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5 days ago

Lovely trail, shaded for most but narrow and a lot of brush. The waterfalls are beautiful and most of the walk is along the water with a cool mist. I’m not sure I’d rush back to do again but I did enjoy.

I feel it’s a bit of a hike for people such as me that have only lived here a year. Easy enough as it’s a well built trail. The last turn was tough for me as I’m scared of heights but thankfully the Forest Ranger was there and helped me the last high bit! Rewarding to say the least!!!

we did this trail last year in April. it was a very good trail, and the reward of Hanging Lake and the bonus waterfall at the very top made it totally worth it. partially snow covered in April but not enough ti slow us down. Had us breathing heavy and hearts pumping throughout, but it was a beautiful sight with frequent pit stop areas to catch your breath and take pictures!

Awesome hike with a great pay off. We got there by 7 on a Tuesday and it wasn’t busy at all but on our way down it started getting pretty packed. I recommend going early on a Tuesday morning.

Steep climb! Garmin shows 3.38 miles round trip. Very dry but there are pretty wildflowers along the trail. We read all of the signs along the trail and we pushed a coin into the wishing stump.

Truly appreciate our Firefighters. Would highly recommend this memorial hike.

8 days ago

This is one of my all time favorite hikes. Many steps going up but very manageable for the whole fam. My 4 kids (17, 14, 12, 10 yrs) all made it to the lake in 1:08 with 1 quick stop for water and snack.
Do this hike! The views were amazing!

Fantastic hike! I would recommend going this year (2018) if you can. Absolute beauty everywhere you look.

on Hanging Lake Trail

10 days ago

Favorite hike so far. Crystal clear blue water, waterfalls, in the middle of a canyon

Hiked 6/9/18, arrived at the lot at 6:20 am to find the lot about 1/4 of the way full, by 9:00, the parks department was controlling the entrance and letting (1) car in every time (1) car left.

Beautiful hike, lots of natural rock "steps". It took me less than an hour to get to the top, my heart was pumping in some spots, but I kept on going! The trail does get "tight" in some areas, but for the most part there's enough room where you don't have to stop and wait for people to pass. Towards the top there is a (slightly sketchy) handrail and some bigger steps. I didn't use my trekking poles on the way up, but I did use them on the way down once I made it back to the regular trail.

There are (3) port a potties at the parking lot. To get to the trail head, head up the sidewalk a ways - it follows the river. There will be a sign at the beginning of the trail on the left hand side.

I did see a sign that mentioned something about land service is going to be controlling the number of people allowed to hike this per day, I think it was 615 people a day year round and needing a permit. The sign didn't state when this would happen.

I think it's also important to mention that the exit # for the trail head depends on the direction you are coming from. If you are coming from Glenwood Springs, take exit 125, if you come from the other way I believe you take exit 121 and then, I think, get back on I-70 and head to exit 125. It's confusing because exit 125 only allows for Westbound re-entry to I-70.

Our family of 8 (plus baby) did this trail yesterday. A little steep in sections. The trail is a 3 but hanging lake is a 5+!! We arrived at 4pm and found spaces in the lot, despite the road signs indicating the lot was full. Heavily trafficked in a weekend but the lake is well worth it.

I think it was a good hike, quite a climb, and if you’re a little etchy on heights the very end is a struggle to conquer the last few rocks but sooo worth it the view was amazing! Worth the drive and hike!!!

Absolutely gorgeous! A must. Difficult but worth it!

12 days ago

This is an incredibly rewarding hike. The trail is steep and does not let up until you reach the lake. Once you pass the 7th bridge you are in the home stretch. We passed many people who weren’t sure if they could finish but I highly recommend pressing on and completing the trail! You won’t be disappointed!

We arrived on Sat at 715a and parking lot half full. We finished by 930a and the parking lot full and they were only allowing one car or one car in. This hike is pretty hard, even though short it’s intense. The trail was very very busy so was annoying to continue to move over to let people up or down the trail. Towards the top right before the lake there are handrails as the narrow steps to the top. Going down was steep and very rocky so can be hard on knees. The overlooks at the canyon is amazing.

Moderate uphill walk. The cemetery is interesting and Doc Holliday’s grave is a great photo op! Try to go in the morning since there is little shade in the afternoon and it can be a bit dusty. It was a short but fun adventure.

Great views. But get there by 7 am or your going to be on a super busy trail. Bring hiking sticks as elevation gain is real. Also dont forget water, it was 80 on descent and glad I packed more. Note no cell phone reception in area.

15 days ago

The trail is poorly marked and has regular traffic. Lovely views up and down- a good up hill work out.

go early, or late!! this is gem, so its quite popular....

16 days ago

Hanging lake was beautiful and the short trip to spout rock from Hanging Lake should not be missed. Trail was very rugged, but doable due to its shorter distance. Went on Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm. Easily found a parking space at the trailhead.

Beautiful hike! Hanging Lake and Spouting Rock is a definite must see!

Super busy but the views are totally worth it. Just go early!

17 days ago

Beautiful hike! It’s been 8 years but it was incredible! We went in May and there was a little snow on the ground still further up the trail. Waterfalls and peaceful lake at the top. Definitely a must do hike when passing through Glenwood!

Enjoying a gorgeous early summer hike with my Mountain Buddy!! Life is good!

great views!! Trail is wide and used by paragliding company.

Amazing hike with breath taking views! I started at 7:30 am and finished around 9. The parking lot was decent when I got there but pretty much full by the time I left (on a Wednesday). I had flown in from PA the night before so I was worried the elevation change would be too much for me but I still found the hike to be very doable - challenging but not miserable. (Just drink plenty of water beforehand) The view at the top is amazing - sprouting rock is just a short distance further and offers another rewarding view. Definitely a must-do hike if you’re in the area.

Very busy, go early! Beautiful, 5 stars on view.

Hiked 5/29/18, while it is a short climb it is very steep the entire trail up to the lake and waterfall. Gorgeous at the top and be sure to go to the spouting rock on the left at the top.

Rode this trail 15 miles on bicycles that we rented from Canyon Bikes! So gorgeous and enjoyed every minute!

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