14 days ago

Not a difficult trail by any means: I generally do more difficult hikes, but this was surely closer to a “Moderate” for even novice hikers. Hike to lake took a little over an hour, hike back took under 45 mins.

Road to trailhead is not a 4wd road. It was easily drivable in a Prius. Very few spots where more than 4” of clearance is required. I’d recommend it to any vehicle but a Miata.

Adding Bill’s peak and a few other mini-summits to this hike makes it worthwhile and lake Evelyn makes a great easy-to-reach base camp. It is well shielded from the high winds on the neighboring peaks, but also has sunlight limitations for some chilly evenings.

I saw a total of two groups over 48 hours, neither of the other groups spent the night.

A final note: the lake does not have a view of the valley, so be sure to hike up to the nearby saddle for some great vistas.