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first hike in RMNP and it did not dissapoint

We did this loop on the Labor Day holiday weekend.. trip from Bear Lake to Dream and Emerald was very heavily travelled. From there much less populated. Haiyaha was our favorite and an easy jaunt off the main trail. Don’t miss this one. We went down to thru Alberta Falls then took the bus back to Bear Lake from Glacier Gorge trailhead. Watch all the little add on’s as we still ended up at just over 8.5 miles..

We did Nymph, Dream, Emerald and Haiyaha (doing Loch on the way to Sky Pond). Emerald and Haiyaha were the best. Emerald lake reminded us of Lake Agnes in Banff. Saw a herd of Elk at Dream Lake. Start as early as possible to avoid the crowds of people.

Wow. Relatively easy hike and the views are some of the best in the area. Walking up the rocks from the normal viewing area will give you a spectacular sight from the top of Alberta Falls!

Started our trek at Bear Lake trailhead, per the advice of a person on the shuttle. Good decision! Hiked mostly downhill to Bierstadt and then enjoyed the loop around the lake. Thanks to another tip from a fellow hiker, we found a nice spot off the loop to view the lake (it is surrounded by trees). Next, we hiked to the Bierstadt trailhead which involves scenic views going DOWN the switchbacks. (Note: If we had started the hike from Bierstadt trailhead and ended at Bear Lake, this would have been a much more strenuous journey!) It took my family (12 month old on my back + two 6 year olds) about three hours total.

Advice for families: Start at Bear Lake trailhead, end at Bierstadt trailhead, use shuttle back to Bear Lake or to Park & Ride.

We started at the Bear Lake Trailhead with Nymph Lake first, followed by Dream and Emerald lakes. Then we worked our way back down and continued on the loop to Haiyaha. You do need to climb some boulders to get the full lake view here. Next we continued to Loch Lake. Once here, it’s definitely worth your time to follow the trail out and back to Sky Pond! You have to climb up a waterfall to see some incredible views. Easily my favorite part! To end our hike, we followed the trail down past Alberta Falls to end at the Glacier Gorge trailhead. The shuttle picked us up there to take us back to park and ride. This whole loop ended up around 12.5 miles with some extra little climbing in between! Beautiful views!

What a hike! Haven't done something quite like this in almost 20 years. For this to be classified as "moderate" couldn't be more incorrect. This was probably one of the most difficult hikes I've ever done. Started at the Lawn Lake trail head at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday (7/1) and got back down around 5:00 p.m. We did the Lawn Lake portion of the hike a little over a month ago. It was remarkable to see the change.........3-4 feet of snow at the lake, to absolutely no snow this time. The trail north of Lawn Lake is not very well maintained. There is a lot of overgrowth covering parts. Once you split off of the Saddle Trail there is NO marked trail to the summit. We tried following the trail that is posted on AllTrails, but there were parts that were just impossible. Stayed on rocks as much as possible, but there were parts that it was unavoidable to walk on plant life. We took a long loop around on the top so that we could get great views of Crystal Lakes (WELL worth it) and ended up making a stop at them on the way down. If there was an actual maintained trail to the summit of Fairchild this would be a much more popular hike. Not for the faint of heart. Bring lots and lots of water and be prepared for a long day. (Took us just over 11 hours round trip).

5 months ago

Beautiful. Steep in places. Spectacular views.

5 months ago

Did this in June of 2017. The early elevation gains can be pretty brutal but it tones down a bit while still being mostly up hill.

The mosquitoes really pestered us during the initial ascent and we were not prepared for them.

A good challenge that felt worth it none the less.

If you like crowded trail, than this is the one for you! Otherwise, although I would include both attraction when hiking the area, they are clearly not the most exciting thing to see

I did this trail on 6/16/18. We started at the Bear Lake trailhead at 7:30 because the glacier trail lot was full. We went from Bear Lake trailhead clockwise to the Loch past Alberta Falls and then added Sky Pond.

Sky pond was incredible and one of the most fun hikes I've been on. This was one of the only spots that still had snow, but it was completely tracked and manageable.

After that he went to Lake Haiyaha, down to Dream Lake, and also added Emerald Lake. Then went down to Nymph and Bear lakes. In the end we got 8 lakes and a great time. the loop was beautiful and would go again.

This was an awesome trail! We started near Sprague Lake and went upwards for a few hours. Our first real trail in Colorado. We are from Texas and made it to 10,000 ft elevation just fine. The views were breathtaking! A few bits of wildlife, beautiful flowers, and all the waterfalls and water crossings were amazing. Highly recommend this trail. We went upwards connecting to another trail for about 3.5 Miles, then back down. Total of about 5 hours for the 7+ mile trek.

We just completed the Beaver Mountain Trail which is a delightful 5 Mile Loop. It traverses Beaver Meadow and then climbs into the forest. For a while the landscape is somewhat unusual in that there are a lot of dead trees from the pine borer beetle. There is no undergrowth in this area. Once you leave the forested area you start climbing again and just below the summit is a wonderful "Zen" type location near the horse hitching post. From there you have excellent views down the valley into the mountain ranges beyond. You will continue to get these views as you ascend. Having gone counterclockwise and wanting additional hiking, we decided to take a spur along the Ute Trail and went for about 2 miles. After the short sharp climb the trail levels off passing the wet meadow until you get to the campsite.There is a very convenient stream if you have a water filtration system. We continued on through sparse forest and flower laden meadows. The trail continues for another 7 miles with a total elevation gain of almost 3,000 feet. We returned to complete the Beaver Mountain Trail seeing deer & a mother grouse with 8 chicks. The combination of terrains gave a wide variety of landscapes and a huge number of wildflowers. The beaver Mountain Trail would be excellent for jogging or cross-country if I were 50 years younger.

I began this trail as early as I could get there in the morning, but the beginning section up to the cutoff to Dream and Emerald lakes was very busy even then. When I took the path up to Haiyaha, I had to cross some snow to get on it (even still) but it was much less traveled. It was a great hike up to the lakes and I got lots of pictures. On the way back down through Glacier Gorge and the falls it got very crowded again. The NPS never disappoints with how the trails are maintained. When you get to Lake H, go on past the big gnarly curled pine and do some bouldering and scrambling to get to some great views of the other part of the lake. It was a very cool hike!

5 months ago

Arrived around 9am on a Tuesday in summer, only a hand full of cars at the trail head and we only passed two small groups so we had the whole trail to ourselves. Mid 30s, pretty fit, carrying a 30lb infant on my back, went counter clockwise and took about 2:45 not counting a stop at the top. There is a horse rack at the "top" which is a great place to stop for a snack before heading down.

We hiked this one 6/5 and only did a one way trip. We parked at bear lake and then took the shuttle back from the Bierstadt trail head. The hike was fairly easy, as most of it is downhill. It took me about 2 hours to make the one way trip at an easy pace. The hike is mostly through wooded areas so not as scenic until you reach the switch backs headed down to the trail head. The switchbacks offer up some really great views of Sprague lake and the mountains surrounding Bear Lake.

Hiked 5/29. On the tougher side of easy, after Bear Lake. Steep incline and then the descent after Bierstadt was hard on the ankles with the rocky trail. Starting at Bear Lake TH is the way to go. Bierstadt is a beautiful scene with incredible views. There are a couple trail markers to keep you from meandering to the Park and Ride and to keep hiking the lake. The descent was perhaps my favorite part- the view was breathtaking with every switchback!

We started out at 10 am and found a lot of people on the Nymph-Dream-Emerald Lake sections. Sometimes enough for a hiking traffic jam! We decided to go on to Emerald adding another 1.4 to our hike. The trail just above Dream Lake to Lake Haiyaha was the most treacherous for our family, climbing the snow melt with steep drop offs to the right. We never made it to Lake H as the footpath disappeared and we met others that had a hard time finding it. Luckily we found a lovely spot to picnic in the boulders and then continued toward Glacier Gorge. We also didn't do the Lake Loch Trail as thunder was on the horizon. The trail was even and meandered amongst the aspens and log-bridged creeks. Good thing we kept pace because at Alberta Falls, the heavens opened to pea-sized hail! It was an adventurous and rewarding 4.5 hour hike including lots of photo ops and our picnic!

Beautiful babbling brook running beside the trail. A few patches of snow, but they were easy to walk through. Beginning of the trail was steep but eased a bit after the first mile. Intermediate is a perfect description for this hike.

Easy and fun hike. The inclinés are very gradual and worth it to get to the beautiful, glassy lake. The trail is very well maintained and great for all ages. I would definitely bring visitors to Colorado out to this trail again.

6 months ago

Still quite a bit of snow after the first bridge. Micro spikes helped a lot, especially coming down. Didn't quite make it to the end, started postholing every few steps. For a majority of the hike, only way to know (hope) I was still on the trail was to follow the footprints in the snow.

10 months ago

Need snowshoes for the majority of this trail. Beautiful frozen waterfalls but can still hear the water. Very calming. Had the trail all to ourselves. Towards the top, became slightly difficult to follow.

Went up to Bear Lake with the plans to snowshoe the Bear Lake and Bierstadt Lake trails. Snow has been sparse so far this year and we were concerned that there would be minimal snow coverage and what the trail condition may be. The weather pulled through and we had a micro blizzard for our snowshoe hike. It was awesome.

Fresh snow if you're looking to head up snowshoeing soon. ENJOY!

Note: There were some ice patches on the road up through RMNP and some cars struggled.

Beautiful, peaceful, not many people today. Traction makes it better.

Amazing winter hike! Would suggest microspikes, saw tons of animal tracks - rabbits, squirrel, mountain lion, elk - and pretty much had Bierstadt lake to ourselves

Friday, November 24, 2017

Pretty path. Saw elk. Lots of Sage made it smell nice too.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gorgeous area. Good traction strongly advised right now. The light layer of snow hides the treacherous ice on many parts of the loop.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Late Sept:
Relatively easy. Rocky in parts. Good aspen color around Bear Lake atm. Bierstadt Lake beautiful with specked snow on mountains in background with sun.

Nice trail with beautiful views! Saw a Bull-moose at the edge of Bierstadt Lake

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Beautiful hike along gorgeous waterfalls

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