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Beautiful views but the entire time we were hiking we heard very loud gunshots from the adjoining private property which ruined any chance of a peaceful hike.

5 days ago

Trail was great. Didn’t see any mountain lions.

Went here last weekend, this is now my favorite trail in Colorado. Super well marked, not a high climb, wild flowers, aspens in bloom, just amazing!

Again, misleading on the mileage. Not sure how they manage the miles on this website, but three people of varying gaite came to the same distance of ~7 miles. No big deal... The parking from Hwy 93 is located on the left side of the road, just before the red barn on the right. It's a small dirt road leading to the trail head parking. Good parking, but overflow is on the road, so no worries.
There are two ways to attack this trail, one is to the right and one is on the left. Depends on how you really want to tackle the hike. Both are pretty even in their ratings, and nothing too difficult. If you go left, from the parking, you will have an uphill for the most part. Both trails start with a small run through the hills, but soon become service roads. No real big deal, but they are both in the sun, so wear sunscreen or wear a hat. After that, they meander through the mountains. Agree that the streams run the path, but with the lack of rain fall, not much so. It's a nice hike, shared with bikers and others. Enjoyable, none the less. Nice hike and would do so again. Considering this is the second time as we could not locate Burro trail There are many junctions off this trail.

10 days ago

Nice easy hike. Not a lot of shade.

Lovely hike. Will be one of our go-tos since it's so close to Denver. Great view of Red Rocks. It wasn't very crowded on a Sunday morning/early afternoon. Definitely be prepared for very little shade along the way!

14 days ago

good variety of terrain. lackluster views despite a long and grinding climb through the forest - good workout. stream was a mere trickle on labor day, but i can imagine how much nicer this trail would be if was in full flow.

Beautiful view of Denver, Golden, and Front range. A Quick climb.

Well market trail with great views. Straight up hill for most of it with rocks and steps good workout. Today was not crowded. Others have commented about the mountain bikes I did not have an issue they were polite and thanked everyone for moving over and would tell us if there was another bike behind them. I found the hike a challenge but enjoyed it and would do it again.

Nice trail! Not magnificently scenic but it’s pretty in its own way. We went on Labor Day morning and there were very few people there, so it was great. I can see how it would be a pain if there were a lot of bikers on it though. Overall a pretty trail! Our dog had a blast!

This trail is dope! Great for mountain biking and hiking! This open spaces provides: Filtered Water, maps, lots of parking, and clear instructions. Please note, biking one ways on ODDs is enforced.

Late August: Beautiful views. Not a ton of wildlife--saw a mouse, a hawk and a few small birds. Neat desert type landscape compared to RMNP. Very open (read: no shade). Not too difficult. Moderately trafficked on Friday before Labor Day.

I stopped halfway through to help a guy who had a blowout, in about quarter-mile later I had a blowout as well. The rocks are super pointy and will cut through your tires.

We live near this trail, so we hike it about once per week. We typically walk up one side, across or along the rim, down another side, turn around and retrace to get back to our start. The uphill portions are a great cardio workout! The entire mesa is like a different world. We’ve seen deer grazing - and twice this summer we’ve seen rattlesnakes on the trail. The second time was this morning as we came across a baby one stretched across the trail for the sun. My advice: Take water as it’s hot up there when sunny, and, honestly, watch for snakes. Lots of people hike up wearing open sport sandals. I wear snake gaiters that go from the ankle of my hiking shoes to my knees. Whatever you wear, just be in the lookout.

Four stars because there really isn’t shade after very early morning on one of the uphill paths.

Not at all what you would expect a top a mesa. wonderful walk, floral, geological formations, views.. best climb in Golden.

25 days ago

Got there this morning at 9 am, parking lot almost full. Went clockwise on the trail, glad we did since we spent the hotter part of the day more in the shade. Good variety in scenery (open fields, forest, view of downtown and golden). Great hike for the pups. Mostly empty a few other hikers and bikers. Would definitely recommend and do again!

We were hiking but kept having to stop and move over for bikers, Trail is too narrow for both hikers and bikers.

Great views and trail totally great for runners. You’re exposed most of the time so bring sunnies and plenty of water if you do the whole loop!

Really enjoyed this trail with our dog. Beautiful scenery in and out of the trees/sun. The parking and facilities at the trailhead are top notch.

very nice ! beautiful views all over...

it says moderate, but we thought it was closer to hard. beautiful hike, though, some stunning views of the city when you first start out. from the top you can see Golden to the left, and way in the back you can see downtown Denver, so you really can see it all.
the sun would beat down during the climb up, and then In the forest it cooled down.

Ended up on this trail accidentally and boy was I kicking myself. Ambience was terrible; you spend more than half of the trek staring at the suburbs and listening to the highway. No shade whatsoever. Would absolutely not recommend. Giving 2 stars only because the trail is well-maintained compared to many, but I guess you'd have to expect that given that it's surrounded by city on almost all sides.

Great view and well maintained trails. But there were groups of rude mountain bikers, which is unusual. Most mountain bikers in other trails have been so nice and courteous. Trail is narrow, and they rode without slowing down. one after another. We had to climb up side of the narrow trail so that they would not hit us.
It was a beautiful sunny yet cool day. I noticed my dog was seeking for shady areas constantly. And I got the worst sun poisoning when we got home. Do not forget bringing a lot of water!

Great views and moderately difficult

1 month ago

Very windy and I almost stepped on a tiny baby Rattler on the trail! A bit unnerving.

1 month ago

I've only hiked this trail once and it is a really cool trail, especially 12 minutes away from my house in the city, but the main drawback for me is all the bikes. It's a very popular MTB trail and I had to pause pretty much every other minute to let a bike go by. A few bikes hurtled toward me and expected me to lunge out of the way. Overall it was hard to settle into the hike itself.


Didn’t love the road noise. Trail was broken up and went through town. Had to cross the river to find any real trail, but then I wasn’t near the river.

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