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Not super hard and not a whole lot to see. If you love destination hikes (as I do) this one isn’t for you! If you’re wanting a nice workout this would be a great trail.

So nice! Beautiful meadows and wildflowers. We did have some difficulty at Panorama View with the trail markings, but it was quite a lovely hike.

Great wildflower hike and tons of aspens!

I found the waterfall. It's definitely not what I was expecting, but very zen. It's about 2 miles in on Beaver Brook. I'm sure snow melt feeds this so it my not always flow with enough water to create the fall effect. Overall great views with a little scramble! After about 3 miles in the trail gets pretty quiet. I didn't see hardly anyone until after 11am. Started right around 700am. Hit the full 13.3 mile route.

Great trail. No tree cover for the first two miles or so, which means you return to that at the end of the loop. Be prepared for it if you’re hiking in the heat. The portion near the top is nicely shaded. Beautiful views all around. I wouldn’t rate this hard. Definitely moderate, but I am not in great shape and I was fine on this trail. I clocked this trail around 7.5 miles.

It’s a nice trail because it’s close to Denver and it really does have beautiful vista views. It’s extremely rocky and takes a lot of concentration. But we only did 6 miles.

on Rawhide Trail

2 days ago

Just enough up an down for a good hike - though I'm pretty sure, going counter-clockwise, there was more up than down - not sure how that happens. Beautiful views. Early in the am not too many others out there with me and the pups. Enough shade and sun to give us a wonderful walk through trees and meadow.

Pretty nice overall. Parking lot was almost full by 8 so get there early. Zero issues navigating. It was a pretty moderate incline to finish the hike though.

Not a bad trail, however there is definitely minimal to no shade for 75% of it. We did it in about 2.5 hours in 95-degree heat with no cloud cover. If you're bringing dogs on the trail, make sure to bring plenty of water for them as there are no water sources along the trail. Great views along the way and once you reach the top though!

You go downhill on the first half, no matter which way you go and uphill on the way back. Cool creek at the bottom with rocks, rocky path. I like to go uphill then downhill which you can’t do here. Clean and pretty, it was fun!

This hike is incredible! A great workout and some amazing views. Some cool spots to hammock for a while.

Awesome trail! River is beautiful and has a lot of beautiful views. This trail also has a lot of natural rock pools formed by the river. Lots of water. Maybe a bit more harder than moderate. I would totally start on beaver brook trail, if you start the other way, it will be more difficult with lots of challenging uphill.

Alrighty not the best hike for the afternoon. Very hot for summer as the initial ascent up until you cross the actual road, there is no shade. Breezier and shaded up top. We also met a park ranger at the top in the parking lot that connects this trail to the look out mountain and beaver brook so its nice to know that there are knowledgeable and helpful people around. Also this is a popular mountain biking trail too so if its a mixed use day, be aware of mountain bikers, especially on the switchbacks.

This was a hard one with two dogs but otherwise really enjoyed the hike. I started about 7:30 and by the time I finished about 2 hours later the trail was packed!

Great hike, went with my 11 year old and completed it in two hours. Saw wildflowers, deer, snakes, rabbits and plenty of birds. Views of the lake and downtown were among the highlights.

I love these trails! There's scenery, moderate shade, and, depending on which trails you take, can be a decent hike. Last week, we did the Apex Trail up to Grubstake, around, and then back down Apex. It was 7.5 miles and took us about 3 hours.

Enjoyed this trail. Was with hikers that aren't used to the altitude and we spent about 4 hours doing it. Would recommend starting to the left, and also adding the walk down to the river on if you have time.

Super fun, casual hike close to Denver. You definitely gain some elevation, and the parking lot is small, but as a avid hiker we did it in about 2 hours.

Hiked this with my sister, and we are both very active. Took about 3 hours total and we ended up going 7.4 miles. The views throughout were great, but the best at the top of lookout mountain. Would definitely do it again. It's so hot with limited shade I would recommend starting early, and be cautious with your pets.

Went early to beat the heat, great views and good workout

moderate hike. trails are skinny in parts making passing a little difficult. definitely wear shoes, some rock climbing involved. waterways a lot of the trail. the elevation change was a bit for me as I just moved here. the last two miles took me much longer than my initial pace. I started Chavez, I think next time I'll reverse it.

This is a cool hike but I didn’t like that it’s so close to the main road. But it’s nice for a quick day hike.

I think the best way to describe this hike is by calling it a “reverse hike” because you begin with a decent and finish with an ascent. There is no way around that. However to ease your ascent, I recommend going through the Beaver Brook trail first before Chavez. Other trail pointers include: 1) the trail becomes very narrow and might not look like a trail at all, 2)at one point on Beaver Brook, you have to scramble over big, but wide, rocks to cross the creek but you can see dirt indicating people have gone over it, 3)and if you are taking Beaver Brooke, go over the first bridge you see. The trail splits and you will want to follow the creek to get back to Chavez. A kid we met on the trail told us the opposite but he might have done the full Beaver Brook trail which we certainly were not about to do today. Other than that, it is a good hike for hot days because it is pretty well shaded. However you should still wear sun screen.

Beautiful trail! Well maintained. Not a very technical trail, but rocky and challenging enough to keep it from getting boring. It's a little busy, but it's not congested. I'd pass people, but it wasn't a constant, annoying thing. Also, lots of parking. Don't worry about parking.

Not a bad hike, but a lot of work for limited views.

Solid hike but narrow walk ways and more incline than expected. Couple good views but nothing super wide open where you can see for miles


TAKE ENOUGH WATER. beautiful hike! 7.5
Miles total from where we parked and took us about 4 hours between our breaks and getting a tad lost.

Beautiful trail. Don't let the elevation change noted here fool you, there are quite a few dips and hills throughout the path - it's actually fairly tough if you're out of practice (like myself!). We brought two dogs and even they were exhausted by the end. The path is marked well and easy to follow, and the few scramble spots are quick.

Great find today! Needed to bring more water but loves the views.

nice wide trail. first part has a fair amount of sidehill which can work the ankles, but evens out after the first half mile. way too many people and dogs, but nice enough if you get some space or go at off hours

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