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Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Map

Beautiful trail and a great hike, but the reservoir has been drained. There is a small sign near the trail head that states it has been emptied for an indefinite period while the Corp of Engineers evaluates the structural integrity of the dam and determines what to do.

This trail is very hard at times if you start on the Green Mountain Falls side. But the view is WELL worth it.

Great trail. Beware of loose gravel and steep climbs. I hike with my dog, and it's very important that they stay close by when you inevitably take them off the leash for steep descents. The views are great and the Aspen trees are gorgeous at the top.

Tips: Rugged footwear is preferred over running shoes here, especially after it rains.

Bring plenty of water!

Hiking with a friend is best, this is not a highly used trail and it could be a while before someone stumbles upon you.

1 month ago

The waterfall that this hike leads to is awesome!

The trail to the falls wasn't my favorite, but the ending spot was great, and we only saw 3 other people the whole time. Took us less than an hour and a half to do the whole loop. We parked at the lake/gazebo in town and then walked up Foster Rd to the trailhead. Thomas trail is a steady climb up to the falls. The trail was a little icy the last .5 miles to the falls, so wear some good boots. We came down Belvidere Road to get back to town.

Overall a great, short hike.

pretty solid hike, decent incline at the beginning and then mellows out. Goes along a good lookin stream

2 months ago

Really good hike, not long at all. And the beautiful waterfall makes up for the lack of views throughout it!

3 months ago

Definitely moderate. Beautiful hike.

4 months ago

We return to Green Mountain Falls annually. Our favorite of the area is Catamount Reservoir Trail which Thomas Trail can be used to access for a little longer hike.

5 months ago

Parking is available in town at the four way stop, don’t drive up Boulder St. there is no parking at the trailhead and there is no turnaround. You’ll be backing down the hill if you attemp it. Best to save yourself the 15 minutes and just park in town, the trail pops you out in town anyway.
Otherwise the trail is nice, not too busy and moderate in difficulty. I would never ride my mountain bike on this trail either direction, not sure why it’s suggested.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike. If you go east to west on the mountain portion (not through the town portion), it's a steady uphill and "steps" down hill. If you go this way, the LARGE waterfall will be your reward at the end of your hike! ;)
The only the I didn't like is you have to walk through the town to get back to where you started. It is a gorgeous town but it just wasn't ideal.

6 months ago

Great waterfall . Hike was moderate for sure.

Great hike! Challenging and good workout. Reservoir at the end was a nice treat. Now off for a beer!

The waterfall is great. You need to park in the city park and walk to the trailhead about a mile away, straight uphill. This trail was rated moderate, but it is a Colorado moderate, so for an older hiker from sea level I found it challenging at times. You do need to walk through some shallow water at the top of the waterfall. Also, the trail is well marked at parts and not marked at all where I seemed to need it most. However, any day in the woods is a good day.

You will need to park in the town of Green Mountain Falls and hike to the trailhead. Once at the trailhead, this trail starts on a seldom used trail with a steep incline with Spruce, Fir, and Pine surrounding the trail. Once you reach the top of the incline there are Aspens that are beginning to change to their fall colors. The first reservoir you reach is Crystal Creek Reservoir then South and North Catamount Reservoir, all have fantastic views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding mountains. Trail 360 on YouTube

mountain biking
8 months ago

Mountain Biking..... this is NOT a mountain biking trail whatsoever. First hour plus spent pushing and carrying my bike over completely un-rideable terrain. I'm a moderate mountain biker, and I don't see how even an expert could enjoy any part of this or even stay alive trying to ride it.

Trail IS clearly marked. Trail IS probably the most beautiful I've been on as far as a hike goes. DO plan to hike this trail. DO NOT plan to take your mountain bike.

Great trail at the end it is easy to get wrong direction but all trail map helped :)

8 months ago

It was beautiful, but the trail doesn't have enough markers. It says to follow the yellow dots, but they are difficult to spot and too few of them.

Beautiful and easy hike

Loved this trail! It's beautiful but be ready for some climbing. Most of the incline is concentrated at the beginning. Once you get to the reservoirs its smooth sailing.

As previous poster mentions, this trail is mainly thru the neighborhood with the very last bit on an actual trail. Good hike for young families as our five year old twins handled there and back very well!

This is almost entirely on (STEEP) neighborhood streets; once you get off the road and onto the trail, the falls are barely 10 yards further. The waterfall is unbelievably beautiful. You can take the trail a little further to another, higher vantage, and lots of other trails branch off of this one.

9 months ago

Nice connecting trail to catamount falls trail. Located above Green Mountain Falls.

9 months ago

This is essentially the "sidewalk" through town. It is at elevation and on an incline. It is mostly separated from the street and does have a secluded feel for the most part.

It's a great trail with a major elevation change! The switchbacks really help however you are climbing the whole way. The trail is well marked until the last part to the reservoir. You can take your fishing pole and have a great break by the visitor center at the top however the visitor center does not have water. My wife carried out two year old on her back and my five year old (who's a go getter) hiked the entire way. Couldn't ask for a better hike!

10 months ago

This trail was beautiful and since there was a waterfall it automatically makes it great! The trail heads are hard to find and there isn't parking anywhere nearby. those are my only complaints about this one!

10 months ago

Beautiful falls, challenging course but doable. Dogs had a great time. Enjoyed our hike very much!

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