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horseback riding
7 hours ago

Hiking only; mountain bikes and horses are not permitted; dogs on leash O.K. It is a beautiful place.

favorite trail

Nice well kept and well marked trail. Interesting scenery and views. Extremely easy. This seemed to be more of a bikers trail but they were all polite and had good trail etiquette.

Great area, plenty of parking, marked trails, picnic benches and bathrooms. We took our 3 year old and he was able to do the whole trail without any issues.

Pretty hike, slightly challenging

Nice and easy hike, pretty views. Great for bird watching

Never saw a waterfall, but it was a great hike. The kids enjoyed dipping their feet in the water and looking for crawfish. Yes, crawfish. Good length for a family and enough shade to take the edge off the heat.

Beautiful views

1 month ago

My favorite in Castlewood Canyon for the views. I usually do the inner Canyon connected with this one for a nice balance in scenery. Usually pretty empty on the weekdays.

1 month ago

I love this whole place. I usually like to enter on the north side as it is much less crowded than the East. I've done all the trails and recommend them for all skill levels.

we hiked the L trail to the K trail making a loop. I'm pregnant and haven't hiked since last year. but I reached my limit and had to get out. this was an easy hike with short uphill portions towards the end that were just enough to make me breath a bit heavier but not wind me. There was plenty of shade and resting places and amazing views. We even saw lizards and snakes and many birds. there were spots by the creek with large boulders to cross over but they were absolutely manageable. my 6 and 8 year old handled the hike very well. we saw many other children and people of all ages managing fine. next time we will start on the K trail go view the dam and then back track to the l trail.

Fun hike. The full loop looks better though. Will try that next time.

Lovely trail - fabulous for any time of year. Did this in the winter. Great views of the entire park. Quite manageable and well-maintained trail. Would definitely do again.

Beautiful area. Easy hike.

Pretty cool. Amazing flowers and views.

Love hiking in Castlewood Canyon, it has amazing views. The trails are easy enough to navigate that the kids can come with me.

Fun hike and so much to see, especially up on the rim. Playing down by the creek was great on a hot day.

Nice hike. You can combine this hike with creek canyon and inner loop canyon

3 months ago

Not a hard trail but be warned. It’s getting hotter, so beware of the rattle snacks. We saw two within 30 mins. The first one was a complete surprise as I walked right by it and heard it rattling his tail. Definitely caught me off guard. But other than that, it was a nice time. Views of Pikes Peak was awesome too!

Beware of rattlesnakes! There was one on the trail and heard another. Also wild turkeys were out.

We always take new people to hiking and vistors here, nice trail plunty to see.

Nice trail but be cautious on weekends lots and lots of people.

Love this trail it can be done quickly and great for taking first timers on.

Great hike!

Pretty easy hike with decent views. If you don’t want to drive to the front range and are in search of a good trail close by, this one’s a good option.

Cool hike, saw 5 Rattlesnakes on the trail and one guy got bit. The park ranger said one person gets bit a year so we should be good. The snakes were on a very narrow trail so it was tricky getting by but they let us through. Tons of people going in both directions

3 months ago

Challenging to find the trailhead (it goes behind the old broken building) but once we found it, it was great. Brought a dog, the climb to the ridge was a quick ascent but not too challenging and the walk along the ridge was beautiful. My boyfriend had a friend from out of town join us and it wasn’t too challenging for him, nor was the altitude climb too harsh. Kid and dog friendly.

This is really more of a walk than a hike, but if you are looking for something easy to do with young kids while still having pretty views it great! We will go back to picnic for sure.

Really cool rocks and rock formations. Nice trail. Vultures nesting and looking great on dead trees. On a sunny weekend afternoon there were lots of people around the southern parts and the connecting trails, and too much litter and dog poop on those busier parts of the trail for it to be fully awesome.

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