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This was a fun trail for sure. Once you are on the trail, the first few miles are pretty rocky. A few spots you need to make sure you have a good line, but otherwise it can be done. I’d recommend good tires, a lift and a functional T-case at a minimum. There were a few strangers that went up, but turned around while we were up there. The top of Red Cone is amazing. The trial going down is steep, but nothing too bad. We will go again soon.

Amazing trail, only went in 2 miles, to a sweet campsite then scrambled down to the river. Perfect quick afternoon hike

This was a really fun trail! Some very high and steep points.

Very beautiful, but we only went one mile in and back

1 month ago

Nice trail to the lake, no trail after the lake. The GPS is just from someone hiking straight up.

1 month ago

easy hike until 3.5 miles in, which is where this trail technically ends but the trail continues after that. Can’t wait to go back and see after I turned around and make the hike longer. Very pretty and shaded.

This trail mingles with the Colorado Trail for about 0.2 miles then breaks off. Easy hike for most of the trail until you hit 3 miles then it is a mild to moderate scramble along the river. Ending was great and a good place to sit enjoy a snack and rest before heading back. Good for trail running too.

The trail continues another 2-3 miles past the red highlighted route on All Trails but it doesn’t really lead to a peak with a view or anything unless we completely missed it. This trail is a great backpacker’s warm up for a longer, higher more strenuous trek if planning one. Rated 3 stars for lack of open views.

This by far has to be one of my favorite trails lots of great views and the further you go the better. It gets really rough which is what I like I actually fell on my face lol. Great water crossings and even a small waterfall about 5 miles in. We got a late start so we didn’t get as far as we wanted to but we’re definitely going back.

on Whale Peak

1 month ago

Don't underestimate this little 13er! The terrain is rough and the road to access the trailhead is even rougher. You will not be able to access the trail without a off-road decent vehicle (we had an awd Subaru outback with good tires, and still barely made it). That said, the trail is very nice, if somewhat poorly maintained. We saw moose, ptarmigan, marmot, pika, and deer. The views of Gilpin lake & the surrounding valley are fantastic, as is the view from the summit.

Nice drive-in to this hike - managed the drive fairly easily without 4-wheel drive, though I imagine it would be necessary in the colder months when the road is in worse shape. The hike itself was beautiful with multiple river crossings. The All-trails rating is “hard” but this was an easy-to-moderate hike for most experienced hikers. The trail continues past the all trails map for at least another 2-3 miles where it gets quite a bit steeper and may cross into the moderate/hard range. Could not follow the trail to the end because it started to get fairly icy with packed down snow near the top. Follow the all trails route for an easier, albeit slightly lengthy, and picturesque hike. Continue on for a more challenging and steeper grade and some more nice views.

Fantastic, easy trail! We only passed a few water trails but the viewpoint a few miles in is beautiful.

This place is beautiful! Ideal forest hike w/several small streams to cross. we went well further than we were to, and things only get more beautiful the farther you go. Trail is in really great shape. Some snowy patches up high, but again - we figured out we'd gone too far. About 10mi - this place just got away from us.

The first couple of miles are nice a pretty free of snow. Gets a little trickier to find the trail the higher you go due to the snow. Didn't make it to the lake and didn't see any tracks of anyone who had. Still a lovely hike though. Camped nearby and was great weather.

bit cold this morning. here to video sunrise. awesome!

Just a forest walk. The trail just keeps going up. No variety and easy to get lost at switchbacks as the trail is not well marked at all.

Such a beautiful hike!!

Amazing, but don't go if you are afraid of heights

off road driving
10 months ago

July 15th 2017.
Made it to Webster pass from Montezuma but Webster was snowed in on the south side, so went down from Webster Pass and up Radical Hill. Didn't make it all the way either as Radical was snowed in as well but did make it pretty close to the high point of the trail before stopping for a picnic and heading back down. Very beautiful views from Radical Hill.
Radical Hill lived up to it's name! Some good rocky areas that required a walk before attempting to pick out the best path. 4wd low was a must as was some added clearance.
A really good trail for off roading but not so much for beginners. Large sections of the trail are easy enough but then there are a couple areas that can be a bit really intimidating.
Need to go back so we can complete the trail this year!

1999 Jeep Wrangler, 3" lift, 33x12.5 tires, 4.0L 5 spd. Needed the clearance and the tires, didn't need to use the 9000# winch or unpin the the front sway. So a rocky ride but not a crazy one!

Great trail with great views. The trail up is very rocky and was more difficult then expected. The views on top are amazing.

Started at noon on Friday. Sunny and warm. Lots of beautiful wildflowers and hummingbirds zipping around. Easy hiking, wide trail. There were a couple of great spots to take in the views and take pictures. We stopped at 2 to wait out some rain and eat lunch. After an hour, the rain wasn't stopping so we resumed our hike. At about mile 3 - 3.5 (which we figured out later was the end of the rolling creek trail according to the map) hiking became more difficult. The grade increased drastically, lots of rock steps and stream crossings (we counted 7-8 total). Some of the crossings were logs and some were rock hopping. The rain made everything pretty slick, our progress slowed significantly. The rain and mist gave everything a primordial feel. Lots of moss, lichens, ferns, mushrooms, flowers, and a couple underground streams. We made camp at 10,300' right before 6pm. Found a great spot near the top of the ridge. With lots of moss covered boulders and trees. The rain continued on and off during the night. Our hike out took about 1/2 the time (approx 3+ hours) in the rain. Definitely an awesome overnight backpacking trip. Ours was 10 miles round trip. Rain gear is a must and hiking poles would have been a good idea.

beautiful, magestic hike. starts off fairly easy and the higher you go, the more difficult the climb. Lots of large beautiful boulders and stones near the river.

trail follows closely to river and is well marked and maintained.

definitely recommend it!

We'll probably hike this trail again. I interviewed the family and the consensus was a "4" rating because the kids didn't 'want' to hike and my husband requested facilities at/near the trailhead.
It was beautiful and serene, mostly rolling hills until we reached the boulders. Not trusting my dog to stay with us (terriers!) he was pulling us up and we slowed him down.
Very nice to have a lightly trafficked trail. Quiet except for the echo of gunshots from the nearby shooting range for the first mile or so.

off road driving
Monday, July 10, 2017

As far as scenery goes, the top of Red Cone is a sight to behold! Trail is not extremely difficult but loose rock can cause some slippage. A couple of tight spots with longer wheel base vehicles but nothing too tight you can get through. Descent off of the top of Red Cone is steep but really not that bad. Went early enough in the day that the traffic was not heavy at all. Overall a great trail with plenty to see.

Rolling Creek Trail is a forest hike. Not very crowded on a Sunday (good thing). Close to Denver. Turn left off of Highway 285 (Hampden) when you see the Rustic Tavern Restaurant. Then go about 7.8 miles to trailhead. NO RESTROOMS AT TRAILHEAD. SUMMARY: Two stream crossings and great mountain vistas after about one mile.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

First 2 miles are nice then it is a all uphill grind. Saw a big bear 200 lb+ bear at the very top. No views, just a great stairclimber got 2995' vertical on this one.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Great trail and scenery through out. There was a decent number of people, but never in the same spot to feel congested. Do not let the 7.1 round trip fool you. From the trailhead to WigWam trail intersect is 6.4 miles. The first part of Rolling creek is easy to moderate, with a majority of it going down into the drainage. Once you start going up the other side of the drainage be prepared for a long hard push. There are no solid campsites until you get to the saddle. I would estimate from the trailhead to the saddle is 5miles. Great hike the 7.1 miles total rip is misleading. Enjoy!

Monday, June 12, 2017

First backpacking overnight trip with my daughter. Camped south of rolling creek after the crossing. Was a great hike. Plenty of water to refill with, so would carry a little less from the start next time. Would like to make it up to the meadows next time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

This hike rocked! Such a cool landscape with lots of pine stands to walk through. Thick and thin pine and spruce stands, a decent off the trail scramble, and a soft ascent over a hill at the end. Is a decently leisurely hike that doesn't involve a whole lot of fitness. Was rather snowy at the top but didn't let that stop me!

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