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Not our favorite trail in the area.

Easy hike with young kids. The falls are beautiful!

A great easy, flat walk to do with young kids. The homestead is a fascinating look at the hard life of early settlers. The volunteers could not have been any nicer or more helpful. They were super knowledgeable and friendly. Our kids (ages 5-12) leaned a lot and received their Junior Ranger badges and had a ball! Bonus-We saw a mama moose and calf very close to the cabins. Please note that the homestead cabins close at 4:30 so even though you can walk the gravel trail there won’t be anything to see if you go after that time.

Great loop with lots of vertical. One night at bowen lake was plenty for the entire loop.

A diverse trail that covers three separate ecosystems. Great camping options (by permit only) and plenty of wildlife to see. Completed the whole loop in 5 days with occasional day hikes mixed in.

A lot of moose. both lakes were very crowded, for a reason. it is beautiful.

This is a nice/easy walk on the west side of RMNP. Not too much to see along the way. They website said the cabins would be open but once we reached them they were not so my kids were a little disappointed. Very easy walk for small children or people with physical limitations.

on Adams Falls Trail

3 days ago

This is a great little hike just outside of Grand Lake. We had our 3 young children and they made it to the falls without issues. You can continue on for more spectacular views from the falls. You also get great views of Grand Lake from parts of the trail as well.

We chose this trail on the chance to see a moose and because the weather was better on the west side of the park this day. When we arrived at the park I took my girls to that bathroom and after exiting the restrooms we see a startled moose running by us in the parking lot. We hiked to big meadows without seeing another moose, but luckily on the way back in one of the smaller meadows we spotted a mamma moose and her baby. Wow, what a great hike. A lot of mosquitos so bring bug repellant.

This route is not dog friendly. It starts inside the national Park, there are signs everywhere Prohibiting you to take your dog past the gate. I’m sure it’s a nice hike, but I spent two hours getting here and now can’t take my dog and I don’t trust the app.

Chose this trail because I wanted so bad to see a moose or two. Disappointed in I didn’t see a moose but the views and the climb did not! After the first mile we became acclimated with the elevation and could breathe easy. Not for the faint of heart. It was tough but we enjoyed every step of it. Did it as a day hike and took right about 5 hours. Some great creeks along the way as well.

5 days ago

Very easy trail for the family to hike. Pretty river at the end with a mild falls. A great place to Get a picture with the whole family. Hiked on 6-7-18

Lots of people but our family had some amazing privacy in the valley to observe two moose. What a great experience for this family from Michigan.

Gorgeous hike and one of my all time new favorites. Highly recommend. However, realize it is 5 miles to the summit and not 4 as advertised. Not a problem and WELL worth it. Go early.

6 days ago

Amazing alpine hike with spectacular mountain views. Ended up seeing multiple elk along the trail and big horns near the summit! First time seeing big horn in the park. Do start early to avoid the crowds and the afternoon showers. Also you’re exposed for the majority of the trek so bring appropriate gear/sunscreen. Definitely would do again!

I definitely think it was a little longer than 9.9 miles. but well worth the hike! Our group started at 9:40 ish and made it back to the car at about 2:20 PM. We saw a mama moose and her baby along with some deer and an elk!

Hiked Ida in June and there was a lot of snow under the treeline. Took the group I was with about 2 hours to get out of the treeline. Once we were out, the hike was beautiful. The wildlife is abundant and the views are awesome. Ida is a little more tough than moderate I would say because she has a lot of false summits and it's an uphill climb most of the way. You feel like you're close, then there is more. Well worth it though, just be ready for a good challenge.

Loved the trip. Fantastic meadow. Good birding. Great wildflowers

8 days ago

Easy hike to see a great waterfall.

Worth the hike to this lake!

Got a late start on 7/7/18, started around 9:15. Plenty of parking in the huge lot at the trailhead. Only saw 3 groups or so on the way up. Made it to the lake around 1pm. Fished for a half hour/45 minutes before a pretty good afternoon storm looked like it was rolling in. Saw two bull moose, a deer and a Mama moose and calf on the way down. Be sure to give plenty of room when passing these animals. Mama was not happy to see me. Nice hike, but lots of uphill to get to the lake. Landslide area was a little tricky and you may want to avoid if a recent rain came through or is expected. Have fun!

11 days ago

Out of four hikes I did in the area this week, this was my favorite. Being by the lake allowed us to see so much wildlife, including four otters in the lake. They stayed with us for about a mile and it was such a treat. Highlight of the day!

11 days ago

Loved this and went a bit farther to get 3-4 miles. Definitely one of the best in the area!

11 days ago

Just hiked this trail today, July 11th, and the scenery is superb. You get above tree line fast so the views start within the first 30 minutes. Of course, this means that you are gaining elevation quickly so it is a bit challenging. It took us about six hours round trip moving at a good steady pace, including about 25 minutes at the summit. Some guidebooks say to plan for eight hours, while some reviewers say they did it in about four. I don’t think I could have gone much faster than we did as the trail can get a little slippery in spots due to loose gravel, and the boulder field up top takes time to navigate. I am bushed but it was totally worth it! We started at about 6:15 AM and shared the trail with just a handful of people at that time. We had a good 20 minutes at the summit all to ourselves. Even on the way down it wasn’t super busy, but the parking lot is small so you should get an early start. An early start also ensures you are down below tree line before afternoon storms pop up as you are VERY exposed on most of this trail. Once you hit the boulder field below the summit the trail disappears so just find a good line and head upwards. Beautiful 360 views! I really liked this trail and would do this one again! My gps clocked this at 10.1 miles but that may be because we kept trying to find the trail through the boulders.

13 days ago

Loved walking shoreline to fire lookout. Excellent workout. Sad to see so much beetle kill trees still waiting to fall in the forest. It was cool to hike and watch water skiers on Grand Lake!

14 days ago

Loved this trail!. Left Estes park just before 6 am and enjoyed the spectacular, almost deserted drive over Trail Ridge road in early morning sunshine. Temp was 52f in July at the deserted visitors centre. Got to the Green Mountain trailhead by 7.45 (after several photo stops) and there were only a couple of cars. Chilly start so we layered up, not much sun to warm you but made for beautiful atmospheric shafts of light through the trees and steaming of the damp forest floor (I'm an amateur photographer and loved it). A few pretty meadows off to the right as you walk. As we live at low altitude we had acclimatised for a couple of days after flying in to Denver, and one in Estes Park, and although the trail is only a fairly gentle climb, we found we struggled getting our breath, even though we are physically fit. There were loads of vicious mosquitoes towards the end of the trail. I was smothered in repellent and was ok (thank you, fellow reviewers!) but they got my husband with at least 5 huge bites on his exposed hands and head. We turned right at the 1.8 mile mark and came out onto it by a little wooden bridge over the river. I thought the meadow was spectacular. There were 2 large moose grazing, meandering closer as we sat on the bridge. We were the only ones there. A local woman joined us later and told us that groups of moose sometimes gather near the camp ground, so we followed the trail across the meadow, through the group of trees, towards the camp, but didn't see any more. We saw chipmunk feeding, woodpeckers, elk, cute ground squirrels, and a tiny hummingbird (by the river). The trail back is mostly downhill, so very easy, passing loads of fellow hikers going towards the Meadow. Got to back to the crowded trailhead at about 11am. The Trail road was crazy with traffic, so totally recommend the early start for a much more enjoyable experience.

Saw 2 sets of moose with babies on the trail. Beautiful hike but definitely rated as moderate plus (++) in my opinion. after about 2 miles in, then the climb begins. Almost 1800’ in elevation from trail head. My knees and feet were pissed by the time I got back. Nice trail and maintained with some very beautiful scenery. Do not forget the sunscreen, water, sandwich or a Few snacks and bug spray.

Completed this trail today, Sunday July 8.
The trail was in great condition. You have to step over some trees but it was easy for me, a 5'1 female.
With a few stops, we made it up in 1 hour and 55 minutes. It took us 1 hour and 29 minutes to get back to our car.
During our trip, we saw a total of eight groups (some single) of people. Very lightly trafficked and BEAUTIFUL views from the top.

Hiked mid-June, still some snow around but it wasn’t anything major. Lots of wildflowers!

Beautiful hike, lots of mosquitos. Last portion of the trail doesn’t exist, you have to scramble up the boulder field to get to the lake. There were also a bunch of bighorn on the side of the mountain on the way up!

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