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There were a lot of trees down covering the path, no big deal we found ways around it. The mudd is starting to dry up. Small patches of snow still. The incline right before the lake is pretty good, definitely doable an worth it. Around the lake there were a lot of boulders so it was hard for our dogs to climb but at one point our pup just got in and swan around to a flat spot. You are supposed to keep your dog on a leash and I would just remind people that this a good idea for multiple reasons. One being we did see Moose. It's a peaceful hike with very little traffic we only saw 2-3 people.

Attempted this loop 5/19. Saw 7 moose and signs of bears. Went counterclockwise with the intent of camping near Bowen lake. Made it to Bowen lake trail junction and decided not to continue due to waist deep snow. Will be back later in the summer.

Trail was snow covered most of the way, starting out at about 12 inches, but usually about 4 inches. Many downed trees covering trail. Lake view at the end was nice, but with snow cover there was no obvious route to get other vantage points. The road getting there is a bit rough (gullies, snow) for the last half mile or so. Small AWD SUV had no troubles, but would have parked a bit earlier in a lesser vehicle.

Amazing trail, really beautiful and scenic. Just wanted to note that All Trails rates this as moderate. This is definitely hard/strenuous. We did go the opposite direction as All Trails has listed and ran into a ranger who told us that we were hiking the "harder" direction...but I can't imagine the other way being much easier. No permits made it much nicer to plan than backpacking in RMNP.

10 months ago

This trail is spectacular once you emerge above the treeline. The problem is that, between the meadow at the base of the trail (full of elk when we went through it) and the treeline, you must walk about 6 miles through a not too terribly interesting stretch of trail. A long, largely straight uphill section of loose rock on the way to Blue Lake and Bowen Lake doesn't add to the appeal. But if you stick to it, the flower-filled meadow that will greet you as you emerge above the treeline is gorgeous, and the hike thereafter is truly lovely.

Don't be fooled. This is pretty darn strenuous, but very worth it. Hiked to Parika Lake to camp 1 night. Started to rain the last mile. There were 3 groups already there when we arrived, but there is plenty of spots to tent. A male moose showed up at dusk to survey our campsite and we saw a mama and her baby on the trail. Beautiful in the morning and well worth the trip. So many wildflowers on the trail, larkspur, columbine, etc. There is a pretty significant rock slide area and when ran into horseback riders who had to turn around there. Not sure why they thought they could ride through there!

Tons of clean water, so I wished I had carried less. We crossed 28 streams. Some mud as well.

Beautiful lake! The trailheads were misleading though and there are a couple different ways to get there. We took a trail off Highway 4 and almost missed it, it was so hidden. Our trek was almost 4 miles round trip and had more of an incline, but definitely worth it. :)

A really beautiful hike, particularly around Parika Lake and the trail to Bowen Lake. It took us about four hours each day and we saw a bunch of moose along the way, including a couple swimming in Parika Lake. The wild flowers were out in full force too. There were a fair number of mosquitoes at both lakes and we got drizzled on a couple times but really not much to complain about. Highly recommend this loop!

It such a beautiful trial and it's not that difficult. I didn't get to the lake because about 1.4 mails into the hike we actually did came in counter with a bear. Luckily enough we were a group of 7 and spot the Bear far enough where it didn't felt threaten and able to get away safely. Just be super careful and alert of your surroundings, i wouldn't go alone.

11 months ago

Good hike, although heavy traffic with people allowing dogs off leash more than expected. Fishing slow with lures

on Lost Lake (Grand County)

11 months ago

This trail was easy for us to complete. The climb was doable even for us not being acclimated to altitude. The drive up was beautiful and we saw moose. Then when we got to the trail, we saw a bigger one grazing. The lake was worth the walk. The mosquitos were really bad walking around the lake. Bug spray was a must. Overall we would highly recommend this trail.

Didn't find any solitude on this trip. Of course it could have been because yesterday was the 4th of July! Left Colorado Springs about 2am Sunday morning. Got to the trailhead about 5 am. Started hiking around 5:40 am up to Bowen Lake. Didn't see anyone on the trail. Got to Bowen lake shortly before 10 and found about 4 tents set up. Found a spot in some trees towards the back of the lake. The trail was wet and muddy. My Suunto ambit 3 clocked it about 8.39 miles from the parking lot. There are A LOT of downed trees on the trail cutoff to Bowen Lake. We wound up doing some bush whacking to get to the lake. By the end of the day there were about 5 more tents set up around us. People were pretty cool, some had dogs that were well behaved. But no solitude here.
****But allow me to digress. The hike starts out in RMNP and goes into The Never Summer Wilderness. If you get there before the gates are manned you don't have to pay to get in. You don't need an overnight parking permit for the Bowen/Baker TH as you will leave RMNP about 3/4's to 1 mile in.
We were planning to spend 2 nights but saw signs about roads being closed due to Independence Day parades so we decided to hump it out on day 2.
Day 2 fun! Started hiking around 7am on Monday. To head to Bowen Pass. Saw a very friendly bunny on the way and a few people. Didn't see any moose or elk. (Saw elk by the parking lot!) there was still snow just below the pass you had to climb up. Dropped down the other side to head toward Fairview mountain and over to Parika Lake. Saw about 3 groups of 2-6 people on this part and maybe a solo hiker. Dropped down about 10 ft of snow at the Pass above Parika. Had lunch by the lake and filtered some water. Was pretty warm once we dropped below the lake but was all downhill back to the car. On this section we passed quite a few people. Mostly day hikers heading up to the lake. And some coming down.
Was beautiful but should have kept to 2 nights. Disappointed because didn't see any moose outside our tent! LOL. And there were A LOT of people. We clocked from Bowen lake back to the car passing Parika Lake at about 13 miles. So close to 22 miles for us. We did go off trail a bit. I did speak to a guy who was up there backpacking a couples weeks before whilst I was soaking in the stream by the TH who said when he was up there he ran into 2 people at the TH and that was it. So if you're looking for solitude don't do it in a holiday or a weekend.

Great trail! The hike is easy and the lake is beautiful!

Make sure you get an early start above tree line. Storms stack up early on this range.

11 months ago

Great trail for family hike. Bring bug spray.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Short hike, with a pretty lake at the end. Lots of good spots for lunch or a snack near the lake. We went early in the day during the week in June and there was only one other couple there. We did also see moose in the vicinity.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

so beautiful up there.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Beautiful forest views. Wonderful way to spend the day:)

A group of friends and I do this loop as kind of an "annual" trip every September and it never disappoints! We hiked the loop counter clockwise, making it up to Parika Lake in about 4 hours on Day 1. Fishing is solid at the lake, and every year we always manage to see a few moose there. Day 2 consisted of about a 5 hour hike to Bowen Lake, the regaining of the altitude on the divide can be frustrating but the views more then make up for it! Bowen Lake is plentiful with camp sites and fire rings from previous backpackers. Also you'll more then likely see moose coming to or from Bowen Lake on that small trail. Day 3 is about a 4 hour hike back to the car from Bowen Lake, trail is decently rocky in spots and fairly muddy as well. However 2 of the 4 of us made it just fine in low top trail shoes. All in all its a great loop for a wide range of backpackers, however those new to backpacking or with excessively heavy packs may find it a bit fatiguing!

amazing hike with option to get on the Continental Divide trail. 3 days 2 nights -- hiked clockwise from trail head. 1st night at Bowen Lake and 2nd at Parika Lake.

Saw a cow moose and her offspring 1 mile below bowen lake off the trail and 3 bull moose at Parika. Storms come quick! I almost got caught in a storm hiking the CD trail from Bowen to Parika.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trail is located in Arapaho Forest - Never Summer Wilderness but accessed via RD34 through Rocky MNT Nat Park.

Excellent loop trail with option to hike on the Continental Divide Trail. I started clockwise from the trail head at Bowen/Baker. The first night i camped at Bowen Lake (amazing lake with good tree coverage) and saw a female moose (cow) with her offspring (saw them on the trail 1 mile below the lake). The following day I hiked up the CD trail to Parika Lake and saw 3 Bull Moose hanging out like no one's business. It was amazing. I watched the moose all day just grazing around the lake. I spent the 2nd night at Parika and hiked out the following day. Plenty of water sources on trail. Only sad note is the beetle kill. No bushwhacking in these parts....too many dead trees to climb over.

The weather moves fast! I almost got caught up in a morning rain storm on the CD Trail. Not good. Kinda scary. Afternoon storms are the norm and you can set your watch to them ~~~~2pm

Completed trail middle of August 2016

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Beautiful scenery! The hike itself is short and easy.

This was my first backpacking trip and it was amazing. Great 3 day 2 night trip with tons to see. I highly recommend this trail to backpackers of all experience levels.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Really great trail, only a few switch backs. The view of Lost Lake is great on your descent to the lake. Watch out for grumpy fly fisherman. Bring bug repellant.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Very easy along a river

Sunday, September 07, 2014

This is absolutely one of my favorite day hikes in the Rocky Mountain National Forest. You do have to pay a fee to park by the trailhead but this is one of the few trails that is worth paying to park for. Absolutely gorgeous full day hike to be remembered. This trail has it all, from waterfalls to breathtaking views of the forest. Maybe we just got lucky but our group did not pass anybody on our full day hike in the middle of August.

Solid 3 day 2 night backpacking trip. The first day is spent getting up to Parika lake. Camp at the lake just above timber line. Be sure to get up early day two has two continental divide crossings. You also want to be up and down quickly to avoid any storms that can come up quick. The second night will be spent at Bowen lake. Get up the morning of day three and you are on your back down. Parking is in Rocky Mountain National Park. You can pay for a day pass a leave your vehicle at the trail head for the time you are out and back. This trip is difficult but the rewards are worth it.

mountain biking
Monday, December 03, 2012

This is an excellent ride that starts near the summit of Stillwater Pass. Kinda difficult to find the singletrack, but obvious once you do. A long, sustained climb, through the forest takes you just above treeline. You have great views of Grand Lake, Shadow Mtn Reservoir, and the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Next, you have a long and very fast descent on singletrack, and then rocky jeep roads all the way to the Winding River Resort. Next, pedal on paved road up towards the Grand Lake Lodge, then catch another fun singletrack descent right down to the town of Grand Lake.

2 days ago

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