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Pretty empty trails even on a Saturday morning. Lot of exposure so bring plenty of water and lots of sunscreen. This route is up and down so no sustained climbing. No incredible vistas but pretty views throughout. Wildflowers and butterflies everywhere - very pleasant hike.

Reallly great trails! I went counter clockwise and it was very step by Too Long trail and a nice decent. The views are really solid but not the best in the area. You get some great elevation gains and loses and is a awesome workout . I went on a Sunday and saw quite a few mountain bikers. I'm glad I was going a different direction since it was easier to see/hear them approaching. The bathrooms at the entrance we're also meticulously maintained! I even saw someone cleaning them on my way back to the car.

Beautiful morning hike. Loved the sun playing peak-a-boo through the trees. Water is really low right now so not a lot of water on the falls.

A great trail! I'm not sure I would say it's difficult. More moderate. There is a trail path the whole way up. The views at the top were beautiful! The day was hot so we went through all of our water and we had 4 big water bottles with us! A super great day!

Great for running, or for an intro to Colorado trails. Definitely evidence of higher traffic, but great on a weekday. Very close to a beautiful lake in Evergreen. Nice to have a creek running alongside the trails for the dogs to cool off in.

Easy hike! Lots of courteous mountain bikers.

A really beautiful loop. I was grateful for the pointer about going counterclockwise on a warm day .... the meadow is completely shadeless so better to cover that territory early.

I would rate this trail “moderate” instead of hard. Under 10 miles, fewer than 2,000 feet elevation change, and a well maintained, easy to follow, non-technical outing. Not to say I wasn’t challenged; you gain most of the vertical in less than 3 miles. But in the scheme of Colorado hikes, it doesn’t deserve the hard rating.

Our GPS showed this at 9.2 miles for the loop (ie., without the peak out-and-back so I think the mileage listed is off, which seems to be a recurring theme in my all trails reviews.

The trail is wide enough that it accommodates the hiker/mt biker use quite well. I look forward to going back on a nice fall day!

7 days ago

This is a borderline great hike. The views at the top are simply spectacular. There is a ton of wildlife in the surrounding woods. The trail is well marked and half of it is shaded. The parking lot was full on the weekend but the trail itself was not that busy. Well worth the trip!

Definitely a great hike. Took the north trail up. There were a few steep parts IMO but not impossible. As others mentioned it's mostly shaded which is great in the summer.

Its a beautiful walk thru the woods and very peaceful. Once you marry up with the Noble Meadow trail though, you will need to watch out for mountain bikers. The vista is beautiful but can be easy to miss the turn off for - just watch for bikers coming down the trail!

Trail has lots of people (& dogs). We went mid morning (8:30ish) and it was pretty packed the whole time. We had a hard time finding the trail markers throughout but we did enjoy our time and the views. I also saw a few snakes so keep an eye out. Over all a good hike!

The initial ascent is a little strenuous if you're not used to the elevation. But it pretty quickly evens out and the rest of the loop is either flat or downhill. Great little park, wasn't terribly busy, but I could hear traffic from a nearby road for a good portion of the hike. Still, would recommend as a starter hike for anyone who isn't acclimated to hiking in higher elevations.

This hike was beautiful and easy. I plan to take some visitors here in a few months! I agree with an earlier review about taking a picture of the map before starting, or taking a paper map with you on the trail to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

trail running
9 days ago

Beautiful and challenging trail!

Great for so close to the city

11 days ago

Hiked this morning and it was pretty good! Restrooms at the beginning of the trailhead were clean and the trail was not very crowded which was nice! There are a good amount of bikes but everyone was super nice. As far as seeing wildlife we saw one mouse (lol) and some deer on our last three miles out. The trail is very well maintained and definitely a Moderate degree of difficulty. I highly recommend you have a GPS map of the trail as it was a little confusing on how to get back to the parking lot.

Very easy but heavily trafficked trail. I recommend taking a picture of the map at the trailhead. This is not really one solid loop but a combination of multiple trails. It can be a short 1 mike hike or a long 10 mike hike depending on the combination of trails chosen. Lots of bikes and trails can get quit congested. This is a great trail for families with young children.

Not a well marked trail. I got to the trail at 7:30 and the parking lot was full but I was able to park close by. By the time I got done at 10:00 there were cars all over the place and the trail was very crowded. I agree with the others who have said that there are many dogs off leash and lots of dog poop either bagged or unbagged along the trail. It smelled bad. I hike at least once a week and I’m not sure I would come back here.

Great hike. Not too many people and especially for a holiday. I recommend taking the North part of the loop up and the south down. Plenty of shade and some pockets of sun. Some of the trek was quite uphill and tough for my little dog but he hopped around the rocks to get there. There is a gorgeous view from the top so definitely coming back. I left about 10:15am and the parking lot was full, so I recommend going a little earlier.

We really enjoyed this hike! A bit of an incline on the way up, but overall pretty easy. We did pass a lot of mountain bikers, but everyone had great trail manners; otherwise not too many other hikers. Nice and shaded but still recommend wearing sunscreen.

Really good workout! The incline stays gradual all the way to the top. Out favorite part was how shaded the hike is.

14 days ago

Heavily Traveled on the weekends. Not lightly traveled as the description says. Parking is difficult to find as well.

14 days ago

Gorgeous trail and extremely well maintained. The views throughout the hike make every step worthwhile. In my opinion, there isn't much of a point to do the loop without heading to the summit. It's only an additional two miles, out and back, and isn't very steep at all. The view at the peak is one of the best around, so make sure you pack a bit more water and a snack for the peak before you head back down. People complain about the mountain bikers, which is absolutely redundant as the trail is meant to be shared for hikers, bikers, and runners alike. The complaint about the highway noise also falls under the same redundant category. Hardly an issue and definitely not a reason to second guess this trail. Awesome workout, awesome views, and a consistent grade all the way up with plenty of level areas to catch your breath. Just get out and do it.

15 days ago

Spring / Summer - Beautiful, steep incline in some areas, enjoyed the running water. Heads up no vault toilets in area. Did not enjoy the traffic on the trail, way too crowded. Often times you have to step aside for someone to walk which is fine but did not appreciate how many people had their dogs off leash on such a tight trail. Perhaps not everyone wants their dogs approached by other unknown dogs off leash. Please be respectful of this. Recommend going on a week day. In the winter very iced over, would not recommend without the appropriate gear. Hiking shoes are not sufficient.

Perfect length and difficulty for my "indoor" daughter who would just as soon sit at home on her computer. Beautiful scenery, decent amount of shade from the trees and we even saw a deer close up. For us I'd say the trail was easy with moderate difficulty sprinkled in here and there.

I've hiked/run this trail a couple times now and it's quickly become one of my favorite after work hikes and places to catch a sunset.

You're mostly in the woods the entire hike until the top, but the view is well worth it. Both times I had the view all to myself.

If you're going to do the loop, I recommend going up the North route and coming down the South as the North is mostly loose dirt and fairly steep.

15 days ago

Did this today - it was fun but tough (I’m an avid hunter, fisherman and backpacker) - this is a challenging hike. And FYI as others have stated this is about 12 miles if you go to the lake. The loop is 10 miles plus about a mile in and out from the lake back to the loop = 12 miles. The lower (southern side of loop) is much more challenging in my opinion than the Beaver Meadows trail. This is not a day hike in my opinion and certainly not young kid/family friendly. Plan for an overnight or two and enjoy this lake...it’s gorgeous!

mountain biking
16 days ago

A really sweet decent after a pretty techincal uphill. For the initial hour of climbing I had to hop off of my bike 3 times. It was a pretty hard climb but the drop is awesome and steep. Some sweet switchbacks and rock lines make this trail a good option.

Well maintained and good signs. Nice park close to Denver.

Great, easy trail. Lots of shade. Went closer to the middle of the day in the middle of June and it was still an enjoyable hike. Nice and scenic. Didn’t have an issue with dog poop bags!

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