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6 days ago

Rough terrian but 100% worth it!

Near death experience. I am an experienced climber and i lost visibility and dropped elevation only to end up in an extremely dangerous position. Had to take detour just to find safe way down in elevation. Ended up having to walk 13 miles all the way around tree line back to the cars

I don’t know if anybody else experienced this or used the navigation on this site for directions, but you have to go a good couple miles past where the directions say “you have arrived.”

28 days ago

This trail was challenging but the views were beyond worth it.
The drive up was good until about 3 miles out. The dirt road was very very rough for that last section. You definitely need a clearance vehicle to drive up!
The all trails gps is also wrong and told us we arrived at the trail head about 2 1/2 miles short. Just continue up the road ends at the trail head.
The mileage here is also off. The hike out and back was a little over 8 miles.
The steams made the trail a little hard to find. Just stay to the right and you’ll be good!
It’s a decent climb until the last 2 miles then it’s a booty kicker. Once you reach the large waterfall you’re so close! You’ll follow it up for the last of your decent and be welcomed by a beautiful clear body of water above the tree line.
I did this hike with my almost 2 year old in a carrier on my back so it can be done by moderate to experienced hikers no problem. You end at roughly 12.500 ft so be prepared for the evaluation

Simply my most favorite 14er, I highly recommend this hike for people that are starting to move into class 3 14ers. So beautiful!

My first CO 14er!!! I went with a highly experienced guide. It was an amazing and humbling experience! Very challenging for a first 14er! It was a beautiful day!

1 month ago


I have climbed other hard 14's and this one is a match.

BEAUTIFUL and VARIED terrain and vistas all along the way.

It's actually a very pleasant hike to the saddle between Lindsey and Iron Nipple. Then the work begins!!!

To make the summit, the final approach is HARD and DANGEROUS no matter which route you take. The crux wall is serious business and the north face colour will just slide you down and down again---LOTS of very loose scree.

A great hike-climb but it will wear you out for sure.

See info on 14ers.com website for more.


Terrible for me personally... From my experience, this should be done with at least one other responsible person who’s done a 14’er and not alone, and also not as first 14’er. Just my opinion from my own terrible near death experience.

3 months ago

Hiked 6/20/2018. Beautiful day. Nice, clear trails. The drive up there is a bit rough. It was definitely a great hike tho. Difficult for me (I thought I was going to die and kept stopping) but i did it! Ha. Brought my 2 dogs and they also loved it. I did not see one person out there. There's also some nice camp sites on the way up there.

Absolutely gorgeous! We had stunning views almost the entire way up. Since it’s June, we also hiked through fields of wildflowers. The snowpack was low this year, so we didn’t see any snowmelt waterfalls, but the creek was running well and there is still a waterfall from the lake.
Word of caution: the AllTrails app is completely wrong on their elevation gain and mileage totals. My husband and I hiked this trail today with my sister and her husband, who had a Garmin watch that tracked distance and elevation gain. Round trip, trailhead to the lake, was 8.5 miles, and our total elevation gain was 2300’. You can see the waterfall without going the last .5 mile to the lake, but it’s worth the extra distance. Much of the elevation gain is in the last two miles.

3 months ago

Amazing Hike... saw Big Horn Sheep from less than 100 yards, Elk nearby, and great fishing in the lake. About half mile in there was a series of stream crossings that may be made more confusing by the spring run off, almost no way to get through without getting wet at some point but just keep going up stream and you will find main trail. We camped to the left of the waterfall below the lake in a nice spot mostly closed in by trees but with great views. Originally following a trail description on a map, which said the elevation gain was 700 feet and distance to lake was 3.1 were were challenged. Even the mileage description here may be a bit off, both my Garmin watch and Explorer registered us closer to 4 miles and that was to the base of the waterfall and not up the last bit to the lake.

Great trail! Started hiking at 8am. Enjoyed the views. A bit confused by the open meadow that you backtrack before entering trees again and start climbing in elevation. Also struggled to find the first creek crossing since it was November and the creek was pretty froze up. The creek crossing is on the trail and it raises quickly from the drainage valley where you would expect it. Then struggled again to find the switchbacks at the camp site mostly because of the snow on the ground. So ate lunch around 11am just where the switchbacks start and headed back. Arrived back at the truck by 2pm. Enjoyed the day!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I decided to make this first solo 14er and thought it would be an ideal mountain to try. It was challenging hike and climb with everything you could ask for out of a mountain climb.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Hiked Lilly Lake trail numerous times from June through Sept.
The lake itself is a great place with generally low traffic. Mount Lindsey attracts most of the attention and that trail leaves Lilly Lake trail about a mile in to the left.
The first part of the trail after leaving the trailhead parking drops into a gorgeous valley! After the split mentioned above, the trail ascends by traversing the slope without switchbacks for about a mile giving sweet views of the valley and Upper Huerfano River.
After about a mile there are spectacular camp sites at the edge of the slope looking into Blanca Basin and the rising peaks of Blanca and Ellingwood Point are in your face!
In June there are numerous snowmelt waterfalls to add an even wilder atmosphere.
Beyond this the trail turns to the slopes just below the lake making several switchbacks with a few more nice camp sites.
The lake itself is a beauty with, dare I reveal it, good size cutthroat trout in abundance.
An upper lake is situated about a half mile or so through fairly tough talus and boulder fields. There are fish there as well, as I understand it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Hidden gem!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Awesome hike. Some class 3 at the crux. Watch out for the false summit.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

love it

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Went there today. Absent of snow but a lot of fallen trees. I removed as many as I could with just my truck and tow straps. Still one blocking about 2 miles or so before he trail head. We just walked around in the valley and fields. Still a ton of snow at the top plan accordingly.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

loved it. went in June and the snow was a bit too much. it's blocked at the front entrance, which adds significant time to the hike

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