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19 days ago

Beautiful wooded, Moss covered trees, Only 3 people & a dog on the trail

The trail is a little difficult to find and limited parking is available but this hike is seriously amazing! Great views of Estes Park and the surrounding mountains from the top. The hike is fairly easy until the last half mile where it becomes a little steep!

shhhhh. Don’t let the word out. On a summer Saturday while the hoards were fighting over parking places or spots on the shuttle in RMNP we had this lovely trail almost to ourselves. Yes, the trail is tough but the wildflowers fantastic (identified over 50) and gorgeous rose quartz pieces on & alongside the trail — not to mention the fabulous scenery. This one’s a keeper

1 month ago

6/13/18: Beautiful trail with river access in the first half, lots of wildflowers, meadows, aspen groves, and pine forests. Most of the trail has dense ground vegetation with pretty grasses and wildflowers on each side. Some exposed areas but lots of shade. There's a short initial descent right at the beginning, then overall a very gradual incline. Went with my dog mid day, mid week, and came across 4 other small groups in 8 miles. The last mile or so enters RMNP so turned around here (dog). No big scenic vistas or mountain views, but great nonetheless and a different experience than subalpine/alpine hikes. Consider this easy if you hike often.

Great Memorial Day hike. The first mile and the last 1/2 mile are a steep workout but well worth it. It was a quiet trail and only crossed paths with 4 other small groups. My wife, dog and I enjoyed this trail immensely and will hike it again.

1 month ago

Loved this Trail! Only Hiked a few miles in on Sunday. Weather was amazing and trail was nice. Rangers were knowledgeable and pleasant. Walking along the river with all the flowers and butterflies was very peaceful. Parking lot was full but did not see very many people on the trail . Definitely a new favorite. Will hike further in next time.

1 month ago

Went in 3 miles, stopped for lunch and and hiked back. We had done Storm Pass the previous day, so a pretty hike with an overall 280 gain was easy on the knees. A real nice break from the crowded trails in RMNP.

Trail is moderately difficult. Steady uphill climb the whole way. The last half mile is the most difficult but the views from the top are worth it. We had the trail all to ourselves on a Friday afternoon. Lots of shade and lots of wildflowers. We parked across from the post office. Trailhead is located at the top of the small dirt road to the left of the firehouse.

Gorgeous views every step of the way!Lots of interesting rock formations to do some scrambling. The trail is very easy to follow and in good shape with plenty of cut out stairs for good footing.
The lake itself is small but pretty.
Heard lots of singing frogs and saw thousands of tadpoles.

1 month ago

Continue along the North Fork Trail into RMNP, to reach Lost Lake about 10 miles in. Can reserve backcountry sites on RMNP website. We camped at the Happily Lost Campsite (about 6.5 miles in, 1400ft elevation gain) and headed towards Lost Lake the next day. Lost Falls was incredible with all the extra water from the snowmelt, but we did not make it to the lake because of snow. Snow was patchy along the trail, but 4' deep at the highest points. Gaiters would be better than snowshoes, because of the intermittency of the snow/dry areas. We turned around at the Sugarloaf Campsite due to time, so not sure what the rest of the way to the lake looks like.

Also! Comanche Peaks Wilderness added some new campsites along the Comanche side of the trail (the part before you enter RMNP). There were 8 of them marked and I believe they are first come first serve? Not aware of a reservation system for those.

Awesome drive on the newly repaired 34 to the trailhead! We hiked this trail on a somewhat hot and busy Sunday, busy parking lot but enough spots. Decent pit toilet and information board at the trailhead. The trail descends quickly and follows the river in and out of the shade of the Forrest we hiked 2 miles in and headed back. Pine forests, aspens, butterflies and the constant sound of rushing water made this a great trail for us. I would love to come back earlier in the day and on a weekday.

Some slush and water on the trail right now as is appropriate in mud season. The trail up is rather unremarkable but still a beautiful walk in the woods. The summit view is wonderful.

Good hike. Don't let the beginning fool you, the last mile is a heck of an elevation gain. We were pooped by the end of it. Gorgeous views.

Parking is very limited so get an early start, especially during tourist season.

If you want an intense workout to start your hike, I highly suggest this trail. The first part is more difficult, lots of switchbacks but there are some great landscape views. The town's that surround these trails have done a great job of allowing us access, while they rebuild, after those devastating floods.
Totally worth the drive to get there❤️

Great trail conditions. Hiked on 1/14/18. No snow pack or ice, just clear trail bottom to top. I have done this hike in Summer and Winter and it's a good day trip, takes about 3:45 depending on how long you linger at the summit. Steady, moderate climb with steeper terrain over the final 1/2 mile.

Great trail with sweeping views of the east side of RMNP. Fairly consistent climbing with the last half mile to the summit having the most elevation gain. Went on a Saturday morning and only saw one other person on the trail.

Great trail...lots of cool scenery.

one of my favorite trails before the flood in 2012. went back for the first time since then and still a great trail

10 months ago

I've done this hike several times in all seasons of the year. The "trail" is a use trail that is difficult to follow at times, so just look for the path of least resistance and keep going until you run out of up.

10 months ago

I did like this hike but there really wasn't a marked trail like others I've done. A hummingbird followed us for a little while. We went early in the morning for a sunrise hike and it was so gorgeous!! Unbelievable views! Definitely wear pants for this hike as the brush got a little dense.

11 months ago

Well the trail is nice easy no steep terrain, but full of horse shit

11 months ago

Great trail, relatively flat for the first few miles. Crosses into RMNP and ends at Lost lake ~ 10 miles in.

11 months ago

LOVED THIS TRAIL!! We hiked up behind the park rangers (they were on horseback) who were very helpful and answered our questions. The river was wonderful and perfect for our dogs to cool down in. We were short on time and didn't make it all the way up, but what we did do was beautiful and we are already planning to go back!

Super pretty trail! We went up last week and were the only ones there. Really pretty views and loved the meadow. Just passed the meadow there was a very fresh lion/bear kill right on the side of the trail (possibly an elk?) so we immediately turned around and left not wanting to stumble upon the culprit.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

We hiked this with our dog this evening. Idk how far we went, maybe 5-6 mi RT. It was cool and quiet, next to the river. It was lovely!

**Warning** Alltrails has this specific trailhead rated incorrectly. There are 3 trails that take you up to the summit. There is one closest to Drake (2 miles from town). This one that is the middle one (approximately 8 miles from Drake). And the third starts in the town of Glen Haven.

This specific one is called Gravel Pit trailhead or Rainbow trail 981. We just did this one today and would rate it as moderate to hard. The first 3/4 of a mile is very strenuous until you top the ridge.... (we think this particular trail is too difficult for young children, especially if they are unaccustomed to hiking). From there to the trail 931 connection is another 1 1/4 miles and would be considered moderate. After turning left and going another 1 1/4 mile you reach the Crosier summit cutoff. This is the last 1/2 mile and is the hardest but very rewarding with the views from the top! Total mileage according to GPS on my phone was 8 miles.

Because of the elevation gain none of the three trails to Crosier summit should be considered "easy".

Loved this trail! Wish there were signs along the way to show how far or how much further. Stopped and turned around at table rock - gorgeous views!

my wife and I did this hike yesterday. took us under 4 hours to the top and back. very light traffic. It was spectacular, and a great workout. will do again hopefully on a clear day. we could not see due to heavy clouds, but gave it more of an adventurous feel!

Perfect day for a hike! Started at the Gravel Pit trailhead 2 miles east of Glen Haven. Started at 7:00am and returned at 10:15 for the 7.6 miles . I saw less than 10 people the whole trip. Good training hike for a 14er later on this Summer

Monday, June 19, 2017

Easy grade through lots of different environments. It was a beautiful wild flower hike following the river. Still snow at lost lake but you can still get through.

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