5 days ago

This is a nice easy, short hike. You could go much further up the Hoosier Ridge than we did if you wanted to. Park at Hoosier Pass and cross the highway heading east up what appears to be an old service road. It does wind up ending at some communication towers of some kind. Just after the first set of towers, we broke off the road and started going cross country up towards another type of relay tower that looks like a small billboard. Then we just kept walking until we had an unobstructed view to the west. The view is awesome for hiking such a short distance. In my opinion, this is best hiked in the morning thru afternoon for photo opps. You have Quandary, North Star, Lincoln, Bross and clear down to Mt. Sherman in full view, along with lots of other 13er's. The walking cross country above tree line is super nice and easy. Then just pick a route back down to the road and head back to the pass. Just avoid the low growing willow shrubs, as they are a pain to walk thru. So only a couple miles or so, but you could morph this into a much longer day hike. Beautiful up here!! After spending several days hiking on the west side of the pass, it was nice to hike up to this open space and have a look back. Looking for an easy one with an unreal view and don't have a lot of time, this is it!!