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18 hours ago

Great trail. Views were never ending! Nothing to difficult. Gorgeous area though and easy to connect to other trails as well.

trail running
17 days ago

Great and easy hike if you don’t mind sharing the trail with lots of bikers. We saw many prairie dogs and mule deer. I’d prefer to go on trails with a little more shade but otherwise is a pretty good trail if you want to get in a short run.

18 days ago

I was really excited to walk the trails with my puppy but since there was no mention of no dogs allowed until getting into it, we weren’t able to go on it.

made it through in stock 2013 suburban with some scarping. very challenging. had a great time.

24 days ago

I love this trail. I walk it a lot and love watching the changing foliage over the seasons. Sometimes you have to share the trail with bikers/

I'm sort of in between a 3 and 4 on this one.

PROS: Bathroom at start, lots of parking nice trail. Some decent views, although, at this time of year, there was no "falls" to look at. Just a trickle coming down...literally!
CONS: Not specifically a con, but make sure to review the map prior to starting. It connects to the Spring Creek Trail and then Soderberg as well... be mindful of that. All Trails *sometimes* mentions when there are connections and sometimes doesn't. My friend and I went to a dead end due to this. This makes it sound like it is just one name all the way around.

It was decently hard in some spots (elevation gain!) so the designation of moderate is right. My phone app said we went 4.2 miles, however maybe we went longer due to going off course a bit. All in all, decent and a nice hike for a sunny Sunday (no shade) in the fall.

Well maintained trail and not too strenuous. It is a great hike for the front range. The view from the top of horsetooth rock is nice.

1 month ago

Beautiful walking trail for viewing the foliage.

nice trail with a simple incline as you make the turn west towards the big A. Has a decent view on fort Collins and you can also get a good one of the reservoir. Plenty of chances to see prairie dogs along the way and I also saw a snake.

Did this on 10/13 and stayed on South Ridge and then cut over to Audra Culver Trail to get off the main road and really enjoyed it. Came down via South Ridge back to the parking lot.

This is a pretty loop hike and is not as highly trafficked as going to the rock.

great trail to run one of my favorites.

1 month ago

Lots of wildlife. Birds and some prairie dogs. Nice little walk with good views.

on Pond Loop

1 month ago

Uncrowded and nice to see the leaves changing and the smells of Autumn.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great biking trail. It's good for learning technical with plenty of spots to just cruise.

Perfect hiking weather today and only encountered a few other hikers on the trail. We took south ridge on the way up to Horsetooth Rock and I would say it was a moderate hike. The summit is gorgeous with views in all directions. I would definitely do this hike again.

1 month ago

Hiked all the way to the top of the rocks and the views were stunning!!! Highly recommend this hike. There was enough people to not feel isolated but not so many that you felt overcrowded.

1 month ago

I agree with Dixie!!!

Okay, here is my review-

Bathroom- YES, at start of hike
TRAIL- starts flat and gradually builds near side of mountain
Poop from wild animals/horses is on the trail...

My dog and friend’s dog loved this trail. The flat at start was great to warm it up and get started. The hike up the hill wasn’t too bad, but I did get sweaty. The top is gorgeous!!

Take a pic of the map, if you aren’t inclined to naturally know where you are. I’m glad I did, as it isn’t just a loop, there are other connecting paths you can do too.

There were many bikers, but they were nice. Super fun and not in the woods at all. It is nice to have a foothills climb and not be stuck amongst trees.

Two Dachshunds give eight paws up!!

on Wilcox Trail

1 month ago

Great walk for kids! Plenty to explore-beaver habitat, tall grass meadows, and river critters! We will do this one over and over to see the seasons change!

1 month ago

horseback riding
1 month ago

can anyone tell me if this trail is good for horseback riding

1 month ago

We went last Friday. It was perfect weather, it wasn’t heavily trafficked. Our pup loved it, definitely recommend going if you are looking for an easy trail. There was some horse poop like a previous review had said, but it wasn’t all over. It’s dog friendly and has benches to throughout the trail.

“Easy/moderate/hard are relative terms. I’m not a great biker, but I am a stubborn persistent hiker. This was Harder than I expected- especially at the end. I finished, but my feet are paying for it. Warm September day- drank all my water plus some. Views were beautiful and so was the company. Glad to say I have completed an iconic Fort Collins hike.

Perfect hike! Good mountain feel for being so close to town. Usual routine is to go up to the rock and go down the falls trail afterwards as a cool down. A bit of scrambling on the rock trail. Use caution when it's snowy/icy or during the night as it's easy to get off trail in certain areas. The falls look the best when runoff is well underway.

2 months ago

Cute little trail that's nice in the mornings and evenings (to avoid the sun). No shade, but very nice views and wildlife. A little bit rocky but most of the trail is well maintained and good for beginners or kiddos.

Lots of great views!
We hiked up to Horsetooth Rock starting at 8:40 AM on a Sunday. The parking lot was almost full as we arrived. $6 to park and in we go.
The hike starts along gradual switchbacks and slowly gets steeper, picking up rocks and wood steps. It doesn’t get difficult until you’re near the top and climb up the rock itself. That requires hands.
All the way up you get views over Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins and the plains. At the top, the view is 360 with views out to a big Rocky.
Nice trail for families, groups and going further into the hillls.

road biking
2 months ago

Whoa, what a find. Lovely morning ride, the trail has a little bit of everything—wooded river bottom, urban detour, farmland, open fields— and cap it off with a lunch at Vern’s before heading back! Highly recommend for great leisurely ride.

2 months ago

Tried to do this hike the morning we left the Mountain Park Rec Area campsite. I'm not sure if it was just us or what but we lost the trail about .5 mile in and got pretty lost. Just had to hike back down towards the campsites. Not as well marked as other trails around here are.

It was Labor Day weekend so it was pretty crowded and dry. Not much shade or water for pets. It was a good hike for carrying my 30 lb toddler on my back though!

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