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The swimming hole itself is really pretty. Super short hike, with pretty scenery. Be prepared for huge crowds of frats guys partying. Huge crowds, loud music, partying, and littering from stupid kids. Honestly ruined the beautiful spot. Would not return.

off road driving
5 days ago

Good trail with quite an elevation difference. Gets very narrow and close to the edge during the last stretch. I would like to note that there is a locked gate at about 12,000 ft. right before the Mount Baldy Reservoir, so you can't actually make it to the summit in a 4x4. Still had a great time in the forest!

Beautiful spot. Tons of people. It felt like a frat party. This place would be wonderful on a hot weekday without many other people there.

extremely easy ok,for beginners

1 month ago

I wouldn't go back unless it was for a swim. too short a hike otherwise. was beautiful though and awesome swimming hole though too popular of a spot for my liking... too many people. of suggest a week evening to avoid the people.

We did the loop about seven months ago. The late post is kind of to defend this beautiful hike. No there are no signs. No it’s not super easy. Myself, a 55 year old and my guy, a 56 year old managed it pretty well. I tore my MCL in June and did that “kill me now” descent in August. Not super smart but at the time we had no idea how steep the descent would be. That said I would do it again, healthy in a minute. It’s beautiful and peaceful and an awesome workout for people our age to prepare for some bigger longer hikes. We took our flat lander 25 year old daughter with us and she did that boulder field in half the time we did. It was fun and I would recommend it to anyone for a day hike with a pick your path trail.

beautiful but too short for me. Awesome swimming hole.

Should have checked - no dogs allowed even on leash. Makes no sense to me. Would have been a beautiful hike.

off road driving
3 months ago

This is a super good trail! You probably want to have a 4x4 for this lol. If you are afraid of heights make sure you trust your driver because it gets pretty close to the edge. I don’t recommend this trail in the winter. It can get sketchy. The view is great!!

5 months ago

Hiked this on December 18th. Not a large amount of snow yet. However, spikes are definitely necessary. It is very slick when you descend the mountain. The boulder field is avoidable if you stick to the left, there are Cairnes for multiple routes, so stick to the farthest left. However, the boulder field was very fun to navigate and is doable with spikes, there is ample opportunity to get off route. The final push to the summit has some class 3 moves. There was no one else on the trail that day. Probably the best summit experience in the Pikes Peak region.

Quick trail to a beautiful destination. We were lucky enough to be the only ones there today. Worth the drive from the springs.

Updated: We just went back in January and the cove was beautiful. Covered in ice, it made it really special.

7 months ago

If you don't want to drive up 4wd roads for this mountain and don't want to hike roughly 12 miles round trip, start as described below:
Take gold camp road past 379 to 376. This is a road to the reservoirs on the south side of Pikes Peak. Follow 376 to the gate where you can't go further. On the east side of 376 there is a 4wd road called 379 (its western terminus). Follow 379 east for approximately 2/3 of a mile. In a relatively flat section there will be a 2 track old keep road branching off 379. Follow it north for about 1/8 mile.

This is where directions get tricky. There are cairns along the route from this point guiding you toward the base of south Almagre but no real trail. This half mile section could pose a threat to becoming lost. You must make your way, generally staying on a ridge while heading toward the base of South Almagre. Eventually you will find a barb wire fence. A good trail will start on the other side of this fence at a point where the fence has been taken down. Once you make it through the fence your route becomes very clear for the majority of the rest of the hike.

Very beautiful and secluded trail. I did not see any other people the entire hike.

CAUTION: I would highly discourage anyone from attempting this hike without GPS or at the very least a topo map. There is a large chance to become lost on the section of the hike with no trail.

The first trip recording posted by Thomas Yoder "Almagre from McReynolds Res" is spot on- many thanks to you sir. I used your track as an overlay on a topographic map and followed it without issue!

If you are adventurous and have Alltrails Pro- definitely a hike to do!

great easy trail to do with a stroller and kids! Beautiful views of the aspens changing colors this fall!

My twin boys and two pups loved this outing. We were pretty much alone and only crosses paths with four other hikers. It is a very short hike but it is a beautiful one with a great scenery for a picnic at the cove.

Beautiful area. Worth the drive from Woodland Park!

Parking lot was full. We had 4 kids with us, (9months, 18 months, 3 years, 5 years) The babies were carried by baby back! packs. VERY STEEP right at the beginning, our friend fell with her baby on backpack, both were okay. Couple times you pass a creek. Very steep on the way down to cove as well. I felt it was worth it and did it with a baby on me. I jumped the cliff too. Addrenal rush! I didn't like all the drinking going on and there was law enforcement present writing tickets to some. Didn't bother us any. Good time with the family. On the way back to the parking lot was a heeping pile of beers cans left on trail, we picked up! Be responsible and respectful to mother earth!

I actually have a question (sorry I couldn't figure out how to ask it elsewhere): how "easy" is the trail? One of our party is an older person who is not in great shape and is also afraid of heights. Are there spots where the footing is unsure and there is the potential to fall any distance? Thanks!

Terrific adventure. The summit is worth it. Thank you to whomever provided the GPS waypoints provided in the main route description here. They definitely made for a more confident ascent and descent. A couple of learnings to pass along: 1) the boulderfield everyone references is sort of shaped like an hourglass. We found it easier to skirt the bottom half of the boulder field to the north (climber's left), then at the narrowest point of the "hour gass" crossing south (climber's right) and accessing a steep but solid grassy slope to get to the ridge. Opting for this grassy slope--as opposed to the lower angle grassy slope and rocks featured in many pics that climbs east-northeast--saves time and aggravation. 2) On the descent from "South Saddle" to "Horse Thief Falls" we followed the direct route on our GPS. It's steep, hard on the knees and completely doable. The route pictured in red on the main route description looks as though the person angled west-southwest. I'll try that next time. Does anyone have any intel for a less steep descent? Thank you to whomever placed the colorful rock near the summit--you know who you are!--what a great landmark during the scrambling downclimb off the summit.

My son suggested we check out this place called "Paradise Cove". . . . Never heard of it. Been in the area for 13 years! After a hour and a half drive, we pulled into the parking lot. and headed up the trail. What a Pleasant little walk. About a mile one way, to a wonderful little spot. I'm not much of a swimmer, so I did a lot of "hanging out", but the kids chose to take the "plunge". . . Over all it was a Great Day! Friendly folks, Nice Hike, Beautiful area!! If You're looking for a Nice place to spend an afternoon, This is it.

9 months ago

Very easy, wide open, and beautiful trail. Lots of great views of the Peak with some pretty sprawling meadows. After you reach the Boulder pile and creek, the trail climbs into the forest so a variety of terrain to explore on this trail. We were able to do this trail with 4 children under 6 years old, so very family friendly. Be aware that there is a $5 PER PERSON entry fee for this area for anyone over 15 years old.

9 months ago

Be sure and look for the Indian prayer trees. Great trail with lots of features including a boulder field.

It was pretty great!
The parking lot wasn't full, the trail was beautiful and the people friendly and respectful. The swimming hole was very well taken care of by the people who come to visit, which is great. We plan to go back and make this a regular place to visit.

10 months ago

No dogs. No thanks, narrow minded jerks.

Beautiful views.

This hidden gem isn't so hidden anymore. However the trip was well worth it. Beautiful scenic drive there and a beautiful area. Our kids absolutely loved it!! Short hike and plenty of areas for the kids to explore. This is a hiking trail that has no limits to other areas off the path that kids and adults will spend hours exploring some of the most beautiful rock cliffs and trails that run along a gentle stream. The only downside is there were about 40 people there when we got there but everyone was super friendly and mostly stayed at the small cove to cliff jump in the water. Most of the area had little to no people and we can't wait to visit again!!

Awful. Young party goers everywhere, drinking, partying, and constantly yelling, using alcohol and drugs, completely trashing what I'm sure was once a lovely spot in nature. Young people dangerously and stupidly jumping off the cliffs, despite warning signs of injury and death. I knew it was only a matter of time, and sure enough, a girl was severely injured while we were there. She was bleeding profusely and screaming and hollering and crying as people tried to administer first aid on her in a remote area. The hike looked like it had once been beautiful, but now it is trashed, ruined, and dangerous, and the whole situation made me extremely angry and annoyed, not at all a good, peaceful or positive experience in nature for a summer Saturday off of work.

10 months ago

That loop was intense! Very enjoyable, but getting the peak itself was almost all class 3 scrambling with a couple class 4 moves sprinkled here and there. I made the mistake of downclimbing the peak on the West side and trying to head West-Southwest from there back to the trail but that was not a good call. I ended up climbing back up to the rocks, making my way to the east side then heading south (much, much easier) until I found a good break in the rocks, like this guide says. This loop was 7.75 miles, 3110 ft. elevation gain for me, and close to half of it was off-trail. Challenging, but rewarding!

10 months ago

Great route on Tr379 from gate below McReynolds reservoir. Trail hard to follow in spots with some cairns but follow track. Brings u into saddle btw two peaks; high Amalgre to left and south Amalgre (Baldy) to right....gorgeous views all way up and on top! Will do this again

11 months ago

The time is right- not hardly any snow now. When you get to tree line on accent, skirt the bottom edge of the big boulder field while heading south (to your right) and it will take you to a steady uphill below the actual point. Just keep heading south and the point will peak over the hill. Be prepared to climb to get to the top- no walking path at all.
Very steep in both directions- lots of leg and knee strength required- great adventure though!

My suggestion on way down- follow the little creek that starts up there above tree line all the way down and it will intersect with another creek which will then turn into horse thief falls. switchback down for easier decent. Have a great summer everyone!

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