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One of our favorites in a sweet little town!

The first 1.8-ish miles is about a 1300 ft elevation gain, some dirt trail and lots of loose rock. So it's definitely not "easy" as listed. We went on 10 Nov and there was some snow and ice. After the 1.8 miles, the trail levels out and is incredibly beautiful. Fairly well trafficked midday but not obnoxiously busy at all.

Great hike! Was a little icy in many spots so you’ll need yaxtrax if you’re doing it soon. The trail is really tough to follow when you near pikes peak highway. We got yelled at by the trail dude when we were crossing the highway. Otherwise it was a great hike.

Challenging hike but with a great reward once you get past all the incline! I started around 7:30am on Saturday and didn’t see another person on the trail until my way back down. Highly recommend this one!

2 months ago

Really great trail! Difficult but not insanely so (no huge boulders to scramble over or overly slippery places), and I loved making it out to the reservoir. Distance on AllTrails seems a little off though, perhaps because the actual trail doesn't go all the way to the reservoir (although the map on this site does). The person I hiked with logged 4.5 miles on their Apple watch starting at Boulder Street and going all the way out to the reservoir and back.

Please see the duplicate listing for this trail that rates it as 'hard'. I'm a fair weather,once a week hiker who chooses moderate or easy. Due to the constant uphill, and clambering over rocks, I don't think it's easy. The reservoir has been drained but the hike is quite beautiful and we only met one other couple on the trail. Well worth the effort.

3 months ago

It's got a great view of Pikes Peak and some of the mountains in South Park (although the plains aren't visible). The beginning isn't that great due to noise from US-24..

This hike was beautiful! Lots of surprises along the way. It was a little confusing at the beginning because it has you park at the park. But used the compass to find our way to the trail head. You start on Thomas trail and then fallow the green dots to the blue dots. When you get to the dirt road at the top use the compass to help you get to the reservoir. So worth it!

Very challenging! Beautiful!

This trail is rated as hard and it sort of is, but I think this is a great trail for beginners. It’s decently tracked out and it’s a good challenge to push yourself even if you’re just getting started. I like it because I don’t often run into people and that’s one of the things I seek most in a trail. I gave it four stars because the views are pretty cool but not amazing.

9/9/18. If you're looking for a shortish challenging hike this is great. I have a labrador and had him off leash pretty much the whole time. There aren't any scramblers but there are a couple spots that are close. My girlfriend and I are around 30 years old and had no problem completing it in a half day. I wouldn't recommend using hiking poles unless you don't feel your physically up to a challenging hike. There are plenty of rocks and small trees to balance with, poles would have just gotten in the way. NOW, here's the part that wasn't great, once you get to the dirt road the crystal trail technically ends, it doesn't go all the way to the reservoir. luckily I downloaded the area map via google and used it as a compass and made our own trail until we found pikes peak tollway, once you find that you can find the reservoir. I recommend NOT stopping at the dirt road! keep toughing it to the reservoir, totally worth it!

Great hike. Cool waterfalls and great views from the top.

well we were shooting for the Thomas trail and ended up on the Crystal trail. Beautiful trail but much harder

The map is excellent, otherwise, this trail is hard to find because it winding through residential area even some unpaved trail.

4 months ago

Great hike. Steep in the beginning but evens out.. beautiful and varied views from thick forest to open meadows.

We got lucky enough to have a local stop us to ask if it was our first hike there. He said, “Rather than doing the death march up Hondo,” he recommended turning up Mountain Ave and taking the trail that is straight ahead (marked by some logs lying in the grass). We took that trail up and left and hit Crystal Falls. Then we backtracked to where the Thomas Trail forks off and took that to Catamount Falls. It was certainly strenuous but a fun journey/hike. Loved seeing Catamount Falls at the end.
Also thankful we didn’t have to do the Hondo death march...

Once you get to the waterfall go left on the trail and you can go on Kirkpatrick Trail and then Wallace Trail which makes for a beautiful hike. It will take you down to the dirt road in town. Total maybe 2.25 miles. Beautiful!!

5 months ago

Lots of wildflowers today. We went with our kids ages 4-8 and it felt more strenuous than moderate, but a lot of that probably had to do with the 4 year-old. Waterfalls were the highlights for us. The kids liked putting their feet in the pools. We'll definitely do again when the kids are older. I will say our 7 and 8 year-olds did fine.

Mostly road hike, but the waterfall at the end is a nice reward. I would done this again as a part of the larger Thomas trail.

on Thomas Trail Loop

5 months ago

Great hike. Did it with a few kids in toe and they enjoyed the scenery and waterfalls. Trails are marked well, for the most part. Would highly recommend it.

trail running
5 months ago

It is was a difficult trail to keep a solid pace as there are lots of "toe grabbers" and due to flooding and high levels of rain the water crossing is challenging to do without getting your shoes wet. As a runner I would recommend it as an out and back.

Switchback central! I’d say it’s a moderate if you frequently hike and it is quite steep but nice and quick and a beautiful place to relax at the top.

Definitely a fun and challenging trail. Pretty steep. It’s beautiful and a great exercise. In the beginning it shares the same trail head as Thomas Trail and then you come to a fork where you can go right to follow the yellow trail markers (Thomas Trail) or go left to follow the blue/green trail markers which is actually Kirkpatrick Trail. Go left on Kirkpatrick Trail for a bit and you will see eventually the blue trail marker for Crystal Trail. Trail is well marked after that. Plenty of switch backs!

great easy trail. took friends from the Midwest on it and they loved it. waterfalls were cool and got to see some wild life.

6 months ago

Very nice trail! Steep in some parts but nothing to crazy. Yes

This is a great trail but hard to find. Park downtown near the pond. Walk across the main road on park and turn right on boulder. Once you come to the trail it is called Thomas trail. Take the yellow dots until you hit the green and make a left. You will cross Crystal Creek to catch the trail on the other side. You will see a sign for Crystal Creek on a tree. Don’t cross the foot bridge, stay to the right and it will wrap up and around higher up. Once you cross the river you take a trail up until you see the actual Crystal Creek trail sign. Once your on the trail you will know it!! Straight up with zig zags. Nice creek at the top for the dog. This trail is an amazing work out!!

This was a great trail. I loved the challenge of it and how you could climb up around the stream and then connect back in with the trail further up.

6 months ago

Steep at points, great work out, fun. Shady most of the way up. Didn't see anyone else once we passed the waterfalls.

6 months ago

Nice trail up to sections 2/3 of Ring The Peak- parking is not great- you park along the dirt road. Steep at the beginning but nice meadow at top.

6 months ago

I will agree with folks on the downer of the road walking required, but honestly it wasn’t too bad. Never really ran in to cars. Hitting both waterfalls was a plus...so pretty. It was nice to sit on the rocks and enjoy a snack while listening to the water. I would do this one again!

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