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20 hours ago

Amazing hike! Best advice I can give is to wear shoes with ankle support. I'm pretty fit, but it's super rocky terrain and rolled my ankle on this trail. I wasn't wearing proper hiking shoes (just good pair of low-top running shoes). I would say this hike is more on the strenuous side just because of the sharp inclines and rockiness of the trail.
As you walk, you'll find little air vents with cool air coming out, take advantage of them!
You'll be tired when you get to the top, but make sure you go to Sprouting Rock! It's really close and beautiful.

Beautiful hike!

What a hike! Totally worth it!

2 days ago

Nice trail. Sometimes hard to follow. Beautiful aspens and conifers. Some wild flowers, some spots pretty steep. Lots of cow poo...

Great for kids! I recommend earlier to get as much shade as possible.

We did breakfast at Daily Bread in town & did this hike on very full stomachs... just about a perfect combo to maximize kids’ energy/minimize whining.

Fun trail, and the lake is breathtaking.

Forget that it’s touristy, it’s not easy. There’s a reason that it’s popular. It’s a beautiful place. The trail is challenging and rocky in many parts. But it’s diverse enough with many shady places to stop and rest along the creek with little waterfalls and birds. The lake and the views on top are wonderful. Have lunch up there. And I got under the waterfalls partially at Sprouting Rock, just 100 feet up. Don’t get fully under, you’ll get clobbered! Loved the hike.

Amazing. I road my bike and around every curve was another picture moment. It was so interesting to see the changes in the flow of the Colorado River. The Canyon walls were majestic, souring, stunning. I hope I get to ride it again.

This was an amazing hike. It could be difficult for some people due to the terrain. It was so nice. Make sure to go early. We got there at 5:45 am and was the first to the lake. When we were walking down there was a ton of people walking up.

awesome hike that every fire fighter should experience we followed the trail up and through all the markers then bailed off of helispot 1 into the East drainage and out it added distance and alot more challenge to the trail. also ran into a small black bear below the first set of memorials.

Awesome hike but heavily trafficked. Go in early spring or late fall! And hike further for a surprise!

Great beginner hike! This was my first and now I’m hooked.

This hike is amazing. The hike up the hill is a bit of a challenge. The trail is mostly shaded and there are plenty of places to stop and take a break, but I wouldn’t recommend the hike to someone with knee or hip problems or who is a novice hiker. The lake is beautiful! You can see the fish swimming in the aquamarine water! The views of the mountains at the top are beautiful too! However, the trail is crowded and I recommend getting there early. The parking lot gets full rather quickly too.

8 days ago

Had a great time with my fam on this trail.
We always are up at the flat tops and have never done this, not sure why but it is done and what a great view...
gotta work though to get it or at least I had too.

I was really impressed with seeing the end of this trail: the geological wonders of a hanging lake, but I don’t think I’d do this trail again. It is a lot of effort and the lake was a little disappointing for all of that effort. Just a little though!

There are also a lot of tourists who don’t know trail etiquette. With so many people around, it takes a bit away from the peaceful nature of a hike.

I noticed the water wasn't as full this time of the year. However, it was a great hike!

My favorite CO hike. Very rocky and steep inclines so dress appropriately. Will definitely be back.

11 days ago

It is as EVERYONE says! I snagged last parking spot that was a meh-maybe parking spot at 725am yesterday, July 6th. Crowds on trails rival RMNP.

Likes: clear path, good incline gain, nice views, birds, marmots, trout in the lake, butterflies and the murmur of a stream the whole way. I liked that I got it in before the 2019 lottery system starts.

Dislikes: Easily 100 people on the trail. This was at 745-945am!

3.5 stars for me on account of the crowds.

11 days ago

Very nice hike.

Rather underwhelming, mostly due to overcrowding. Steep, challenging grade -should probably be ranked as "hard".

This trail is definitely not moderate. It should be rated hard as it is a constant incline and super rocky. The view is pretty at the top, but I was hoping for breathtaking after the difficult climb. I would not go alone either as the terrain is a bit challenging at times so if you injure yourself someone will be with you. One and done for me.

Gorgeous views from the top! The trail doesn’t have a finite ending but the views at the top are stunning! There is a steeper more direct path that goes to the same place at the top but this trail is a winding road going up. We saw lots of wildflowers, a bunny, and some chipmunks on the trail.

The Hanging Lake was gorgeous! We went early morning since the parking lot near the trailhead fills up early (like 7-8am). It was gorgeous to see the dramatic light and shadows on the mountains around us. The lake was stunning once the sunlight started hitting it!

12 days ago

Hiked a little over 8 miles round trip. Starts on gravel road past the house. Once you get to the big bridge about four miles up I recommend turning back, unless you just want to hike longer. There is no real end to the hike from what I gather going so far and other reviews. We went a ways past the waterfall/bridge and it’s a pretty steep incline. It’s a pretty trail and places to stop along the river. The trail is a little overgrown in areas, but we wore shorts since it was July and were fine. You’re in the shade a lot.

Even though this trail has many hikers, it’s not a big deal. There is enough room for everyone. People are very polite and respectful. It’s worth the spectacular views.

13 days ago

Loved this trail. You can take dogs on leash which we did but there were lots of dogs off leash and that’s a problem for our dogs so if a dog is off leash a runs up to our dogs they can get aggressive. I think it’s great to let them off leash but it’s not always safe! Will do this trail again without our dogs.

13 days ago

Crowded due to the holiday weekend. Fairly steep incline but relatively short distance.

14 days ago

Solid hike with vertical challenge and great reward at the top! Be sure to head up a little further to see Spouting Rock, and do it before a lottery system starts May 2019.

Very nice hike. Would recommend taking the trail as opposed to the road. The trail is pretty steep but enhances the experience! Great views at the top.

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