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Fun day hike. Didn't take too long but it's a burner!

Cool hike to the watershed. Some good views. Not a very strenuous hike.

Would have given it more stars except a group of *obnoxious* drunks down by the water edge yelling “FUCK YOU” and “I Don’t care” and “Dogs!!!” Across the water repeatedly. In fact the group did not shut up and were rudely yelling at other hikers across the water causing their dogs to bark back at them across the water.

Again I feel people that don’t understand hiking etiquette are literally ruining people’s experiences. I had to put headphones on to drown out the noise and yelling and obscenities. But I’m not out there to be forced to listen to music. I’m out there to hear **nothing** maybe birds and the wind. There are other hikers out there who travel from the city to escape people like that and yet these people are up there with absolutely no regard for anyone else. Selfish. Never witnessed such rude behavior on a trail before...ever.

Also saw people and dogs swimming in the drinking water, which I’m pretty sure is **prohibited**

off road driving
3 days ago


9 days ago

If you prepare (mentally +/or physically) for the difficulty of the mileage + elevation gain, this is an incredible route. I did this as an overnight solo backpacking trip (I’d estimate my pack to have been about 40lbs — I overpacked as a “just in case” for it being a solo trip) + it was one of my favorite trips to date.
I went up Beartracks Trail & down Beaver Meadows Trail, which made for a strenuous 5.5ish mile day up 2,500ft & an admittedly painful 6.5ish mile day back down 2,500ft. My feet hated me by the end, but it was 110% worth it! There weren’t a ton of people past the first/last 1.5-2 miles of the loop, which made for a very nice + reflective hike. If you can swing it, you HAVE to stop by Beartracks Lake. Honestly, this is what truly makes the trail + the mileage worth it. I spent the night here, and it was incredible. There were two other groups, but I didn’t feel crowded there in the slightest. We saw 4-5 moose along the shoreline, the view of the stars after sundown was breathtaking, and the lake itself is absolutely beautiful.
10/10, would recommend this route (when it opens again — it’s closed for hunting after Labor Day). Do it as an aggressive day hike, or take your time + stay a night or two. As long as you’re prepared for a hurting body, you’ll be fine. It’s worth it, without a doubt. You WON’T regret it.

easy, with some nice views

Nice easy hike. Somewhat busy but it was a Saturday morning. Would be a great easy trail for running!

Definitely not an easy hike especially for midwest people not use to elevation. Worth the effort to get to the top views are outstanding.

Good hike. We had a 4 and 3 year old on foot so only did the loop, which was around 1 mike distance and 300ft elevation gain. Overall it was pretty and good start for the kids to tackle.

Drove up from TX two days before this hike with my dog. Got to the trailhead midday on a Sunday and made it to the lake early evening. Had the lake to ourselves and had a wonderful night, a bit cold since you camp at over 11,000ft. Took our time in the morning and made it back to camp around 12. Saw 1 person the entire hike, but when we first got there Sunday afternoon the parking lot was packed. Weekdays are definitely the time to go!

The first day's elevation gain was intense but doable (even coming from sea level). Beautiful hike with a variety of views. The second day we pretty much descended the whole time so it was pretty easy. Awesome, laid back weekend hike with plenty of available water!

Never found it. Drove around and around. Disappointing

Not bad. Some nice views of the hills and trees. Weaving out of shade and sun and some switchbacks with elevation gain. Very short hike of about 1-2 mi and a photo opp at a pile of rocks (bruins bluff?). Fun for kids and dogs by the creek jumping rocks. Fairly crowded for a CO hike but nothing compared to the crowds found in Silicon Valley trails.

Nice little hike, very close to the city. A little elevation gain makes it a good workout. The views are nice but mostly I liked the trail which weaves in and out of trees. Would definitely do again when I'm looking for a short walk.

3:02 with a minor mix of trail running. It's more moderate.

Nice view west from the top. About 25 minutes up and 15 down. Difficult enough if you are coming from somewhere at sea level the day prior.

Great place to take out of town visitors. It is both easily accessible locationwise as well as accessible difficultywise.

I took a left at the loop and if you want to space out the parts where you climb up, I suggest doing the same. There are also some parts of scrambling down rocks so wear good shoes!

mountain biking
25 days ago

This was a pretty and fun ride but it is definitely rated wrong. I got here thinking this would be a green level ride and the exact trail shown is mostly blue with some black, we walked our bikes for a good portion of the up hill and some of the down hill because it was way too steep! Overall a good ride but I wouldn’t bike it again.

Great lower body workout, but nothing too crazy, my Frenchie came with. The view from the top is a little hazy from all the smoke but still beautiful!

This hike is a perfect one for a quick day hike. It’s close enough to the city that you aren’t driving hours to get there, it’s low/moderately trafficked, and quick. It’s tough, but the views at the top are well worth it. I do this hike about once a month and still love it!

This isn’t a difficult hike. There are a few short parts that are difficult, but it’s definitely doable for a relatively fit beginner hiker. It is a workout though. This was a really beautiful hike. There are parts where you’re completely secluded among the trees, and it’s a surreal feeling (at least for me). Once you leave the meadow and hike for a little bit, the road nearby really isn’t that audible. Anyway, it’s super fun. Try to leave early, so you can finish before the afternoon storms.

Awesome trail! I would recommend doing this backwards from what is shown on here, as the “back half” is much more fun and up and down. The “front half” on this map is very much the same, sloping downhill the entire time. The lookout point is also great. Great trail for running, biking, the lot! Should be rated more difficult than it is - the evergreen mountain trail is shorter and follows nearly the same route but is shorter, and it is rated as “hard.” This, however, is longer and somehow rated “easy.”

Great hike with some difficult parts. Great views at the top. Highly recommend good hiking shoes....not tennis shoes, chacos, or sandals.

30 days ago

This is a great hike if you can take the mileage. I clocked this at 11.1 and that is not doing the loop on Beaver Meadows. Beautiful hike with nice views throughout and an awesome lake at the end. Steady climb most of the way with only a few steep spots. While some of the hike is through gorgeous alpine forest much of the hike is still very exposed so be prepared for sun or rain. Great views of Mount Evans in spots and you can see the road up to the top. Even with the parking lot pretty full we hardly saw any other hikers and we had the lake all to ourselves.

Nice hike, though the loop as shown on AllTrails actually appears to be a loop of the Ponderosa trails, three sisters trails, and the brothers lookout spur. we're unaware of an official brothers lookout loop other than once you've already made it to the top. the views were great, but get there early. We parked off the road since the trailhead had long ago filled with mountain bikers and early bird hikers.

Beautiful and easy trail. We saw lots of deer. It was fairly busy but not annoyingly so - we went around Noon on a Sunday.

This trail was 40 minutes from our north denver house. We arrived on a sunday overcast day around 12. there werent many people on the trail. there are lots of no bike trails, which is great if you’re not into bikers speeding past you thinking they own the place. (*some bikers are super nice so im not doggin on them*) There was meadow, rocky outcroppings, grassy hills, picnic and kissing spots. It was really beautiful, you do see houses and a road from time to time, but you are in the foothills.. I recommend as a nice 4 mile hike close to denver that’s not overly crowded.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Perfect trail for those who are newer to mountain biking. Some technical terrain but more of confidence builders than anything. New favorite trail!!

Nice laid out trail. Not technical but parts that are exposed are warm.

Hiking up to the peak is beautiful, but the sawtooth from south trailhead to the peak has a lot of direct sunshine and it can get very hot. The trade off is a magnificent westward view.

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