.75 miles to the summit. But it's well worth it; the views on the summit are incredible! The trail is well used and easy to follow the entire way up.

The hike to the summit of Rosa is well worth it. Keep in mind the sign on top of the 3rd tunnel on gold camp road says 5 miles its more like 6. When you do make it to the fence go through the gate and go to the right about 150 ft then left up hill, Do Not go to the left when going through the gate it seems you should being as Mt Rose is to the left, you will ascend to the saddle north of rosa then back south to the summit. keep in mind its 6.5 up hill so bring plenty of water, there is water if you have a filter for the first 3 or so miles.

beautiful trail with gorgeous views! steep going up and it is a work out but it gets easier. I'm not a big fan of Cheyenne Cañon because it's so packed on the weekends but I highly recommend going on a weekday when there are less people and more nature to experience.

Beautiful trail, lower, mid and upper but I thought it was a moderate +.

My fiance and I have attempted this trail a few times and the snow and ice tends to cause us to turn around but we finally made it yesterday! You may benefit from a map as there are several directions you can go past the St. Mary's fall/ Mnt. Rosa intersection, but the views are pretty great. We always bring our dog (mid-sized), who still wasn't tall enough to to get through some of the snow so we will definitely have to go back as it gets warmer.

2 months ago

We loved this trail. Our dog had a blast. This does have some moderate areas and some easy areas along the hike. Worth it!

it's beautiful! and really easy to follow.

I have not done this trail yet but it looks cool. Based on pics 10/10 would recommend that I do it in the future. Alright welp, see ya later

Great trail with beautiful views along the way. Steep start but definitely mellows off.

Great views at the top after 50000 switchbacks. you definitely feel the 4k elevation gain. Great training hike!

Good trails. Steep in some places, be careful for people on bikes.

5 months ago

Did this today with great ease!! Drove my '05 Ford focus to the 379 trailhead via old stage road which took approximately 40min from the bottom of it. My odometer read 11.5mi when we reached the parking area on the left side of the road. The road is in good enough condition to take any reliable vehicle down which I recommend vs taking the longer route through gold camp road. Everything was smooth and easy to find. Highly recommend.

Did this awhile ago. Got lost with the snow. Round trip distance was 18 miles (anticipating 16 next time). Highly recommend driving via old stage for a round trip of 7.7 miles. A reliable vehicle is all you need. A lot more leisurely. Will do this again for intensity and conquer it.

5 months ago

Must have high clearance vehicle to get to trail head, well worth the almost 45 min drive to reach the trail head. Hike is not bad and views are amazing!

8 months ago

Great hike, 14.5 miles was my roundtrip distance

8 months ago

Not a bad hike from Frosty's park! The views at the top were incredible!

8 months ago

Climbed My Rosa via St Mary's Falls trail, about 12 miles round trip but what a great hike

Beautiful hike, some difficult parts. If you're going to drive, don't take a car with low clearance.

8 months ago

Got the to top of Mt. Rosa via Seven Bridges trail and coming down via St. Mary's Fall. 15.3 miles round trip with 4383 elevation gain. Going up Seven Bridges is about a mile longer, but so worth it.

If you don't have a high clearance vehicle you won't get to the trailhead it lists without scraping. Trail was sweet but weather got nasty right when I reached the summit. Basically ran down the mountain to make it to my jeep just before the hail hit. Good trail. I would have hung out on top for awhile if the weather was nicer.

9 months ago

Loved this hike, but it requires at least double the time from the route I took, from N. Cheyenne Canyon trailhead. Really enjoyable up Buffalo Creek to FS Road, then it gets steeper up east/north flank of Rosa. Relatively easy to follow trail up to saddle area between north "summit" at 11,000 ft or so, and south summit at 11,499 ft. You get an easy walk to slope up south side for the final stretch. This last part is common with what's shown here in All Trails. Great views in all directions from summit. Be sure to find NGS marker. It's been a few years since I've done this one, second time was easier, I was in better hiking shape!

Oh man what a hike. not sure who comes up with these distances but our round trip was 14.5 miles. with that we did make a wrong turn at the 4 wheel drive trail and went up that path about 1/4 mile so i figure remove half a mile that is 14 miles round trip so i would say the app description is off by a mile.

Anyway great hike great view of rosemont res off to the south west and springs off to the south east. we went up on a very cloudy day so up on top we were right below the cloud bank and then the wind blew up a large bank of clouds so we were totally surrounded....it made it really awesome.

some advise when you come to the fence opening at the 4 wheel trail go left about 50 yards and pick the trail up to the left. there are carins to mark you from there. other than that the path is easy to follow, with all of then rain as of late it is a bit washed out but hey it is the mountains.

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