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off road driving
8 days ago

Easy drive up to the fork where we ran into plenty of snow.

Beautiful hike with great views of Bierstadt, Sawtooth and Evans group, as well as Sawatch Range far away to the south-west. Hiked on Sunday, September 23, 2018, met no more that 25 people along the trail, while crowds were going up and down Bierstadt.
Near the upper lake the trail branches and continues additional for 1.5 miles with a steep elevation gain of 1,500' to the summit of the Square Top Mtn. - almost a Fourteener at 13,754'. That part is quite strenuous. Even greater views from the summit.

great views

This was a great hike. Definitely ignore the parking on Guanella Pass and drive all the way to the top parking lot. We got there at 9:00 on a Saturday and there were still spots left. The hike took about 2.5 hours down and back. By the time we left, the area was PACKED. Start early.

off road driving
1 month ago

Awesome views!

went down in 2007 4runner 3inch lift and 33s. Landed on my exhuast on one part. Was alone so had to get off multiple time to make sure I didnt hit any of the fallen boulders in the middle of the road. 4runner didnt struggle just a lot of tight spots going over fallen debri.

off road driving
1 month ago

4 runner TRD off road stock. 1.6 miles in from the start of the trail head is a very narrow section where a boulder had fallen. Some rocks are stacked up to go over it. If i had sliders and a co pilot that was more willing to stack rocks and guide me over it I would of gone all the way. Instead backed down and turned around. I'll be back once i get a lift and some other upgrades. Stock vehicles with high clearance I believe could make this just would take a lot guiding and maybe a few scratches or dings, not willing to take the risk in a new ride. Regardless the first 2 miles are a gorgeous view and was awesome getting out.

on Bard Creek Trail

1 month ago

We started on the Herman Gulch side of the trail, going up towards Bard Creek on the Watrous Gulch Trail. I started the GPS tracker about a mile and 1,000 ft elevation gain in. Because we started at this end of the trail, the elevation gain was pretty consistent. This trail is difficult and very secluded, so I would highly recommend going with someone. Though the trail was difficult, it was beautiful, full of views, and very rewarding. There are multiple creeks along the trail for fresh mountain spring water (we used a water filter to fill up water bottles multiple times). Gorgeous in the fall with the aspens and ground plants changing colors. We were close to a bull moose at 13,000 feet, a hawk, what we think was a peregrine falcon, marmots, and a black bear, which was all more reason to bring a friend. Be prepared with bear spray, water and food. It took us about 6 and a half hours to complete the trail, but maybe starting on the Empire side would have been easier elevation wise. Parts of the trail are indistinguishable other than for the pink trail markers, but it is gorgeous, rolling over ridges and through valleys, with new, beautiful scenery around every turn. Most rewarding hike I have ever been on, and I would very much recommend it to hikers that are prepared for distance and elevation gain.

Easy hike in 4 hours sleep and shitty knees

off road driving
1 month ago

Did this with Atvs. Parked at the parking lot before you reach the trailhead. Busy on weekends but worth the trip!

off road driving
1 month ago

Amazing drive. Can be packed on weekends depending on the time. Great views and scenery throughout the whole drive.

off road driving
1 month ago

Disclosure: I was on two wheels today, a Honda CRF450X.

The top of Argentine Pass might be the most spectacular view in the state of Colorado. Simply amazing. The terrain to get there is a sketchy bumpy ride. Much of the “trail” is covered with jagged rocks that vary in size from softball to basketball. These rocks move around while riding on them and therefore like to make you change direction!! My arms are a bit tired but the ride was fantastic. Stay in a low gear, keep the weight off the front tire, and muscle over the obstacles.

There is much to explore up there and many different trails to adventure down. I wasn’t lucky enough to see wildlife up there today but I can see how it’s more common that you would encounter some.

Expect high winds at the top!!!

The trail indeed ends at the top. Do NOT attempt to continue down the other side in a Jeep/truck/SUV!!!! However, there is a trail that continues down the other side that is intended for hikers and perhaps a mountain bike. Had I not been riding alone I might have attempted to continue on, but didn’t feel safe to try it alone. I’ll upload a picture or two.

Cheers and happy adventures to all.

This was a great hike! I’m fairly positive it was more around 5 miles but we didn’t mind. It’s out in the open with no trees so make sure you wear sunscreen and bring lots of water! Elevation will get ya if you aren’t used to it.

This was a great hike!! Highly recommend it! Beware of sun because it is wide open with no shade. Trail head is not clearly marked from the road. Although, South Park 600 and Mt. Bierstadt trails both begin at the top of Guanella Pass. There are outhouses located at both trail heads. They were very clean and lots of toilet paper. Second Lake is worth the extra steps. Total is about 4.9 miles round trip.

One of my favorites. Beautiful beautiful

I gave it four stars instead of five because I didn’t see many flowers. I’m relatively new to hiking and would say it was a moderate hike with a steady climb but not too steep. Our dog loved the little streams and the lake. Very open - no shade so it was warm at times.

off road driving
2 months ago

Amazing views along with some nice mix of challenging trails. good mix of high speed and slow crawling. Still, snow up high but made it to 12,500 today.

Great hike to take visitors too because the views are epic and it’s only an hour from Denver! Wildflowers, big mountain view’s of Bierdstadt and Evans and a mountain lake that’s warm enough to hop in!

Nice, fairly easy trail with some great views, and the lakes are worth it. Got there a little before 8am on a weekday and pretty much had the trail to myself for the most part, a little busier on the way out. Tried to go a bit further on up towards Square Top Mountain, but the trail gets pretty faint after it breaks off so didn’t try too far. Would recommend!

Got to the parking lot at 8:30am and had no trouble finding parking. The trail was fairly empty, a lot more people coming in as we were heading back around 11am.

Highly recommend for a lake hike without a lot of people.

Took my 6 Year Old daughter yesterday for an after work hike. Spent about 3 hours exploring. Very easy hike for kids if they are used to getting out for longer periods of time. Tell them you're searching for gold and silver. Trail was pretty dead at about 3:45pm and will definitely do again.

off road driving
2 months ago

Fun trail to go on with good views. Drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition 4x4. The beginning of the trail is a little rough but evens out the further you go up. Definitely doable. Never made it to the peak due to a storm blowing in.

First hike since moving to Denver and it really was an excellent way to begin. The wild flowers were amazing and their were many spots to take in fantastic views. Fair hike with my wife and friend. Highly suggest for a day trip.

extremely beautiful and nothing like i’ve seen before. i loved the plentiful wildflowers. can be challenging at some points. we only made it to the first lake as it started to rain, but it was very pretty. i was surprised at how many people there were up near the parking lot for a Tuesday in the late morning. all in all, a very great experience and good exercise.

Agree it’s a longer hike then stated. Easy start at a “high point” from trail head off Guanella Pass road. Loved the wildflowers and beautiful high mountain lakes. You will walk through high brush (3’ ish) on a few narrow sections-some individuals may want to have shoulders/arms covered. Enjoyed a taste of “watermelon” snow. Hiked with pups and tween/teen kiddos made it to 13er of SquareTop and rewarded with beautiful above tree line views that went on for miles. Looked down on SilverLake trail. Trail to peaks has a few cairns, but mind your path and keep your wits to make it to the top. No technical spots to reach top. Went during the week no problems parking, but encountered a large group coming down as we were going in at late morning and several hikers on way out in late afternoon. Enjoy!

RT is closer to 4.8 miles. AllTrails consistently underestimates most hikes. That said, it's a relatively modest hike above the treeline that offers up two alpine lakes, with a mountain backdrop and beautiful wildflowers along the way. Some will find it easy, others hard, depending on acclimation to elevation and your fitness level.

The best viewings of flowers occurred along the far side of the second lake.

We hiked Saturday and lucked into a parking place next to the trailhead around 8:30 am. If parking lot is full, spots are available along the road.

off road driving
3 months ago

As beautiful as it gets! Xj on 33’s with 4.5 inch lift.
Fun all the way to the top, seen 3 mountian goats. Goats photo bombed us lmao! Will post the pics.

Did it with a stock 2018 Polaris RZR 1000 XP. Definitely three tight spots that I was glad I was only 64" wide. But gorgeous views along the way!

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