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Perfect views even on a cloudy day- can’t wait to go back to see the aspen leaves change color at this location!

It is a good trail to get your blood pumping with beautiful views and smell of nice flowers and wildlife.

Decent 3 hr hike. Reach little early to get the parking. Nice view on top.

off road driving
27 days ago

Confirmed from Andrews experience. Went today and didn’t get very far after that first big switchback. Don’t get stuck, wait a few mor weeks!

great hike. limited parking

Nice high-moderate hike. Good views. Decent number of bikes on the trail.

off road driving
1 month ago

Headed up April 14th 2018 through Apex road, made it after the switchback and a little up the road there was a turn around followed by another snow cover unmaintained road. We headed up the snowy road for about .25-.5 miles. Got stuck in a snow drift and had to call AAA to come pull us out. 8 hours later we made it out. Tow truck had lots of trouble even with chains getting up to where we were. I m the dummy for not waiting.

Lost dog. His name is Stanley and he was last seen on this trail on 4/5. He is a 70 pound wire haired German Shorthair pointer. Very friendly. If you see him please call 720-940-1089. If you can grab his collar and catch him please do so. His owner is hiking the area to find him as we speak.

Pretty solid hike! We started at the trailhead and broke off to Beaver Brook toward the top... a little slick in some areas, but not bad - micro spikes or yaktrax are optional.

Great hike! A little windy today at the top but was beautiful!

Moderately hard...best view is when you reach the top. There are two other nice trails it leads into: Beaver Brook Trail and the Lookout Mountain trail.

Had a great time hiking this trail with my dog. We went during July and it was a beautiful the whole way through.

Beautiful views during fall!

trail running
3 months ago

The view was okay. Weather was incredibly nice (67F in February!) but it was icey and muddy some point. A lot of traffic with hikers, runners and bikers. Since I have done Lookout mountain before, I didn't go all the way to finish this map. Still got 1.5 hour of hike done.

Easily one of my favorite hikes in the front range. Quick ascension, GORGEOUS views of Kitteridge. Hiked yesterday and micros were nice for traction at the beginning but the snow/ice thinned out towards the top. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a quick hike with rewarding views.. perfect for visitors

Started from the bottom and it was more beautiful than even the pictures I took. Highly recommend this trail! Beautiful views of Denver in the distance and just incredible landscape.

Great hike. Decent work out. Dog friendly! Great view of downtown Denver and the mountains.

love this trail

Allowing this to have 2 stars since if you do this “backwards” from what the route suggests and you go right instead of left at the first fork, you get to stumble upon an old mining cabin and if you go a little further, you get a beautiful view of the front range in an open clearing.

The reason it’s lacking the other 3 stars is because the entire west side of this “trail” is not a trail. There are no markers and at no point was there an obvious trail. We used GPS to make our way through the summit just walking blindly through the woods and over obstacles. Finally tried to find our way out and ended up on an ATV road further west than this trail supposedly goes. To be safe since we had no idea where the hell to go to get to the next part of the trail after the summit, we just took the 4x4 road all the way north and then south again to get back to the last mile or so of the trail where the first split happens. Someone must have just wandered into the woods and tracked their route and called this a trail.

The perfect three hour hike if you have things to do in the afternoon. Beautiful views of Golden and the view from the top of Lookout Mountain is well worth the trip.

foothill hike city feel but beautiful views at the top

Learned a tough lesson last night. Decided to kick out one of the tougher legs of Golden Hell Week with a night run last night up Lookout Mountain. Chimney Gulch was mostly clear and not too bad until the parking lot. Then, the trail turned mostly to a sheet of ice. I regretted not wearing spikes but forged ahead all the same, at some points crawling on all fours (up) and crab walking (down). Don't be fooled by early trail conditions.

Still, this is one of my favorites generally and I highly recommend it. Just be prepared.

If you are a hardcore trail runner this is a great one!

Fun close in hike. Go all the way to Lookout. You’ll experience dry high plain areas lower and then alpine higher. Decent temperature swing too.

We were looking for fall viewing while hiking. You wrap around the top of the mountain with front range to one side and Golden on the other. Absolutely amazing views! Totally worth the drive up from Denver!

Not a hike but rather an observation point! Great hike around called raccoon Trail! Easy/moderate with amazing views and colors

Challenging but not hard. Fair number of mountain bikers. Start early. View from Lookout is spectacular.

7 months ago

Very pretty hike. Reverend's ridge camp ground to raccoon trail to panoramic. Easy but with some incline. Fall aspens are beautiful but close to the end of their peak. We got there early but the TH was small so limited parking

off road driving
7 months ago

very mellow, just a dirt road really. you can cut a couple switchbacks short and these are steep but easy climbs. not many real obstacles around. didn't realize this is where moon gulch pops out and so we went to gamble, which has insane views. went by the shaft house and just headed downhill at every intersection from there. i have a moon and gamble gulch video up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

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