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Beautiful winter hike even though it was mostly on a 4x4 trail. I didn’t have to use snowshoes until the upper two miles. Did not finish hike due to some unstable snow (whumphing and other signs of avey danger) when the snow got deep on the first steep area. Due to time I decided to turn back instead of finding an alternate route. Will be back to finish the hike when conditions are better.

Beautiful! Relaxing, adventurous!

Beautiful trail. We went about 8 miles in and back. It said it would be a difficult trail but for someone with my hiking experience and stamina it was perfect. Nothing too daunting or difficult.

3 months ago

Hiked the trail near Georgetown on an 8 hour layover on our vacation. It was cloudy and sleety, but it was the best layover we have ever experienced.

Did this trail Friday. Most of the leaves have already fallen. Only hiked about 3 miles in, didn’t go all the way to the lake. Hike is pretty easy, didn’t encounter many steep areas up to the 3 mile point. Some good views about 1.5-2 miles in. Overall had heard really good things about this trail and was kind of disappointed, the drive in was prettier with leaves and views than the actual trail. However, I will probably come back for the lake next season!

We did two hikes, one close to Georgetown and another one at the end of the trail. Both were great, but we enjoyed more the second one, walking very close to the river.

3 months ago

Great trail, perfect time of year to see aspen leaves change. Only downside is that there are lots of horse droppings on trail.

beautiful trail in this season

Amazing Fall hike!

Beautiful hike for fall foliage! Leaves were at peak on 9/19. Didn't make it to the lake this trip, because of time constraints but will definately be back. Making this one of my new favorites for fall hiking!

scenic driving
4 months ago

Great scenic drive to see the fall foliage. The drive is easy and has many beautiful views. Do go slow through parking areas as a lot of hikers and dogs are crossing the road. Fairly popular right now, lots of leaf peepers and parking is limited.

4 months ago

Started at Kenosha Pass and hiked toward Long Gulch going out 3.5 miles and then back to the parking lot. The view at 3.5 miles is absolutely panoramic. A gorgeous day and peak color on the aspens. Beautiful views of Southpark. Love this segment of the trail.

I requested an edit to the trail description. From the trail head (adjacent to the trail head for segment 4 of the Colorado trail) to Wigwam trail, a hike travels about 6.4 miles. That was the information from the forest service and that was my experience on the hike (12.8 miles round trip). The first three miles are rolling and pretty. Most of the creeks were dry. I saw some camping spots at Rolling Creek, which had plenty of water. From there, the trail begins a steep ascent over 2.5 miles to a nice saddle with camping, but no water that I found. The descent tow Wigwam trail was a touch washed out in places, but you're in the amazing Lost Creek Wilderness. There's some additional camping and water around the intersection of Rolling Creek Trail and Wigwam trail. I only encountered two groups on the trail after the first three miles (once it starts climbing). I saw more along the first three miles, which looked like a great little hike with nice views of the Castle. If you take Wigwam Trail up to Brookside-McCurdy and connect with CO Trail segment 4, you can hike back out for a nice 25 mile loop.

Great trail and there are two tough switchbacks right now before you get to the top. Dug our about 3feet in areas so you need a lift and good tires. The switchbacks are very tight so good to have a spotter. I’ve read the two switchbacks can be easy at times but not right now.

Lovely day hike

on Guanella Pass Trail

scenic driving
5 months ago

I will never get tired of this drive. I do get tired of the growing crowds though. A small inconvenience to deal with while enjoying the Colorado Gold. Heads-up. Lets practice good road and trail etiquette here, especially during leaf peeping. Many thanks from a CO native.

Great drive but I didn’t see any off road trails.

I loved this segment of the CT. It was full of just right up and downs, beautiful terrain that was varied and interesting, it had good water and nice camping spots. It would be a perfect hike/backpacking trip to do with kids. And I can’t wait to hike it this fall when the aspen turn!

This was a fun trail for sure. Once you are on the trail, the first few miles are pretty rocky. A few spots you need to make sure you have a good line, but otherwise it can be done. I’d recommend good tires, a lift and a functional T-case at a minimum. There were a few strangers that went up, but turned around while we were up there. The top of Red Cone is amazing. The trial going down is steep, but nothing too bad. We will go again soon.

6 months ago

We hiked this in the morning of 7/7/2018. We hiked from the south end, located a mile or two north of Grant. We left our car at 8:30am, entering at the very far south end which is marked only by a bridge over the stream and a small sign stating No Camping. Only 4 - 6 parking spots there. You can drive on north less than a mile where you’ll find what seems to be the main parking - several spaces and bathrooms. The trail was easy to follow, and at that rather early hour, we didn’t see anyone until we’d walked north 3/4 of a mile and came to the parking lot with bathrooms. We walked two miles north from our car until we hit what was, for us with a leashed dog, a roadblock. At that point, you’ll need to cross the stream by walking first across a fallen tree, then onto a pile of flotsam maybe 8-10’ long to continue across the stream. We plan to return sometime without our dog and do that. The trail was for the most part damp to a bit of mud, and probably 90% shaded as it goes through forest. I thought it was quite beautiful. It closely follows the roadway but isn’t right next to it. We saw no animals, but as the forest is quite dense, I wouldn’t imagine there aren’t any. Overall - beautiful hike.

Addition: Although this is a driving road as mentioned by others, there most definitely *is* the very nice hiking path that I’ve described. After the first of our two hours, we saw quite a few other hikers.

Amazing trail, only went in 2 miles, to a sweet campsite then scrambled down to the river. Perfect quick afternoon hike

Drove the byway today. Its 24 miles of smooth highway. Great views, plenty of areas to park, picnic, hike, or camp. Didnt see any 4x4 trails.

This was a really fun trail! Some very high and steep points.

Very beautiful, but we only went one mile in and back

scenic driving
7 months ago

We just drove this scenic byway today, 6/16/18, under nice cloudy and overcast sky's. This would be a great drive in the fall as there are a lot of aspens along this route. We came in from the Grant side which is a fairly gradual climb to the pass. This is fathers day weekend, and there were a ridiculous amount of people at the pass hiking, camping, and whatever else. Tons of cars. At the pass there are several trails one can start off on, the most common being the trail to the 14er Mt. Bierstadt. There are a few high country lakes you can reach on the west side of the road from here too. Continuing on down the Georgetown side of the pass, it is really steep!! We saw a trio of bighorn sheep right on the road. Then finally down into Georgetown and a stop for a libation. Cool town with some really neat old homes and buildings. Very nice drive!! Have to do it again some time in the sunshine, but the clouds were very welcome. Well worth the time.

7 months ago

Nice trail to the lake, no trail after the lake. The GPS is just from someone hiking straight up.

7 months ago

easy hike until 3.5 miles in, which is where this trail technically ends but the trail continues after that. Can’t wait to go back and see after I turned around and make the hike longer. Very pretty and shaded.

This trail mingles with the Colorado Trail for about 0.2 miles then breaks off. Easy hike for most of the trail until you hit 3 miles then it is a mild to moderate scramble along the river. Ending was great and a good place to sit enjoy a snack and rest before heading back. Good for trail running too.

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