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Grand Junction, Colorado Map

Hot one today. 98 degrees at 3 pm!!! Still a great trail with tons of variety.

Nice little hike to a great rock formation. Well worth the walk up.

Great starter trail for my wife and I during our stay in the area. Unfortunately waterfalls were just a trickle as it’s dry. Some boulder scrambling but loved it.

on Rim Rock Drive

6 days ago

Nice afternoon drive with great views Grandchildren found lots to explore

11 days ago

This is a seriously fun trail for biking. Shuttle it!

on Old Spanish Trail

11 days ago

The description mentioned a forest setting, but from where I started, off Highway 50, there was no forest in sight. I was looking forward to some shade. If you don't mind having no shade and pick a cool or cloudy day, you might enjoy it. Think twice.

Short and sweet. It was fun to run down, but watch your footing.

This is one of my favourite... the rocks are beautiful the wild life amazing and trail is marked good. Take water and try to make it to the top it’s amazing.

22 days ago

Basically a walk up a steep dirt road. Very exposed - sunscreen and water a must.

scenic driving
25 days ago

Beautiful drive. Lots of view points, hiking trails to keep you going all day. Hiked 5 of the shorter hikes during the 5 hour drive on the way home

25 days ago

Trail wide and well marked until I got to where the trails leaves the wash. Saw only one cairn so I just followed all of the foot traffic which lead me way above the kitchen. Returned back done and figured out where the kitchen really was. The actual Devils Kitchen was awesome.

Spectacular views! A challenge but definitely worth it. Plan ahead, stop at the Colorafo National Monument visitor center or the BLM office and get a map. Road from CMN to the trailhead (upper) is steep and rocky, and you won't get all the way to the trailhead unless you have serious high clearance 4WD. I got within about 3/4 mile in a Forester. Minimal road and trail markings; map and a hiking app essential. Hike is mostly flat with a couple (short) steep and "are you serious?!!" portions. At the "first arch" sign, find the trail to the right to descend the mesa and hike around the backside. As soon as you round the end of the mesa you will begin seeing to the 7-9 arches. I was told you can't make it a loop so round-trip was 6.5 miles; but a (younger!) group I met on the way back was told you can scramble back up just past the first (last) arch. Oh, well! Watch the weather. I had some overcast and it was great -- but if sunny it would be incredibly hot. And the road could be impassible if muddy.

1 month ago

This is definitely not a moderate hike. There were some sketchy ledges where you have be very careful and make sure you have a really good grip. Granted, we had a 30 lbs pack because we were backpacking so if you're just doing a day hike it would probably be easier. Also, bring lots and lots of water. It gets very hot and there are no sources of water. Whatever you think you'll need, double it. It was a very pretty hike with lots of beautiful scenery and not a lot of people on the trail. Overall, we had a blast.

Footnote: With lightweight packs and trail running shoes made it a 5.2 slab free solo climb.

Great hike with fantastic views of red sandstone walls and formations. We found the trail pretty easy to navigate other than when we arrived at Pollack Canyon. What helped us immensely is that we saw the trail sign in the bottom of the canyon which helped us navigate down the cliff on a trail marked with cairns to the trail sign. When going or coming, it is helpful to look for cairns and the trail sign in the canyon to help you navigate. We also found climbing through the 1st arch to be about a 5.2 free solo climb. Short but definitely not for someone without rock climbing experience. The weather on our hike was moderate with cloud cover most of the day. Even with that we each drank about 3 liters of water. Definitely worth the hike but also very challenging for someone who’s not used to navigating a trail and does not like exposure.

on Rattlesnake Arches Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful hike but not well marked at all. Bring plenty of water and be careful when getting on slanted rocks to locate trail, slipped on loose rock and broke my leg on this trail 3 miles in! My friend and I were so lost trying to get me out. Trails need to be marked better.

Absolutely beautiful hike! A few points I will make, I would say this is closer to 15 miles round trip so BE PREPARED! Double the water you think you need and allow for 7-8 hours for round trip. The trail is not well marked in many places, we were lost for half of a very terrible hour. The way out is worth the effort, the way back is tiresome. Not sure I’ll do this again. A gps device is highly recommended for this hike.

Wide variety of opinions on this trail. I found it to be a destination hike. I didn't expect much to see enroute to the arch but instead found it to be gorgeous all the way in. A lot of varied scenery, nice canyons, overlooks with views. I also found the trail easy to follow and had no trouble staying on route.

I would agree I would not try to climb out unless experienced with class 5 climbing. Further the effort to ascend under the arch and then descend again back to the trail would not be worth the energy expended doing it.

Overall a great hike. Recommend to all.

1 month ago

Lovely views while hiking the canyon ridge. Got completely lost after turning right at the R1 sign hiked past the sign with some difficult rock climbs up and down with an overnight pack. Lost the trail
Several times and never found our way down into the canyon. I wonder if the sign was incorrect? App didn’t seem to be working at the tome. If we are ever back in western co will try it again!

1 month ago

The trail is great with some incredible views of the valley. However, the hike was no joke. Moderate is a very kind way of putting it. Some of the climbs were fairly intense and the markers were scarce. If you plan on doing this hike know the following:
1. The hike is closer to 14-15 miles if you are starting from the PB parking lot.
2. Take whatever water you think is appropriate, double that and then bring more. Trust me.
3. Allow for at least 6 hours to complete.
4. The arches are over rated IMO. The views of the valley just prior to reaching them were way better.
5. Dont listen to someone if they say you can climb "through" the final arch. You cant
6. Bring a gps device. The trail markings are non existent in a few critical areas. Without one you wont be able to find where you need to go

Enjoyable trail system

Started from the Pollock Bench TH. Great views of the monument but relatively boring trek first 1.8 miles. after that point, thus trail is amazing. lots of walking into canyons directly without switchbacks. trail is hard to identify at points up until the last 3 miles to the destination point. used my wits and the app to find the trail when needed. I'd say the trail is about 25% shady, I picked a day with good cloud cover. I opted to climb through rainbow arch, wasn't as bad as I thought and took my time as there were some solid wind gusts. Once through the arch, go to the right for one last climb and follow the trail. Nice elevation gain throughout, about 13.25 miles out and back with the shortcut. Very peaceful and serene....only saw 3 hikers. One of my all time faves so far! Only negatives: Seeing orange peels thrown on the trail and dog feces. Pick up after yourselfs jerks!

The best hike to keep in shape.

2 months ago

Don’t pay attention to the hard rating for this if you are hiking. It would definitely be hard on a bike, but for hiking it’s in the easy/moderate range. Easily done by myself and my wife and we’re causal hikers at best. Great views of the surrounding area!

Do the wedding trail side first as it is a harder trek. It’s a really nice trail.

3 months ago

I would rate this as easy for hiking. Scenic, but lack of significant elevation gain or scrambling made it a bit boring. I ran back the last 3 miles. Decently, marked trail, used the app once. Looks like a killer mountain bike trip. Will try the long Andy's Loop....looks interesting.

3 months ago

This was a nice hike last weekend. It was easy, but is made much more challenging if you take any of the other trails.
Has beautiful views and neat rock formations!

3 months ago

Did this trail in mid March - very little water in the pond but still beautiful, relaxing, and quiet.

3 months ago

I’ve only ever mountain biked this trail, I would not recommend it for hikers. Lunch loops is primary designed for biking, so if you’re looking for hiking trails the valley offers a lot more scenic and only hiking trails.

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