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Went up yesterday and began at the parking lot where AllTrails led me to, the app would not allow me to check in kept saying I was too far from the trial head? Any hoo began walking and got about a mile and a half in and the trial was washed out. Another couple a head of us scrambled up the hill and were going to carry on but I was not that brave as I had my hubby in tow and he was feeling his age yesterday. So we turned back. Will try again when the run off is not quite so rapid.

Had a great day hike. Very easy trail with little elevation changes and a spectacular waterfall at the end.

We would have given this trail 4-5 stars last summer. Nice ponds, numerous trails, dog friendly, and even saw a moose that forced us to go through The Maze. In fact, this is where my profile pic was taken. However, went today and at least the entire north along River Trail is completely logged and piles of debris are covering the trails. Not sure which trails are still good. I would stay to the east and take Warbler trail to the south of The Maze. I hope at least the east and south are good.

Great hike with a lot of diversity–you start our in a meadow with a river running through and then wind through the woods with scenic outlooks along the way. We spotted some moose, a marmot, a fresh bear track, (and droppings!) and lots of birds. The falls are impressive and there are some big rocks to sit on an rest before you head back. This trail took us 3 hours (1.5 to the falls and we sat for about 15 minutes).

19 days ago

Awesome hike! Had some pretty views, took me about 4 hours to complete. I definitely took my time and enjoyed the nature aspects of the trail. I saw a group of moose which was really cool.

2 months ago

We went on this trail in the middle of March. Snow was up to our waists, rather cold, but definitely worth the view. If you go early in the season you definitely need to be fully prepared

Trudged through knee deep snow for the last half mile. Trail is great, but not for someone who isn’t fully committed.

Nice hike, with beautiful views! Harder than is rated. Many moose were seen, even crossed the trail right in front of us with her calf.

Easy to find right off the lake, mostly up hill on the way out and can you believe it downhill on the way back.

Did about 5 miles total, moderately trafficked, and snoeshoes were fun but not totally needed due to the packed trail on 12/28.

Slightly boring actually, but beautiful views along the way.

Nice snow covered hike today. Snow was getting deep after Lulu City - time for snowshoes.

I was really enjoying the hike, but there are no trail markers! I had to turn around half way because the trail was lost in the snow. I have never seen a trail without trailmarkers. I was very disappointed.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail!

Awesome trail with a very rewarding end and gorgeous views all along the way!

It was my first hike in Colorado and it set the tone. To be honest, we didn’t make it all the way to the lake due to time constraints and how tired I was. Most of the time, it was straight, paved paths with multiple beautiful views along the way but from time to time, on the way up, there were some steep inclines that drained me out when I got to the top.

I wouldn’t recommend it to novice hikers but if you want to test your limits and see how much you can do, this would be a pretty hike to test it on lol

7 months ago

The hike is not especially scenic, but it does go through some pretty open areas where you may see moose. Theirs decent views of the Never Summer Mountains most of the time. You go by an old mine site and some remains of some cabins. Their were lots of trees down on the trail when I went, if you hike past the city be advised that their are very large trees down on the trail. A little snow, but nothing to worry about. Overall a decent easy hike, good but not great. Probably good for those not looking for anything too hard.

7 months ago

Definitely longer than 9 miles there and back and although my wife and I are beginner/intermediate hikers, this was a difficult one for us. So worth it at the lake! Left at 8:30am, arrived at lake by 2 pm and made it to car a little after 5pm. Full day for us! Got some great photos and it motivated us to do Ida trail next time, looking up at it from the lake on this trail.


7 months ago

Great trail and we saw quite a few kids ( ages 7 or 8) making the hike. We did this hike in tennis shoes and it was fine. It took about 1hour and 45 minutes to get to the falls. The first 30 minutes are flat and wide and picturesque...and a good warm up for the remaining hike. Trail starts with a parallel to a private fenced ranch and we saw 3 horses. Then the trail follows the river through a grassy meadow area and then into the mountains.

7 months ago

I started out the morning with a headlamp before dawn and didn't see a single person until I was on my way back from Lulu City. Instead I was treated to aspens, the lovely sound of the river, and met some elk on the trail. I wish I could have gone on to Little Yellowstone, and I think I'll plan to if I can get back out there next year. Trail conditions were good and it wasn't strenuous at all. There were a few muddy areas, but none were at all terrible and it had rained pretty well the few days before I went out.
There were a lot more people on the way back to the trailhead as people were coming in to see the fall colors and it got a bit crowded. I got back around noon or 1pm and the parking lot was exceptionally full for a Monday.
If you start early, this is a pretty serene hike if you just need some quiet.

8 months ago

Great hike! Beautiful falls.

The view is spectacular from the trailhead to the lake, the higher trail the more difficult though. I'd rate it from moderate to hard as one is approaching Lone Pine Lake. The higher we went the less people we encountered. We made it all the way to edge of Lake Verna before rain poured down. Encountered a family of moose when we were coming down and no one was around. Finished the round trip by dusk. Awesome for those who love to adventure up in the mountains.

We took the short guided tour of one of the cabins heard the very interesting story behind the property. The trail to the site crosses over the beginnings of the Mighty Colorado River. A Cow Moose with calf were hanging out by the parking when we went to leave. Nice side trip off the Trail Ridge Road.

8 months ago

got to see elk,mouse and a bunch of other critters. tough hike, but worth it..also there is no swimming in the lake. unfortunately caught some people in it.. please respect our parks.. thanks.

The waterfall was really cool and the hike was not bad at all. Only gave four stars because of all the flies swarming me on the way back (mother nature's fault of course).

You may spot a moose in the river!!!

8 months ago

one of my favorite hikes.

Just hiked this trail on Sunday. It was harder tan I thought but worth it

All the trails are surrounded by dead or cut down trees. Not an interesting hike at all.

good trail. mountain biking. lots of options

Loved it, but the trail signs did not coincide with the All Trails map.

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