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16 hours ago

Awesome hike with great views throughout. Definitely a leg burner though, so be prepared to get a good workout in!

1 day ago

Get ready for a leg burner. Lots of stairs to climb up to the top. The lake was super busy which I thought odd for a Thursday mid-day hike. Take the Lumpy Ridge trail on the way down. Good scenery and less stairs. Lots of sun so come prepared.

If you like stairs you’ll love this hike, with that we flew down this thing on the way back. My phone read that this one was 66 flights total. A lot of sun on this hike when you start getting closer to the top. The lake isn’t as rewarding as some of the big ones, but it’s still beautiful. I’d do this one again for the workout not so much the destination.

2 days ago

Four stars only because we had to pick leeches off the kids’ feet after they ate lunch with them dangling in the lake. We found a “natural ac” spot coming from a little cave entrance around a bend about half way up- nice place to cool off. We got there around 11a and found a few parking spots open. The rangers are super friendly, we saw them on the way up and down. One took a family photo for us

Had a great time on this trail. at the very beginning but my pup and I enjoyed it immensely. Camera died on the way up I'll have to do it again.

Love this trail!

5 days ago

Great hike for views over Estes. The lake was a little disappointing. Definitely start early to avoid the crowds.

Great hike but can get a bit crowded

on Gem Lake Trail

8 days ago

Not too crowded compared to the other popular trails! Not too challenging, and the summit is just beautiful. You can hang out at the lake for an hour or two before heading back. Very satisfying hike, would recommend!

Loved this!! The scenery and rock formations everywhere were spectacular!! Took my 5 kids ages 5-13 . Was a challenge for them in length just because they haven’t done many long ones and it was raining most of the time. Will definitely do again on a dry day! Had a blast and loved the views and rock scrambling you could choose to do. Good elevation gain but plenty of time to get there.

if you like stairs you'll love this one

9 days ago

Really nice hike with great views over Estes Park and RMNP. Nice well marked trail, mostly shaded and plenty of rocks to climb. The lake is pretty small, but it’s in a cool canyon which was a good place for us to have lunch. Recommend.

10 days ago

Fun little hike to get a great view of the lake and the surrounding Rockies.

11 days ago

Fun trail! Really enjoyed the climb and seeing the various rock formations. Not too many wildflowers to be found. heavy trail traffic on the Saturday afternoon but that is to be expected on a gorgeous weekend day in the area. My bro and I climbed up the huge rock formation at the lake to capture the amazing view. Had a solid trail run flying down

12 days ago


great hike! The last little bit before reaching the lake is a little rough. we did this with a 3, 5, 7, and 9 year old. The 3 year old need a little help up the last few steps.

13 days ago

Loved the views!

13 days ago

Great hike that we did with our little one on our back. Very Family friendly!

Wow! I loved this trail. the rock formations make it unique. I'd say it's difficult-light, not moderate, on the way in because its almost nonstop up hill.

13 days ago

It’s a pretty nice hike. Great views of Estes Park. Gem Lake is really cool; there are so many birds flying around the lake. The only thing is that it is a very steep hike.

The hike had far too many people on it for my preference, and I was there on a monday! Very uphill but not overly difficult. there are leeches in the lake, so enter at your own risk (they're Itty bitty though).

Good overall hike, nice views and interesting rock formations all along the route. Hardest "moderate hike" I've undertaken. Note it goes up nearly 1000 feet from the trailhead in just 1.6 miles. Large rock steps are especially hard on the knees coming down. I would do it again but older folks or families with small children may reconsider an easier moderate hike such as emerald.

Long and steep. Went in late May and still had some snow drifts at the higher altitude. Not a lot of foot travel though! Went with my dog and it may have been a little overzealous of us. View at the peak was amazing though. Definitely difficult if you aren’t well versed in hiking or with the altitude. Take lots of snacks and lots of water. The upper part became very difficult to follow a trail and only marked by stone men so pay attention

Feels a bit stair masterish. The lake is very pretty and wasn’t crowded (we started our hike @ 7am). Later in the day, the lighting is probably better. We scrambled up to the top of the rocks around the lake...really fun and easy!

21 days ago

Beautiful wooded, Moss covered trees, Only 3 people & a dog on the trail

Hiked along the Bulwark Ridge Trail to Signal Mountain, then went left on the Signal Mountain Trail and back down to where I started via the North Fork Trail. The North Fork Trail was quite busy (it has a bunch of campsite along the lower section), but I didn't meet a single soul until I was descending again on this trail. The BRTrail starts off with lush forest with lots of colour flora (up until the last ~500ft altitude), which slowly changes and makes coming out into the open all the more impressive. The SMTrail is indicated by stonemen only, and especially around Signal Mountain you have to pay attention to keep on the track. On the Stormy Peaks Trail there were some loops around fallen trees, but it was all very manageable. No snow fields left.

24 days ago

Quick hike if you want it to be. An hour and a half to go out and back if you keep up the pace. Really peaceful up at the top. There is a toilet 2/3 of the way up if you need one.

25 days ago

This was our first hike when arriving in RMNP. Hike had great views of Estes Park and the little lake at the top is pretty. I am an active person and found it to be kinda hard (pretty much just straight up). We did the Sky Pond hike the next day and i found that to be much easier and that was a 10 mile hike overall.

The trail is a little difficult to find and limited parking is available but this hike is seriously amazing! Great views of Estes Park and the surrounding mountains from the top. The hike is fairly easy until the last half mile where it becomes a little steep!

27 days ago

Nice hike with beautiful views and a great finale

Alright hike not many people around
Would be a better fall hike with all the colors

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