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8 hours ago

Open and already busy - easy hike and pretty; fishing was mediocre from shore with not great access, would be better wading.

***no glass***
***pack out your poop***

Stunning hike and hot springs, except that we cleaned up and packed out a previous camper's food trash and poop, in addition to our own. The hotsprings was lovely but people brought glass wine bottles and glass pipes. This area is world class! Be a better steward!

We are pretty fit ladies from Denver and we took six hours going up and four coming down. My GPS/Garmin claimed it was 9.8 miles (?!?).

The creek fording was mid-calf/below the knee on June 13-15.

Gorgeous place. I hope people don't ruin it.

Great easy to moderate hike, the crowds did not bother us at all....it really thins out as you pass dream lake. Bring a long sleeve shirt, cold steady breeze up at emerald lake

GREAT hike. Trail marked well. What makes hiking worth it: getting to top, all to feel so small in this HUGE world.

off road driving
1 day ago

With only a couple ground clearance/articulation areas this trail is not overly difficult. Zero issues in a ‘95 YJ with only a 2” lift. We even ran across a Toyota RAV4 which should give you an idea that it isn’t very difficult.

Most of the trail is very rocky and bumpy which does make for a slow ride. The views are very good, especially near the top.

As of today, June 21st, 2018, the gate is still closed about 1/2 a mile or so from the top. We finished the trail by foot. There is one patch of snow remaining that isn’t too big or deep. After the melts I would assume that the remainder of the trail will open.

In conclusion, it’s a fairly uneventful trail with nice views and a beautiful lake finish. Perfect if you pack your fishing gear.

Beautiful area but please remember that dogs and people are NOT allowed in the water ever and dogs must be leashed. Also it is not an area that allows shooting and currently there is a fire ban. There are multiple signs up about this but I guess people just don't notice them? CO Fish and Wildlife was up and enforcing the rules thankfully, I'm sure they issued several tickets based on what I saw today. Suggest getting there early as it gets crowded during the summer, or going in the off season. Fall is a pretty time to go up with less crowds. Nice place to go if you live nearby and want to squeeze in a short hike with pretty views without driving too far. I believe there are other trails branching off this one too but I have yet to explore them.

Super beautiful. Hike was way more intense then people have made it out to be though. Incline was a lot steeper than we expected.

First time up to Rampart and it wont be my last! Started from Rainbow Gulch and walked clockwise. The trail was easy to follow but it did get pretty tight in some spots. There is a good bit of shade overall but some areas are full sun. The parking lot at the dam gets very hot, if hiking with dogs and crossing the dam keep an eye on their feet. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views!

I hiked this with my six year old nephew on June 9, 2018. We took the shuttle, which was nice on the way up. On the way back, we had to wait, and it was hot with not much shade. However, the hike was amazing and totally worth it. We hiked about a half mile past Crater Lake, which was incredible because of waterfalls that could not been seen from Crater Lake. The trail itself was very rocky and a bit difficult, but totally worth it.

Great hike. Need crampons or snow shoes to get to the upper lake still so didn't go. Both bottom lakes are fine hiking with no special gear. Recommend trekking poles.

1 day ago

Nice, easy hike with some nice views. Not too many people when you get there early.

Walked here with my girlfriend the day before New Years. Was snowy peaked, and beautiful. A good quick trip for those who live in the front range!

1 day ago

If you drive to the trail head and park in the nearby parking lot, then the hike is only about 6.6 miles round trip. This map shows the trail head starting much further away. When we reached the end of the trail, we spent 20 minutes looking for the rest of the trail, thinking that we still had a couple of miles to go. Alas, once we were able to get cell phone reception, we realized that we WERE at the end of the trail...where it sort of dead ends near the lake.
Overall the hike was great! Lots of beautiful wildflowers. It was quite windy when we went, so I wished I had brought some warmer layers. The dogs enjoyed the patches of snow along the way. We didn't enjoy the mosquitoes as much. If we are in the area again then I would definitely hike this trail again!

Beautiful from start to finish. A taste of everything. Waterfall, wildflowers, Mountain View’s, and rushing water along the way!

Incredible hike, the new permit system and ranger enforcement has really gotten the area cleaned up. Springs are very clean. If you can do it on a weekday you'l likely have the area to yourself or only with a few other people. Not near as difficult of a hike as a lot of people seem to make it out to be. Trailhead to main pool in just under 3 hours, back down to trailhead in just over 2 hours. Don't think of it as a 17 mile hike, it's more like a 8.5 mile hike, with several hours in a hot spring, with another, separate 8.5 mile hike afterwards.

GPS clocked around 8.4 miles each way, trail and campsites are now free of snow.

Great hike, and wonderful views. I would rate the hike as moderate. Really enjoyed the aspen stands and although pretty much straight up, there are some breaks in the uphill with the trail leveling out in spots. Very nice up at the lake.

2 days ago

Super short trail, pretty much an incline up to the lake the whole way. Definitely worth it for visitors as it’s close to the city. I took out of town guests in Nov. it was just the perfect amount of chill, there was snow and ice in some parts of the trail but the photos were amazing and worth it. From the lake you can keep. Hiking up and the views only get better!

2 days ago

Beautiful and easy hike. Left trailhead at 09:30. Plenty of people out there today. Saw both male and female moose just on the other side of the river.

2 days ago

This place would be amazing but there is way too many people

What a beautiful hike! I took four grandchildren ages 4-10 to the end of the trail. They had a blast. It’s pretty much all a slow incline up and if you have any wanderers keep an eye on them for there are some steep drop offs. It’s four miles each way, unless again you have a wanderer like I did, and I know it had to be at least nine miles for him as we zigzagged up...him wandering to the edge and me pulling him over to he far side of the trail. Yes, it was the four year old. I wouldn’t recommend it for any child younger than four unless you are willing to carry or pack them up. Coming down take it slow, the gravel is loose and it’s easy to slip. A walking stick would be a nice addition to your gear. There were lots of people on the trail, but it never felt crowded.

Not a hike for Mountain View’s, glacier work, or geological interest. Kind of boring for me. BUT, lots of flora and fauna. Very tough, long ascent for an older person.

I’m currently plannng 7 day trip doing a loop up Cross Creek down Fall Creek, and back over to the Cross Creek Trailhead. My plan is this:

Day 1. Hike up Cross Creek to Harvey Lake and camp
Day 2. Hike past Treasure Vault Lake, over Fancy Pass and into Holy Cross City, and either camp there or a little further down the trail at Hunky Dory Lake.
Day 3. Hike to Lake Constantine and camp.
Day 4. Visit the nearby Tuhare Lakes, then camp again at Lake Constantine.
Day 5. Hike to Half Moon Campground but continue on over Half Moon Pass and down to the East Cross Creek crossing, and camp.
Day 6. Tackle the summit of Mount Holy Cross, then back down and camp again at East Cross Creek crossing.
Day 7. Follow East Cross Creek about a mile or so over to Cross Creek and Cross Creek Trail, then back down Cross Creek Trail the remaining 5 or six miles to the trailhead, and pray that my car will still be there.

The normal conclusion of this loop would involve hiking 8 miles down the dirt road from Half Moon Campground to the Cross Creek Trailhead, resulting in total hiking distance on the last day of 11 to 12 miles, which would start with a 1000 foot ascent over Half Moon Pass. My proposed alternate route would cut that distance by about half and eliminate the big ascent back over Halfmoon Pass, plus I’d still be doing my hiking n the wilderness instead of down a boring dirt road. The only drawback is that there is no established trail down East Cross Creek back to Cross Creek, but the rangers tell me there shouldn’t be any big problems negotiating that short traverse.

If anyone has tried this before, I’d love to hear from you! My email address is jmichaelclaylaw@aol.com.

I loved this trail! It was beautiful the entire way. We parked in the lower parking lots, but there was parking in the upper parking lot when we got to the trailhead, on a Tuesday at about 11:00am. Lots of wildflowers this time of year. A little bit of slushy snow in parts but nothing to worry about. Just a really beautiful trail. The hike to the upper lake from the lower lake is very short, totally do it. The lake you see most of the hike must be the private lake. I’ll do this one again.

on Elk Run Trail

2 days ago

Awesome spring trail for conditioning. Sometimes bikers can’t see us coming but overall a good trail.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike but pretty short. Get their before 7:30 because it gets uncomfortably crowded after

Awesome place! Incredible views with just a short hike away

We hiked this trail on 6/19/18. Go early as the trail is busy during the early afternoon. We have two kids 10 and 13, and it was a challenge for our 10 year old to finish the hike. The elevation for the final ascend is no joke, but the views are spectacular at the lower lake. As a family, we took plenty of breaks and the entire trip took us 4.5 hours.

Did this (6/18/18) the day after we arrived from south Florida. We started at Spruce Creek trailhead at 1500, but missed the trail marker and ended up hiking up the road to the Mohawk trailhead. It was ok though, because it saved us time. Our big aspiration was to make it to the waterfall, and then we turned back because it was getting late. We got back to the car by 2000. We had pretty solid headaches when we drove back to Breck, but it was a great hike. I'd do it again, just make sure you don't get off the trail. It's poorly marked, but it's navigable if you ask for directions.

It's worth noting we were stalked by a mountain goat after we ate sandwiches at the waterfall. The poor creature followed us for .5 miles. I guess he was seeking food. He wasted precious calories following us down the mountain, and I felt bad. If he was a bear or alligator, this post would not have happened and his belly would be full. Instead, he's a goat with an empty stomach :'(

Too much damage and debris from pine beetle mitigation work. Trail rerouted away from many of the best parts. Very disappointed.

This was more of a walk than a hike. It’s a dirt road used by Denver Water. It was nice because the road is wide, but just not what we expected. The water, rock formations, mountains & wildlife are great. There’s very little shade though - almost none on the path itself. We clocked 13.91 miles from the parking lot to the big dam and back.

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