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Beautiful easy hike and awesome views. We hiked Cascade Falls first and decided to head to Monarch Lake and was so happy we did. Beautiful!!

3 days ago

Pretty and secluded with a variety of rocks to flat. Good for doggos.

I liked that this was a loop and therefore I got 4 miles in without retracing any steps. I didn't have a problem with bugs although did see a couple mosquitos. Nice creek and lake views. Got there around 9am and not a lot of people there at that time so pretty nice. Seemed to arrive around 10.

got there around 9 and didn't see anyone on the trail for the first hour. bug spray was a great recommendation, thanks to commenters below for that. excellent birding trail - spotted lots of thrushes and warblers, including an absolute gem of a macgillivray's. absolutely loved this hike, can't wait to come back!

7 days ago

Day hiked the point-to-point CCW on 7/7/18, 9.5 hours total. Please read carefully:
1. The mileage is wrong! It's 16.5 miles point-to-point, or 18.5 miles if you walk the road between Roaring Fork TH and Monarch Lake TH.
2. Arrived at Monarch Lake at 7:15, lot was 80% full.
3. The first mile along the lake is nice, but the next 6.9 miles up to Gourd Lake are boring and not really photo-worthy.
4. Gourd Lake is pretty, but its best views are from beyond it, looking back down. Also, this is the most enjoyable portion of the loop, route finding up to Island Lake.
5. Island lake itself wasn't very photogenic though.
6. Took us 5.5 hrs to get to the [Cooper?] Pass, 9.9 miles in. That included snack and photo breaks.
7. The view West down into Hell Canyon, Upper and Stone Lakes, one of the BEST VIEWS I've seen in Colorado.
8. The descent was very steep, 1,200 feet over 0.5 miles! Took us almost an hour, and each of us was bloody by the end. Scree, boulders, and patches of meadow. No snow though.
9. The upper canyon and lakes area are superb. Wish we were camping overnight, would have stayed here. Side note, the other pass (north of Hiamovi Mountain) looks enticing for another occasion.
10. The 600 foot climb out of Hell Canyon was a little pesky after all we'd been through so far. Some good views though. Easy to lose the trail, tempting to aim low and left of where you should be, may have to backtrack.
11. The last 4 miles of Roaring Fork after the saddle feel like retribution. Again, not much to look at or enjoy.
12. Overall thoughts are that there were 5 miles of wonder, 11.5 miles of boring. And would strongly encourage going clock-wise unlike us. This puts Cooper Pass only 6.6 miles from TH (in case you turn back), and you'd ascend the steep rather than descend.

What a great hike! Beautiful scenery abound. Great for families of all abilities.

We got there early (around 8am) and we’re absolutely swarmed by mosquitoes in the parking lot and then later on about halfway around the trail. It got much better as it got hotter and the sun came out, but I really wish I had thought to bring bug spray.

Gorgeous walk round the lake though - can’t wait to go back and check out some of the other trails. Fair warning - it gets really crowded by 11 or so. By the end of our hike we were constantly passing people on the trail so I recommend going early for some peace and serenity. The part of the loop around the right side of the lake (from trailhead) is absolutely stunning!

I hiked this trail a few weeks ago. There were tons of wildflowers and diverse terrain throughout the hike. I do wish I would have brought bug spray! :)

Beautiful forest trail with great views of lake Granby. NOTE: This trail is incorrectly shown on the map and indicates a 6+ mile trip. I charted this on my GPS and show 3.87 miles and the loop that the all-trails map does not show. I’ve attached a screenshot.

The left side of the loop (from the trailhead) is easy and mostly flat and has really pretty views. The other side is only slightly more difficult with a narrower trail and lots of ups and downs.

Thought this hike was one the best I have ever taken! Absolutely drop dead beautiful. Not tough but 4 miles was a nice get out there and get some exercise. I am definitely coming back and doing some of their longer trails!!

Nice trail. Not too difficult. Lots of wild flowers. There's a lot of moisture in the area so the plant life was a little more robust than I'm used to seeing in Colorado. Lots of cars in the parking lot but surprisingly I did not run into too many people on the trail. The drive in along Granby Lake was beautiful.

22 days ago

Incredible, went fairly unprepared for the length of the hike, all went well.
Vertical, unmarked up high, zero trail where you might want it most. Snowfields that required kick steps, wish we’d have had ice axes to self arrest and glissade. Flowers out the wazoo the right time of year, highly likely depends on snowpack. Only drawback as a day-hike is taking it all in, wanting to do a summit or two.

Absolutely beautiful! you can see the lake almost the entire hike. The wildflowers were beautiful and some of our group saw a young moose in the water near the trailhead. Another saw a bear on the drive out.

Loved this trail. The drive in was gorgeous and the trail was pretty easy. My pup LOVED it, saw one moose today not too far up the trailhead. It rained for about half the hike but almost made it even better

This was a super pretty and easy hike. Saw a mama and baby moose! Perfect moose territory. Lots of water and shade for the pups. I like to do this with the dog before we drive through RMNP. Only about 10 miles out from the park. There’s a $5 fee to park.

Beautiful trail, fairly easy, could be challenging for people who aren’t sure of foot, some of the creek crossings are narrow logs or stepping stones. A few fallen trees along the path that you need to be able to get over as well. Was pretty well traveled on a Sunday morning. We will definitely visit again!

Beautiful, diverse terrain hike with a lot of wildlife spotting! Definitely heavily trafficked on weekends, but still provides ample opportunity to ‘get out’ and enjoy.

1 month ago

Everything you could want in a hike! Arrived about 10AM to the trailhead June 2nd (a Saturday ~2 hr drive from downtown Denver) and there were a few couples fishing and hiking but I frequently had the trail to myself until the tail end when it was closer to noon. Hike takes you around the lake with beautiful views, clear water, into the woods over creeks and waterfalls, into the marsh and over a river, and then back along the lake (counter clockwise). Very little elevation gain, I believe the moderate rating is due to a sometimes narrow trail and a couple of creek crossings over logs (see pic). Lots of parking, and a bathroom/trash and volunteer/info cabin where you need to check in at the trailhead. Was hesitant to bring along my dog after all the moose sightings. Didn’t see a moose myself but talked to a group that did, lots of dogs with hikers though so that made me feel better! Saw some moose tracks but early enough in summer season to not have any issue with horse poop. Make sure to pay the 5$ Arapahoe recreation area fee. There is a station that accepts credit cards right on the left when you turn onto County Rd 6 to drive along Lake Granby back to Monarch Lake. If you’re considering making the haul from Denver- it’s well worth it! :)

1 month ago

Nice quick hike, not much elevation change but great scenery.

Beautiful & quiet lake with easy elevation. Trail takes you back into the forest which is beautiful!! Late May had good water flow in the creek making for pretty, small waterfalls. Saw 2 moose & a few deer. We went about 6:45 at night & didn’t see anyone else until the very end. Definitely recommend & will be doing this hike again!

Lovely lake trail

Husband and I went for a late afternoon hike, this is grueling the first mile, stopping every 20 yards to get rest. Very worth the work! The view of Lake Granby is breathtaking, the fresh mountian water "creek" even though its a roaring river!

Nice trail with Beautiful views of Continental Divide and Monarch Lake.

This trail was pretty great today. A little muddy in some spots but a pretty easy trail. The dog came with us today and loved scrounging around on this trail. We did fun into a bear and 2 coyotes about 3 miles in but after the scare it was still a beautiful trek.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike today, not too crowded. The first mile is punishing but after that it's more pleasant. I had to turn around 2.7 miles in (shortly after the 2nd log bridge) due to deep snow.

1 month ago

This trail has some great views. The beginning of the trail is extremely challenging. I would not recommend it for inexperienced hikers. I was not acclimated to the Colorado altitude when I hiked this trail which made it very difficult for me at times. The beginning of the trail during the switchbacks are difficult, but it does start to get easier.

Great and easy hike. Beautiful views everywhere!

Hiked on May 12, 2018, and could not have asked for a better hike. Fitbit indicated it was longer than 4.2 but tt is a great hike, not that difficult.

This is one of my favorite hikes and I plan to come back! The scenery is stunning, the trail is well maintained but still natural. The lake is kept quiet and peaceful and even though it’s busy I never felt crowded. We started to the left this time and the shady trees were perfect for the afternoon in September 2017. Highly recommend! Now I want to paddle board the lake itself. We also saw a juvenile moose in the marsh to the south of the trail near the parking area.

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