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17 hours ago

There was only one snow field to skirt around as of 6/20. Started just after 6 am and was back at the car by 11:30. Hiked a brisk pace, but stopped frequently for pictures and water. Bring layers! I had a fashion show on the trail! First shedding and then adding bit by bit. Gloves, warm hat, windbreaker strongly recommended. Highly recommend this hike.

3 days ago

Beautiful and easy hike. Left trailhead at 09:30. Plenty of people out there today. Saw both male and female moose just on the other side of the river.

Too much damage and debris from pine beetle mitigation work. Trail rerouted away from many of the best parts. Very disappointed.

5 days ago

Hiked in July and didn't think we wanted to get to the summit. Were so close decided to push to the top and got stuck near the top during a thunderstorm. Listen to the rangers and get below tree line by 1pm. Scary time running down the trail in rain and hail with lightning striking in the nearby mountains. Great views from the top, despite not staying too long to appreciate them!

An awesome hike. A great mix of settings- meadows, a mountain side climb, a wooded walk through woods...we saw 2 baby moose! The most waterfalls I've ever seen on a hike. It is on the harder side of moderate in my opinion, as the way up to the lake is quite the elevation gain, but the way down is an enjoyable walk downhill.

9 days ago

Loved the hike and the CO River was a nice break 1/2 way through the 4 mi hike. Didn’t see any moose but was on the lookout since we had our dog with us. Sad to see the forest hurt by the beetles and fires.

11 days ago

One of the favorite campsites of all time (Jackstraw) is located en route to Timber Lake. We camped perched above the meadow and saw moose and elk up close. Two curious bull elk hung out and sneaked up to our tent at 2 a.m. That kept me up for a while! Trail was a bit challenging, but overall worth the hike.

11 days ago

One of my absolute favorite summits in RMNP - though definitely not for the faint of heart. Right now the first mile is covered in snow (and ice in the morning), but once beyond timberline, it is perfectly clear. The majority of the hike is very exposed so prepare for the sun and strong winds. The trail isn’t always easy to follow at the end on the way up through the boulder field, but scramble through with the summit in sight. We started around 6am and round trip it took us around 4.5 hours not including stopping at the top. We were advised to start early to avoid afternoon storms since the exposure doesn’t lend itself well with lightning. Overall an awesome hike and would do it again in a heartbeat! One of the best of RMNP!

Incredible hike. Did an overnight at rockslide.
Saw elk, moose, and 1 black bear at the base. Still plenty of snow at the summit. Caught 2 green backs at the lake. Landslide is manageable.

14 days ago

I really enjoyed the hike. It was little shorter than I expected, but the falls were amazing.

Fun and easy trail with family and friends. Saw moose, a snake, marmots, deer and other small animals and birds. Relaxing.

June 3rd, this trail is closed still, I wished someone would have posted this and saved me the trouble. there's a trail that goes to the right of the entrance to stillwater pass but it ends after 1.5 miles. dead ends to a campsite with a cliff view however, not safe for children or drinking, cliff is 20ft away from campfire and there's nothing stopping anyone from falling over the edge

16 days ago

Super easy trail that runs along the Colorado river. Not super exciting but does have interest information about the valley & the river.

Did this hike Friday, May 25, 2028. Great hike, saw moose and the waterfalls are powerful, beautiful. Not a tough hike at all.

Starts off in the woods and covered for a while with bits of the river until you are right along side of it. We ran into MULTIPLE foxes on this trail so keep your wits about ya.

This hike does not disappoint. We saw many waterfalls, wildflowers and 4 moose. I’d rate it on the more difficult end of moderate for the incline. My knees weren’t happy coming back down. Definitely doing this one again in the Fall!

20 days ago

Awesome trip! Start early and beat the crowds.

There were a lot of trees down covering the path, no big deal we found ways around it. The mudd is starting to dry up. Small patches of snow still. The incline right before the lake is pretty good, definitely doable an worth it. Around the lake there were a lot of boulders so it was hard for our dogs to climb but at one point our pup just got in and swan around to a flat spot. You are supposed to keep your dog on a leash and I would just remind people that this a good idea for multiple reasons. One being we did see Moose. It's a peaceful hike with very little traffic we only saw 2-3 people.

What a fantastic hike. So many great views. My app logged this trail at 10.9 miles. It was definitely an ‘upper moderate’ but not as hard, as previously suggested, in my opinion. The last mile up to the lake is the toughest but nothing too crazy. The lake itself is beautiful and worth the trek. This is possibly the best hike I’ve done to date. My wife and I loved it.

Lots of snow made it hard to stay on the trail to start so we postholed our way up. Once we got past the tree line it was completely dry though. Getting to that point is very difficult until the snow melts. Above the trees you have beautiful views and easy rolling trail that leads to the final scramble to the top. Though the views are good throughout the hike, they get exponentially better when you reach the summit.

Great weather today for a hike. Saw a moose at the start and enjoyed the great views on this trail.

Hard, fun, beautiful.

Highly recommend for anyone novice hiker who wants to test their limits.

25 days ago

Fantastic trail! Just hiked it in May and there was still a lot of snow near the top. Snowshoes would be quite helpful early May. Beautiful views the whole way though!

Did this trail yesterday (5.27) up to lake verna. Had tons of family traffic up to the inlet, but after that I saw maybe 10 people all day. The trail winds it’s way up to the lakes but has a gorgeous river that parallels the trail the majority of the way up, making it impossible for you to run out of water. Lone Pine Lake is where you start seeing some snow on the ground, and you sort of have to wade here and there through previous post holes, so I would definitely recommend waterproof boots until early June. First time doing the inlet trail, won’t be the last.

27 days ago

Did this hike May 25th to Cascade Falls and back. So much wildlife, and the falls are flowing stronger than I've ever seen before. Saw several moose, dozens of elk, some mulies, a coyote, and caught some brook trout. There's always so much wildlife on the west side. No snow whatsoever at this point.

5/25. Nice flat walk. The scenery was beautiful. Just a nice relaxing walk. Picnic tables at the beginning of the trail, which would have been nice if we were ready to have lunch.

We would have given this trail 4-5 stars last summer. Nice ponds, numerous trails, dog friendly, and even saw a moose that forced us to go through The Maze. In fact, this is where my profile pic was taken. However, went today and at least the entire north along River Trail is completely logged and piles of debris are covering the trails. Not sure which trails are still good. I would stay to the east and take Warbler trail to the south of The Maze. I hope at least the east and south are good.

A nice, flat hike that meanders along the Colorado river. Great views of the valley floor and the Never Summers. I enjoy this walk with the interpretive signage as a break from the more intensive hikes, and it’s usually accessible earlier than some of the other side hikes in the park. No moose in April, 2018, but we did spot fresh tracks and scat.

Great hike with a lot of diversity–you start our in a meadow with a river running through and then wind through the woods with scenic outlooks along the way. We spotted some moose, a marmot, a fresh bear track, (and droppings!) and lots of birds. The falls are impressive and there are some big rocks to sit on an rest before you head back. This trail took us 3 hours (1.5 to the falls and we sat for about 15 minutes).

1 month ago

Awesome hike! Had some pretty views, took me about 4 hours to complete. I definitely took my time and enjoyed the nature aspects of the trail. I saw a group of moose which was really cool.

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