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2 months ago

One of my favorites. The views are amazing. The aspens are beautiful. While the hike just goes up and up, there’s enough variety in the terrain that it doesn’t feel grueling.

3 months ago

This is a great combo of two 14ers to hit. You can make it a really nice overnight trip by hiking in to one of the campsite areas just before the split off. The second of the two is nicest and is located right next to a stream for easy access to water.

The leg to get from the summit of Belford to Oxford takes 45-60 minutes each way.

3 months ago

On my way up Mount Belford I was not convinced I would take the second leg of this hike onto Mt Oxford for my 2nd 14er of the day! From the summit of Mount Belford, though, the beautiful saddle leading to Mt Oxford was too inviting to pass up! Not only that, at age 58 I was fairly certain I would not make it back up Mt Belford anytime soon and wanted to take advantage of being 1 hour more from the Oxford summit.

The views from the saddle were gorgeous-making the steep descent more than worth it. Although the opposite side of the saddle was not as steep, with aching legs from the ascent of Mount Belford-I was weary and could feel the fatigue setting in. It took me a little more than one hour to get to the Summit but it was a great feeling to arrive. After quick picture of the geological plate and a bite to eat, I headed back. Gratefully, the accent up the saddle toward the Belford summit was short but was the most brutal part of my all-day hike-with a narrow path, steep incline, and at places, sketchy footholds. With patience and great care-no problem, though.

As I returned via the Missouri Gulch trail, I was grateful not to descend the way I came up on the Mt Belford front. Altogether, 11.2 miles and nearly 10 hours to accent and return to the trailhead. The Missouri Gulch trail brought many varied views not seen on the way up Guilford. It was a delightful return with mountain foliage, a spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The winding Clear Creek in the valley was beautiful as was the view of Mount Guilford and Oxford behind! A great day hiking in the Rocky Mountains!

Great hike! The middle third of this hike is really easy meadow walking which allows your legs time to recharge while you enjoy the basin views. The last 1/2 mile or so is all ridge line with a moderate amount of exposure and scrambling in some parts, which is really fun! Seemingly not as popular as Belford/oxford, so I had the summit to myself for a while on a Tuesday morning. Fair amount of dispersed camping possibilities in the area- plenty on the road to the trailhead, and some in the basin/gulch area near the stream!

This was a nice fourteener with some gorgeous views! It has some steep sections in the trees and then mellows out at treeline and doesn’t get steep again until you’re nearing the summit. There is a lot of loose dirt that made it a little slippery near the top coming down so be careful! Not many people hike this one which is nice. Me and my friend had the whole summit to ourselves and out of the 14 fourteeners, I’ve done, this one had some of the best views at the top! Also, this hike is about 11.5 miles round trip, not 8.6.

4 months ago

Great Hike, good trails, lots and lots of switch backs. Once you summit Belford it is 1 mile over to Oxford. takes about 45min to an hour. Its down 700ft then up 700ft. The hike back is tough having to re-summit Belford but worth it.

Took the Pear Lake trail on the west side of the mountain. It is 2.2 miles west of the Missouri trail head. Your vehicle will need to cross a stream. My Subaru did fine but had to park it after that. The next stream crossing leads to a serious 4x4 road. We hiked the road 3 miles to the Missouri trail head. Beautiful views, no people, great hike!

Total asskicker hike . Clipped them all for number 31. Heads up on this route listed in AllTrails. The route that is listed is a class 3/4 scramble on some of the worst rock I’ve seen . I scooted our 1/2 way but be aware it’s not a preferred route . Head down elk further and clip up the MO trail.

Started at 6 am finished by 3, trail ran most of it but the mileage is also off . Easy 16.5 with the full loop, my garmin died but I think it was closer to 18. Nothing hard about the climb, slight class 2 move right before summit of MO, go right and hug rock for the two, or straight over for a 3 . Again rock is pretty lose here . Nothing else technical but with the miles and altitude gain this was one of the hardest runs I’ve done !

Beautiful day and the views are totally worth it , start early and bring min 4 liter of water and some calories !

Incredibly strenuous hike. The loop accesses three 14ers in the San Isabel National Forest. Mt. Missouri (14,067), Mt. Oxford (14,153) and Mt. Belford (14,197).

Word of caution: this is closer to a 17 mile loop, NOT 12. I don't know where All Trails sees a path on the eastern slope of Missouri, but it is non-existent. Instead, you have to take a mile longer (but probably safer and less severe) route and come from the west. From there, the mileage is still off.

We arrived at the parking lot at 4:50am on a Saturday and it was already full. We camped nearby, and there are plenty of spaces. Most of the hikers head to Belford, but for this loop you want to take Missouri first. You'll do this by following the path towards Fikhead Pass. As noted above, you'll come up the western side of Missouri. You have to come back down this way and up the pass to access Belford/Oxford.

We were going to hit all three but storms came in at noon and we had to hike out, only hit Missouri and Belford. Normally, you'll want to be off the mountain by 2. Our storms hit at noon.

You can view the hike we made here: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2869855938

This hike is amazing! Very strenuous and long, we started at the trailhead at 5 am and finished around 2:30 pm. The elevation change is very difficult; we did the hike without trekking poles but I definitely recommend them. There are some spots where they would've been very helpful. Make sure to bring alot of water and take some breaks, 16.5 miles is no walk in the park.

Did this on a Saturday, and despite sharing a trailhead with Belford/Oxford, the hike was pleasant and quiet above treeline. Loved the scramble, but beware the loose gravel and huge steps up and down.

Saw a few dogs struggle with this one. There are water crossings for them to cool off in, but maybe consider if they can handle it before bringing them.

Beautiful trail to a fun 14er. Didn’t feel like we went up 4.4k. Weather was quick to turn sour around noon, so be careful. The parking lot was almost entirely full by 6 am.

Did this yesterday (6/3) and the weather was perfect. Started at 6 am and finished around 1 pm. I have done a couple other 14ers that were category twos and I felt that this one was a lot tougher. There’s a lot of loose rock and gravel on the trail once you get passed the boulder field. It’s all on the edge of the mountain at a slope so not for the faint of heart. And then the crux in Missouri was a little more intense than I thought it would be. Despite this, it’s not a very crowded hike which was nice and the views at the top are worth it.

hiked on 5/19 - no snow

Monday, July 24, 2017

Beautiful trail and much less traffic than the Belford / Oxford trails. Recent rain and snowmelt made some parts of the trail wet and two steam crossings challenging without waterproof boots from the standpoint of keeping your feet dry (I went barefoot).

I would not classify this trail as moderate. The combined steepness of the beginning and push to the summit along with the altitude make this a challenging hike.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Walked up the front side of Belford. Over to Oxford. Down into Elkhead pass trail and out. Great hike took our time. Well worth it.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Great leading up trail to the mountain. I didn't follow this standard route, but went up the North Face Couloir. Super difficult for me with current conditions.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Can you camp anywhere along this trail? Traveling from TN in June, want to backpack in, camp and do day hikes. Any recommendations on 12er or 13er?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Missouri Gulch TH : Long trail through a forest, meadow, and ridge to the peak of this 14er. The first half of this trail is the same for the trail of Mount Belford and Oxford. Had a little bit of everything and was very easy to follow the trail. Stay right at both trail sign junctions when in the meadow and be prepared for all the switchbacks!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

An amazing trail with lots of diversity the entire way. We walked back on Elkhorn Pass for a different route back to the trailhead, it wasn't as steep as the Mount Belford trail we came up and had terrific views. Lovely hike with lots of camping spots below the tree-line.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pretty hike we've done a couple of times. Follows an old mine road up the valley to a pass that crosses into the Lincoln Creek valley and ghost town Ruby. Saw a herd of elk on one of our hikes there. Long, rutted 4 wheel drive road to the trailhead (a couple stream crossings, but not a narrow road nor near drop offs.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Beautiful...but I don't like sharing with ATVs. There were not many, but I prefer the peace and quiet. If this doesn't bother you, then you will love this trail! Great dispersed camping near here as well...if you have 4 wheel drive.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

It was great! The trail is a bit steep at times, definitely bring hiking sticks. Great views from up top.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Gorgeous hike, definitely head up super early. Storms come by noon, and you don't want to be on the summit during the lightening. We left at 5:30am from the trail head and got to the summit around 11. Definitely a moderate hike, but definitely beautiful if you're up for the long miles! When we went there was still snow on the hills after the rock portion (right before the summit) so we slid all the way down on the snow!

Monday, August 11, 2014

You enter steep switchbacks in the forest. Once above tree line you level out in the Gulch and get your first glimpse Missouri Mountain. The trail heads to the right of the true summit and begins the final set of steep switchbacks to the ridge. Head to the left along the ridgeline to the summit.

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