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Easy for us flatlanders from Missouri, not acclimated much. beautiful aspen, lovely trail.

Great place for a family hike.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail for stock 4x4, views were excellent. There was a fair amount of traffic Saturday morning going up stage coach and gold rush... once we got up to almagre trail we felt pretty secluded! Our stock Jeep Grand Cherokee did excellent we had no problems, had a blast.

I'm giving this trail and all within Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument 5 stars simply because this park is a hidden gem within the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. For the most part all the trails are easy and interconnect so visitors can hike the entire park in a day if desired. Visit the old homestead and keep a look out for the elk heard that frequently travels within the monument.

1 month ago

The Autumn aspen color is beautiful.

The petrified stumps were amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it! The trail was great, easy for kids! My 3 year old had a blast!

I went, I hiked, I jumped. water levels were high enough to support decent heights but obviously don't go crazyband climb alllll the way to the top. if you climb along the path, it gives you the option to jump from where you are or come down about 5 feet, or come down 10 feet. jumping from the higher cliff there people touched the bottom gently, from the 2 lower points we did not touch at all. THE WATER IS FREEZING. I'm talking when I hit my lungs locked up and I went into a bad coughing spill. your muscles freeze, your brain temporarily shuts off. it's cold. be aware that you're going to JUMP and not to swim.. the ice water is just there to break the fall. but also bring along a towel and warm clothes.

This is a nice, peaceful hike to the eastern park boundary of Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument from the visitor center. The trails are well-maintained and easy to follow.

The trail begins at the visitor center and follows Hornbeck Wildlife trail for the first mile, then turns left (north) and continues on Twin Rocks Trail to the park boundary. The only difficult part of the trail occurs once you past the main road from the visitor's center on Hornbeck Wildlife Loop headed up to the junction of Twin Rocks-Shooting Star Trail, where you climb nearly 300 feet over 0.5 miles. At 2 miles from the visitor center you'll cross a footbridge and go right (east) along a stream and wetland system for the remaining 1.3 miles. When you reach the 3 mile mark you'll cross a large prairie dog town. Once past the prairie dog town you have about 0.5 mile to the park boundary, and you'll travel just south and below Twin Rocks themselves and through a grove of aspens. After you pass the footbridge and go about 0.25 miles the path narrows and you can tell that it's less traveled than first half of the trail - still easy to walk and see but clearly not as crowded.

I've seen mule deer, prairie lizard (Eastern Fence Lizard), fox, all sorts of birds, etc...it's just a fun, enjoyable hike.

Great hike for the family. The last .25 miles was pretty steep and I would say makes the trail towards the upper end of easy, my 4 year old ended up on my shoulders. Plenty of aspens which made the fall colors incredible. Loved it.

Great hike right now with all the aspens changing colors. It is extremely difficult to navigate so pay close attention to the cairns. Not exactly dog friendly because there is a boulder field at the end so we didn’t finish because it was too hard for the pup.

off road driving
2 months ago

Fun trail, not too difficult. I did about half the trail in a leveled Chevy Silverado on 34" all terrain tires. Didn't finish the trail due to afternoon storms rolling in.

Beautiful views, forest, open meadows and remains of an old cabin.

Florisant Fossil Beds is one of my favorite national monuments. Who knew Colorado use to have their own Redwood trees? Beautifully preserved along an gorgeous open meadow, the loop displays beautiful wildflowers, small critters, and views across the way up into the mountains. The trail is very easy and there's plenty of informative signs along the way. Be sure to catch a ranger talk to see perfectly encompassed fossils from the ancient lake that once stood here.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail with lots of wildflowers. This is a best kept secret because we didn’t see a single person while we were hiking on a weekend.
This is a peaceful hike in a valley and forest area. Prepare to be mostly alone with your thoughts and nature.

The trail is steep on the final decent but not that bad. We left early in the day (about 9 am). We had the place to ourselves. The water level was too low for jumping. But it was beautiful anyway and we did swim, even though the water was frigid! It’s a quick hike and worth it.

3 months ago

I gave this trail five stars because of the giant petrified Redwood tree stumps, not necessarily for views and terrain. The petrified stumps are awe inspiring. I had no idea there was anything like this here in CO...and I am a native!

We took our 4 year old and 2 year old yesterday on this hike it was beautiful. This was our second time to do this hike once last year and again this year on our annual trip. Be aware that there is a $6.00 fee to hike this trail this was new to us. I believe last year it was donation only. Make sure to bring some cash.

This is a heavily trafficked trail over steep rocks to a really fun swimming hole.

Very easy, great for beginners. Loved the petrified trees and got lots of pretty pictures.

Went on a Thursday. Very pretty and definitely worth it. Water is freezing, but can be nice on a hot day. Lots of people jumping. Do not go on a weekend tho. The trooper told us that the day we went was very good as there wasn’t as many people as usual (about 50-75). She said weeekends usually have 400-500 people. The space is not that big, so that’s crazy to imagine. Also, go earlier if you are not as fond of lots of people. There’s also a lot of more college aged kids, but they were pretty friendly and shared the space. All in all, a very nice hike and good experience, but crowded and cold.

3 months ago

We went down as a family including my 16 yo daughter with Down’s syndrome.
It was extremely difficult for her and she stopped half way down the final descent to the water hole. The trail is easy except for the steep parts. Alcohol has now been banned and people say it really diminished the number of problems and injuries. People were very kind all along the trail.
Great if you need a short trail and want a little bit of a challenge.

Beautiful, short trail. The lower rating is because the trail is heavily trafficked, kids partying, music, some trash left on trails. It’s very beautiful. Used to be a secret local swimming hole.

Very pleasant trail. Go early as north part of trail is exposed.

Went this past weekend and the trail was pretty nice, especially through the field and past the stream, up to the opening of Guffey Gorge. The trail down to Paradise Cove was a bit difficult; uneven footing and unstable rocks, so make sure you wear proper shoes and watch your footing on the way down and back up. The swimming hole was nice, and although other reviews said there were too many people down there and it was crowded - yes, that's true - but the people were all very friendly and everyone was having fun together. Recommend on a hot day when you want to cool off in the water!

Cool spot! Short hike but with a few steep & rocky areas that may be difficult. Swimming hole is pretty but crowded with teenagers - but you can find some quiet spots to have a picnic if you go a little deeper.

this trail was amazing! we took some extra time close to the summit and hiked near to a mile out of our way to see the views . However after summiting the trail back down was not marked at all and we ended up bushwhacking our way back down to Horsethief Falls.

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