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Beautiful, short trail. The lower rating is because the trail is heavily trafficked, kids partying, music, some trash left on trails. It’s very beautiful. Used to be a secret local swimming hole.

Very pleasant trail. Go early as north part of trail is exposed.

Went this past weekend and the trail was pretty nice, especially through the field and past the stream, up to the opening of Guffey Gorge. The trail down to Paradise Cove was a bit difficult; uneven footing and unstable rocks, so make sure you wear proper shoes and watch your footing on the way down and back up. The swimming hole was nice, and although other reviews said there were too many people down there and it was crowded - yes, that's true - but the people were all very friendly and everyone was having fun together. Recommend on a hot day when you want to cool off in the water!

Cool spot! Short hike but with a few steep & rocky areas that may be difficult. Swimming hole is pretty but crowded with teenagers - but you can find some quiet spots to have a picnic if you go a little deeper.

this trail was amazing! we took some extra time close to the summit and hiked near to a mile out of our way to see the views . However after summiting the trail back down was not marked at all and we ended up bushwhacking our way back down to Horsethief Falls.

Interesting hike to see some huge petrified stumps. A nice stroll in the field other than that.

we are in our early 60s and from South Texas, 9' above sea level. I found couple rocky steep areas quite difficult due to uneven footing, shortness of breath and excited dog on end of the leash. it is a pretty walk and several places for dogs to wade in water on leash. We made the walk on a Monday. and swimming area was fairly crowded. 2 parking area were almost full.

1 month ago

Needs supervision wild kids and partying, it used to be nice. Its a very short hike nice waterfall but can't take pictures and enjoy because of to many people. It clearly says no jumping off the rocks but no one there to reinforce the rule and there is a line of kids jumping off and every year someone is air lifted out.

Easy, well maintained. Very peaceful. I was alone 99% of the time. Be aware storms roll in late afternoon almost everyday and the temperatures can change quickly (it dropped 35 degrees from the beginning the of my hike to the end). I did this as a part of a longer hike (Geologic->Hornbeck->Boulder->Hans->Sawmill).

Easy, mostly flat- peaceful- only one other person the whole time.

Easy hike through a meadow and the woods. There is a per person fee of 7.00, so check into a pass of some type.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! I live in Guffey and this place used to be nice. Trashy kids just trash this place. Nothing but drinking and partying. kids are ALWAYS getting hurt jumping the cliffs. PLEASE if you go, don't litter!!!! This place should be SHUT DOWN!!!

1 month ago

Hiked this with my 12 year old son and really enjoyed it. Quite a challenge and we didn't quite find the USGS marker for the top on account of the rocks becoming a bit too technical and risky for the two of us. The route up was fairly well-marked but once you leave the trees you have to keep an eye out for cairns to guide your way. The route down was basically non-existent if you do the loop but the ground cover isn't too thick and if you keep a close eye on the topography and use your compass getting down isn't too tough.

Views from the top were good, but another set of hikers recommended the view from just east of the summit in the saddle towards Pikes Peak. Next time we go up we'll probably head that way to see what we can see.

No snow or ice on June 2nd, 2018.

Educational and good for young children

Extremely Short Hike to the Cove. Short enough to even bring a chair and cooler.
But if you venture a little farther in from the Cove you can climb up into the formations if desired.
Very much a mini frat party at times. Expect a good sized younger crowd drinking beer and playing music.
Great area though. Highly recommend!

1 month ago

Just the right length for an hours walk

1 month ago

Great hike on 5/23. Did the full loop. Trail is mostly dry with a few isolated snow drifts and occasional mud at higher elevations. I brought traction with me but never found it necessary all the way to the summit or on the descent. I would only recommend attempting the summit from the north approach (Left at the marker - walk through Horsethief Park). This section is fairly well established and the trail has a number of cairns to aid in way finding. This will eventually take you to a large boulder field as others mentioned. There are multiple cairned routes through the boulder field. As others have stated, it seems best to try to stay left. I originally started taking one of the routes more to the right side which seemed more direct and eventually had to make my way left anyway to get to an easier route. Staying left initially would have saved time. Summit requires some class 3 moves. USGS summit marker is in the top of a rock slightly north and slightly below the highest rocks at the summit. The southern part of the loop which descends into Horsethief Park near the falls is much less clearly marked. I didn’t see any cairns or tape or anything else to denote a route on the descent so I was happy to have GPS with me. This part of the trail gets very vertical in some spots but is generally doable with caution. Some class 3 down climbing over rock formations I found necessary sticking to the GPS track, YMMV. Overall beautiful hike and the views are well worth the effort. If I were to do this trail again I might consider backtracking the way I came after summiting rather than doing the loop as it seems this section is both much more clearly marked as well as less vertical.

Still too snowy. Made it 500' below the top but had to turn back. The snow made it dangerous going down, even with spikes. I wouldn't recommend this trail except in the summer with no snow.

The swimming hole itself is really pretty. Super short hike, with pretty scenery. Be prepared for huge crowds of frats guys partying. Huge crowds, loud music, partying, and littering from stupid kids. Honestly ruined the beautiful spot. Would not return.

off road driving
2 months ago

Good trail with quite an elevation difference. Gets very narrow and close to the edge during the last stretch. I would like to note that there is a locked gate at about 12,000 ft. right before the Mount Baldy Reservoir, so you can't actually make it to the summit in a 4x4. Still had a great time in the forest!

Beautiful spot. Tons of people. It felt like a frat party. This place would be wonderful on a hot weekday without many other people there.

extremely easy ok,for beginners

3 months ago

I wouldn't go back unless it was for a swim. too short a hike otherwise. was beautiful though and awesome swimming hole though too popular of a spot for my liking... too many people. of suggest a week evening to avoid the people.

3 months ago

We did the loop about seven months ago. The late post is kind of to defend this beautiful hike. No there are no signs. No it’s not super easy. Myself, a 55 year old and my guy, a 56 year old managed it pretty well. I tore my MCL in June and did that “kill me now” descent in August. Not super smart but at the time we had no idea how steep the descent would be. That said I would do it again, healthy in a minute. It’s beautiful and peaceful and an awesome workout for people our age to prepare for some bigger longer hikes. We took our flat lander 25 year old daughter with us and she did that boulder field in half the time we did. It was fun and I would recommend it to anyone for a day hike with a pick your path trail.

beautiful but too short for me. Awesome swimming hole.

Should have checked - no dogs allowed even on leash. Makes no sense to me. Would have been a beautiful hike.

off road driving
5 months ago

This is a super good trail! You probably want to have a 4x4 for this lol. If you are afraid of heights make sure you trust your driver because it gets pretty close to the edge. I don’t recommend this trail in the winter. It can get sketchy. The view is great!!

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