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22 hours ago

We hiked this today, 7/16/18. We are still acclimating to the altitude, but we stopped numerous times on the way up and it wasn't too bad. Lots of shade along this trail for most of the way. Wildflowers are in full bloom right now. Pack plenty of water!

I weigh 275lbs. I'm hovering around 40% body fat. I have had a stressful year and haven't worked out seriously for at least that long. I started walking/jogging again three weeks ago. I saw "Hard" - and even the reviews talking about how killer this path is - but I also saw it's less than two miles one way and maybe 1.5 after you get off the pavement. I said to myself:. "I used to ruck ten times that with an 80 pound pack in my Army days!"

I made it to the summit. I drug my fat body three steps at a time in some areas. I bet it was worth it, and I would have loved it had I not been sucking what tiny amount of oxygen was left at 10,000 feet. Apparently the ten year old kids whizzing by me didn't need it.

If you are a beginner or out of shape, you better have lots of time or lots of determination.

Great hike. 4/5. Would suffer again.

Loved stopping along the trail to take breaks and enjoy skipping rocks in the stream. Wouldn’t say it’s a super hard trail, but coming back down definitely did a number on our feet because of all the rocks. Bring plenty of sunscreen though because I felt like only about 25-35% of it was shaded. Beautiful meadows and wildflowers, beautiful streams and water spots. Lots of birds to see. Also saw a moose about a minute into the hike. The trail ends when it intersects with another trail. Nothing too special at the end, but still a lot of great views throughout the hike.

Nice hike, great workout, and not too much foot traffic! I stopped a few times along the way to enjoy the water. The trail is very dog friendly and the views of the mountains are gorgeous! Flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies are everywhere...so are amazing views!

4 days ago

This hike was definitely challenging but worth it for the views!! Warning for amateur hikers: it is up hill the entire time, but pace yourself, take breaks, and anyone can make it!

Hiked this trail 7/2018 and flowers were beautiful as well as the lakes at the end.

Very peaceful walk through the woods if you hike a lot. A little uphill at places but never lasting for too long. We took the shorter pass to lily pad lake and took us 2 hours total walking at a leisurely pace. We saw a deer and some ducks but surprisingly not a lot of wildlife this time around. The scenery this time of the year is fantastic- all the flowers are in full bloom. So peaceful and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a shorter yet moderate hike to a destination lake, this is a great trail!

7 days ago

Challenging, quick, fun!
1hr round trip if you're quick. 2hrs if you take your time, plus there is lots to see at the top. Get ready for that booty to burn!

Did this hike yesterday! If you hike a lot it’s a super easy stroll! But the flowers right now are amazing and lily pad lake is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This lake is smaller and on the right not the left! But is so beautiful and def worth the easy shorter hike day!

Nice trail. Lots of good camping sites in the trees above the lakes. I would recommend the Gore trail also.

Nice hike. Majority of trail is uphill to get up to the lake. There are breaks though. Don't miss the lily pond just a few feet past the lake. This would be a good hike in Fall as there are Aspens sprinkled throughout. Good hike with my 10 year-old.

10 days ago

This was an incredible hike! Quite the challenge, but well worth the views! Loose rocks are common.

12 days ago

Great hike with the family. Challenging but not too difficult for experienced hikers. Quite steep in places. Perfect length for a hike with kids. Beautiful aspen groves. Remnants of the mining town are easy to miss if you are not paying attention. Views at the top are amazing and worth it!

13 days ago

It was a very nice trail with beautiful views at the top of Ptarmigan Hill. The downside was there was a group of 4 wheelers also using the trail. They stop at a corral area, before the final steep ascent to the top. I didn’t bring water for my dog and she needed the last mile up.

Low landers take your time. Bring water. Beautiful views.

13 days ago

Great 'quick' trail if you're staying in Summit County. There is at least one stretch that has a fairly long and significant incline. I would have rated this somewhere between moderate and hard. The trail wasn't too crowded though you're definitely not in solitude. Great views at the top. Good trail if you want to find a good morning activity that won't take the entire day.

Beautiful trail to Lilly pad lake. Great views along the way including a view of lake Dillon.

on Wheeler Lakes

15 days ago

The trail and scenery alone are exceptionally beautiful. However I'm only giving it three stars due to the proximity to I70. There are other trails with easy access in the area that don't require hearing the interstate for a good portion of the hike.

A recent review mentioned no aspens... This is inaccurate. The first mile to mile and a half of this trail is jam packed with aspens as well as many different types of wildflowers. There are beautiful spots with running water on the trail although with the dry conditions those will be gone soon.

I agree with the moderate rating of this trail. Trail is well worn and easy to follow. Tons of salamanders in the lakes. Worth hiking, but probably not more than once.

Beautiful day for a great family hike! Trail was in very good condition for early season. We would highly recommend it and the climb on up to Ptarmigan Hill which provided some additional views of this scenic area.

on Mount Royal Trail

16 days ago

Great workout hike. In my opinion there are other Summit County hikes with better views. It was very windy at the top. You will appreciate hiking poles and boots on this hike especially on the way back down.

16 days ago

For such an easily accessible trail, it's not crowded.

This is a leisurely walk for the first couple of miles. Most of the modest gain in elevation occurs after the second mile.The snow is gone from the trail, and a path is open to reach the top of Ptarmigan - over 12,100 feet. But the final ascent to the top is steep.

The stream at the beginning is low, and we crossed without incident.

Pretty streams, a pond dammed up by beavers, and mountain vistas await. There are wildflowers on the path, especially near the top. But if you are particularly interested in reveling in a blanket of colors, there are other hikes that offer a greater abundance of wildflowers.

This was the perfect hike for a leisurely morning post-camping. Mosquitoes here are pretty fierce along the trail - bring bug spray. A lot of the hike is in forested areas, but there are some open meadows too - bring sunscreen too!

Nice senic trail with lots of creekside and waterfall views. Definitely recommend.

21 days ago

Great trail awesome views. Some rock scrambling near top

what a beautiful trail!! be aware, it's quite hilly, but spectacular views make it totally worth it! I even saw 2 moose at the lake. only problem was they came too close for comfort and then blocked the trail for about 20 minutes, but it was amazing!

Steep trail with loose rock. However the view is excellent from the top.

22 days ago

Great workout, beautiful view. Be prepared for lots of loose rock. Dogs are allowed, but they should be fit and have tough pads or booties. . Unfortunately, we saw too many people with dogs who didn’t have water and bowls for their pups and were pushing their pups too hard. The loose rock can tear up the paws and it’s quite a climb. We also saw a few tourists without enough water. Don’t underestimate the heat. We did it in a little of 2 hours with a long snack break at the top and a few rest stops for the dog. My fiancé’s mother brought her hiking poles and had a much nicer trip down.

What a gorgeous hike! Great variety in sights to take in. We read the reviews before we decided upon this hike with our active 3 and 7 year old. It seemed that just the first part was steep. But I would have to say that 75% of the hike to lily pad lake is an incline and mostly on loose rocks. It was challenging as a family and not something I would recommend for parents hiking with kids under 7. We made the very most of the journey and the destination. I Would do it again without the kiddos.

24 days ago

Super fun , challenging but not impossible. Perfect way to start the morning & my kids 8 & 10 were able to complete

Didn’t like the short bike trail to get to the trailhead, but ok, it wasn’t for very long. Steep climb up to the top, but I would’ve probably rated it moderate instead of difficult. The view on top is beautiful. I would’ve taken more time for pictures at the top, but the wind was trying to blow me off the mountain. Lots of hikers and runners on this trail.

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