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Beautiful hike!

5 days ago

Nice trail. Sometimes hard to follow. Beautiful aspens and conifers. Some wild flowers, some spots pretty steep. Lots of cow poo...

Amazing. I road my bike and around every curve was another picture moment. It was so interesting to see the changes in the flow of the Colorado River. The Canyon walls were majestic, souring, stunning. I hope I get to ride it again.

14 days ago

Very nice hike.

Gorgeous views from the top! The trail doesn’t have a finite ending but the views at the top are stunning! There is a steeper more direct path that goes to the same place at the top but this trail is a winding road going up. We saw lots of wildflowers, a bunny, and some chipmunks on the trail.

Very nice hike. Would recommend taking the trail as opposed to the road. The trail is pretty steep but enhances the experience! Great views at the top.

road biking
26 days ago

Really beautiful and not very crowded on a Sunday afternoon. I started in Glenwood and went to Aspen; the incline is steady but very doable for a fairly novice biker! I took the bus back which was lovely (though a bit pricy). I will do it again but bring more snacks next time.

TIP: The bus stops allowing bikes at 7:30pm

Really cool trail. Pretty views and the road is easy to walk along. Saw enough people to not feel desolate but few enough to feel peaceful. Watch for mountain bikers!

This trail is separate from "lookout mountain" to get to actual lookout mountain you're looking at a 4+ mile hike 1 way. We did this trail on 6/9/18 and were pretty disappointed to find that it was not taking us to lookout mountain, the trail "end" on all trails literally was just a spot along the trail. We kept going, but were unsure of how far the actual summit was from where we were. If you want to get to the summit of lookout mountain, I would seriously recommend doing some research before heading out. We found this trail on all trails and headed out, wish I would have known more before hiking.

As far as this trail that is on all trails goes, it does offer some great views of Glenwood Springs, and the nearby mountains. We didn't see any wildlife, and nothing else notable or spectacular about this hike. The trail is mainly a single track dirt/crushed rock path. There are some wider areas.

The trail itself is primarily used for mountain biking, and quite honestly, for hiking it's a pain to get to from Glenwood Springs, and there is NO parking at the trail head, so you must find a spot on a nearby street and walk up to the trail head. If you're looking for some seclusion though, this is the hike for you! The trial is almost 100% sun exposed, so take plenty of water. We took 164 oz of water for 2 people, and almost drank all of it by the time we were done, I'm sure if we would have stopped where the all trails map ends, we would have been fine.

1 month ago

The trail is poorly marked and has regular traffic. Lovely views up and down- a good up hill work out.

great views!! Trail is wide and used by paragliding company.

Rode this trail 15 miles on bicycles that we rented from Canyon Bikes! So gorgeous and enjoyed every minute!

1 month ago

Awesome views and super peaceful at the top but it did not have well marked trails at the various forks... had I not downloaded the map I would have been in trouble (no cell service either so can’t follow that way)... but regardless it was def a recommended trail!

1 month ago

Got lost on this trail right at the end. The trail has a few forks and it started sleeting and our phones died! We found our way to the resort, though, so we weren't too lost.

good hike nice views

Hiking along the majestic Colorado River with my wife is a dream come true for us. We went from Grizzly Creek Rest area to Hanging Lake Rest area and back; a little over 7 miles. Relatively Easy hike.
Beautiful day to hike.
Good amount of water rushing through.
A few kayakers on the river. A few bicyclists.
Not many people in the trail.
W took a lot of great pictures.
We would recommend this trail for any out-of-state visitors to get an idea of how how beautiful Colorado is.

Spectacular views! Great views of Glenwood and Mount Sopris. There are are a couple of different trails. This trail is very close to town. Both trails plus the road will get you to the cross at the top. The trails were a mix of snow, ice and mud. Yak tracks good but be prepared to take them on and off. It is doable without yak tracks. Lots of history.

Hiked the trail up and walked the road down. The entire trip was snow-covered but very passable with a few ice spots. Fantastic views at several spots.

5 months ago

Fantastic hike with lots of scenic views. You can take the road or the trail up to the top. I highly recommend the trail. There are many different offshoots, so we started on Fall Line and ended on Cross Trail all the way up to the cross. Hiking it in winter, the snow was fairly compact, but yaktrax or similar is a must. There were some slick spots and parts of the trail are fairly steep, so you'll want the traction.
In a couple of places when crossing the road, the trail seemed to disappear on the other side. Just jump on the road for a switchback or two and you'll reaquire the trail. Fantastic views at the top! Will definitely do this trail again!

Hard to find the trailhead, but worth it when you do. Park at the final parking area before the road turns into a ranch private road. Then when you see the fire ring, turn left and walk through the grass until you see a small trailhead. It is near the Rifle Water sign. You’ll cross a covered log over the creek and the trail is easy from there. One of my favorite hikes. It has great variation, isn’t too challenging, and it has AMAZING views. In the summer, the wildflowers are amazing. You feel like you’re on top of the world.

Beautiful and simple paved trail. Great for a leisure day of biking.

7 months ago

Awesome hike close to Glenwood. Good views, well maintained, great elevation gain. I did it Dec 9th, so 50-60% of the trail was covered in snow. Doing the north part of the loop and going clockwise is recommended to avoid going downhill on snow and ice at the exposed portions. Took 2.5 hours to complete

We took our ATVs up transfer trail to Windy point today it was fabulous challenging hard fun fantastic views Rocky and spots steep in spots winding if there’s everything really fun just got to pay attention and stay on point on your vehicle and it was a great time I do it again

very well marked and maintained. great views.

9 months ago

Killer trail
mud rocks up hill down hill beautiful scenery.
well rounded trail!

road biking
9 months ago

The views of the canyon walls are so gorgeous and everyone seemed so friendly. We stopped and hiked Hanging Lake before going to Bain Ranch and turning around. It was a perfect addition for an all day adventure.

9 months ago

It's a good workout. I love water hikes and this doesn't have any water but it does have great views at the top along with surprises left near the trail. The warning sign is appropriate for bikers, skilled bikers only.

10 months ago

Simply beautiful!!!

Amazing bike ride out and back!

10 months ago

This was my first time on Red Mountain Trail. I really wanted to get to the Summit and see the cross and it was well worth it. took me nearly 3 hours to get to the top though I have to say a good part of that time was spent enjoying the scenery stopping & taking photos enjoying 360 degree views at every turn. truly fun trail for adventurous hikers. Be mindful of cyclists sharing the trail too. challenging for me at times. I recommend this hike. moderate to hard at least it was for me. Super cardio workout specially going up, coming down was a breeze!! bring lots of water and some snacks for blood sugar and protein

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