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the scenery was very pretty, but we had actually gone to see the waterfall. unfortunately it look like somebody was running a water hose over a rock.

Took two ATVs at the end of June. Heart Attack Hill lived up to its name. Check out our YouTube video going through the chutes. We took the trail start to finish. Amazing variety of butterflies and a good mix of terrain. Saw a lot of mountain lion scat on the trail at the top.


Great cardio workout. Steep incline. the primitive trail on the way down was a bit scary. Look for the rock markers to know you are going to right way. I had my dogs with me but had I known the way down was primitive trail I would have gone down the way I came up. That trail was very well done. No one else was out on the trail when we went. Lots of great views. Not much shade.

good hike, its not very hard. we went today in the light rain and still wasnt disappointed. i didnt go under the waterfall but I reccommend it if u have extra clothes :)

mountain biking
11 days ago

Decent trail, good workout on a bike, didn’t make it through the whole thing but enjoyed the bike up! Very rocky though, will definitely being going back to finish the whole thing.

When reading reviews, I find it helpful to know what the stamina level is of the person that's reviewing, so I get a rough idea of how long it will take me. it does me no good to read Horsetooth Rock took someone three hours, when I don't know that that person just moved from the coast and was towing six children all under the age of 5. So for those of you that find this helpful, I run a 9-minute mile. I did this hike alone with one or two minimal breaks. It took me 55 minutes to get to the very tippy-top of Horsetooth Rock. The views won't disappoint, and you'll want to spend some time there. On my way down, I took the Soderberg Trail and followed that to the Spring Creek Trail and turned right to see Horsetooth falls on my way back to the trailhead. It's longer that way and took me roughly another hour, at a brisk jogging pace. Started at 9:45, and ended at noon (spent 15 min at the top).

It was a great hike. We took South ridge trail up and unfortunately did not it make it to falls. on the way down. The trails are a little confusing definitely study the trails before you go up. The top is pretty tough you definitely have to be ready to scale some rocks. We hiked 7 miles total. There is a water fountain at the trailhead, even a bowl fountain for dogs!

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17 days ago

Loved this trail, definitely requires locking 4x4 in some spots. Made it the whole way in a stock 1991 Land Rover Defender, took the bypass and was still a challenge. If you pick your lines, it can be done. Everyone we met on the trail was awesome, as it can get quite narrow and with blind corners. Keep you eyes peeled!

Amazing views at top of rocks!! Loved this hike hard enough to be a good workout but not too hard for me. Wouldn’t bring dog to the very top.

It was a great trail to take my kids on. My daughters loved climbing on the rocks. The view from the top of horsetooth was amazing!

Really easy, but we usually encounter snakes, so not my favorite.

Had an absolute blast.! Looked at the "Chute" as I drove by 
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26 days ago

Nice trail close to home. Great views of the Front Range. Rocky, no shade. Connects to many other trails. Saw mule deer.

This is a really cool hike. My friend and I were looking for something to do in the evening. With horsetooth rock only being a 30 minute drive out of Fort Collins. It was the perfect option. the scenery was very cool and the local deer are very friendly. It's not a hard hike, however when getting to the horsetooth you do have to scramble up the rocks which could be difficult for some. Overall a very fun hike and much recommended!

Great hike. The first 3/4 has no shade and today was clear skies and 84.After that beautiful views, breezy, well maintained trails and more shade.

It was amazing a scenic adventure great for kids an awesome first hike!

Loved the hike with my family, 3 generations hiked together and we are all at different skill levels! It is amazing for family and anyone who wants to enjoy a simpler hike!

This is a great hike! Last time I tried to do this trail it was way way too muddy about halfway up. But today it was perfect! I went around noon and was out for a couple hours, my tracker said 4.5 miles by the time I got back to the car. Make sure to wear sunscreen as there is no tree cover and bring lots of water. It was about 90 degrees today and sunny but I still enjoyed the hike! Pretty easy hike with lots of flat areas and a few hogbacks. Great 360 view at the top!

Love this hike! Have fun!

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1 month ago

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bypassed heart attack hill and skipped the chutes
Saw a bull moose up by pingree hill so be aware

Loved this hike. It was somewhat hard to find w/Google Maps. Ignore Google directions. Do not turn onto Riverside, keep on hey to entrance

This time of year the crowds are out daily, not just on the weekend. Get there early for good parking. After you hike to the falls, take Spring Creek trail to see a pretty little valley and lots of birds (if you go early in the morning). Lots of wildflowers are out right now, too. Because it's breeding season, you'll have to turn up Soderberg trail where it intersects Spring Creek since the rest of Spring Creek trail is blocked from use right now. You can either hike up to the tooth or head back to the parking lot from there. Great hike!

Great little loop! It helped to have the map because some of the signs San be confusing. Absolutely gorgeous views. If you are an out of towner, take it slow.

on Rim Rock Trail

1 month ago

70° start, multiple snakes on the trail, low foot traffic...overall a great little hike.

This is a fun trail to hike. I recommend to hike it counterclockwise this way you have an easy or climb but you’ll have a pretty steep climb down where are you hike on a primitive trail. Be aware that you will experience a significant temperature drop once you get up. We had both of our dogs with us and it was fairly quiet on the trail

Hiked this on 5/20/2018 in light rain. The horsetooth peak scramble was a bit sketchy in the rain and would not recommend doing this unless you are confident with your walking. Good view from down low, but at summit was in the rain cloud and couldn't see anything. Still very cool.

2 months ago

Beautiful 360 degree views at the top.

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