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14 hours ago

Beautiful weather this weekend! Crowded trails and lots of mosquitoes, though! Bring bug spray for sure.

19 hours ago

The trail leads to a beautiful lake full of what appeared to be Lily Pads. I saw a Moose and her baby bathing in the lake which was magical. My one complaint about the scenery is that all of the trees surrounding the lake have either been burned or impacted by the Pine beetle thus they are all dead and seeing dead trees makes me a bit sad. The trail leading up would make for a good running trail. I feel this trail leans on the more easy-moderate side of the scale, too. Due to its proximity, the trail gets a lot of overflow from people that get turned away from Bear Lake and Glacier Gorge so be aware of that.

great hike, a lot of elk on the trail and a lot of people as well. but the views are beautiful

beautiful lil stroll

Beautiful views at Sky Pond today! Overall the trail is more moderate, but the waterfall climb is probably what qualifies it as difficult. Beware if you look at the map at the trailhead and use it to calculate mileage it's actually 9.8 miles round trip.

A beautiful hike and yes come prepared with plenty of water and sun screen. Took the fire trail cut off on the way back and saved 0.5 miles

The moose at the top in the lake to the left was a bonus!

My favorite hike I've ever done. very challenging but doable. loved the rock scramble at the very end up to the lake. my first ever rock scramble. once you get to the boulder field the views will take your breathe away. pictures can never do justice to how amazing it really is. app is a little off, the total round trip distance is about 8.4 miles from the Long's peak trailhead

So beautiful! The most beautiful and the most difficult trail I’ve ever done. It was an all day experience so wear your hiking boots, bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a Camelback of water. SO worth it! The entire trail is beautiful but it’s worth it to keep going until sky pond!
My husband and I are moderately fit but not acclimated to the altitude and it took us 8 hours, we took quite a few breaks to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

3 days ago

Great quick hike if you want something close to the Y. Views of the YMCA and the peaks of RMNP from the top. Glacier Creek Trail is also in this area and will lead you into RMNP with excellent views about a mile in.

So beautiful! The most beautiful and the most difficult trail I’ve ever done. It was an all day experience so wear your hiking boots, bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a Camelback of water. SO worth it! The entire trail is beautiful but it’s worth it to keep going until sky pond!

Super easy and quick hike, can get a bit busy. If you’re experienced and looking for a longer trek take this trail further up to loch.

So beautiful! Worth the mini rock climb to get to the top!

Great hike! It’s rated as hard but it’s probably more moderate. Amazing views at the top. Not a ton of parking so get there early.

4 days ago

Heed the advice of other reviews, arrive at Bear lake before 6:30 or be condemned to the ride and park. The trail is well maintained and heavily trafficked. Several scenic views are available to stop and have a drink on the ascent. Marmots and Elk abound above the timberline. The only negative is the view from the top is obscured by the flatness of the summit. My advice is to take this hike, but do it as part of your hike to Hallet Peak which offers a better vantage point and very little additional hike.

Short and sweet

A beautiful hike. Took our 6 year old and she did great but she loves hiking a lot! It was cold closer to lake Ida as we took that trail and a storm rolled in so be prepared for rain and to get to safety if one pops up. The views are to die for and we even got to see Elk on our way back down and some mountain sheep and marmot! Overall wonderful hike!

Absolutely beautiful. Had a bit of bouldering to reach the peak.

5 days ago

Beautiful views and super easy trail Signs need a little attention to help

Arrived to the trailhead around quarter of 2, but parked at about 2 because of how busy the Glacier Gorge trailhead lot gets. Made it up to Sky Pond around 3:30, motivated by the threat of lightning, but the thunder that had developed by this point cleared up about ten minutes in, and the sun came out, making this one of the most gorgeous hikes I've done. Each hanging lake is worth a hike if its own! The trail is very nicely carved nearly the entire way up except for a small waterfall scramble, which makes it great for trail running down. After spending about an hour at the pond I jogged back down to the parking lot for quarter of 6. Will easily be coming back to show friends this one!

Started at 4:15 this morning to be in place for first light and sunrise over the lake. We had the whole lake to ourselves. Our timing was good, but we went left (west) around the lake, and could only find a lake entrance on the east end in the dark. If you go right (east), there is a short trail just down the hill to the lake with a good view of the colors in the sky. Overall though, there are better spots for a sunrise, so only 3oo5 stars.

We did this fabulous trail today. We had to use Bear Lake car park as Glacier Gorge was full at 6:40 am. The walk is excellent and was a great experience. It was more crowded than expected but was interesting in every section. As late 50s Aussies we found it okay in terms of difficulty. The only harder sections were the steps leading up to the final waterfall - and the climb back down the waterfall. The views and vistas were well worth the effort. Start early, take your time, use bug spray and enjoy the beautiful hanging lakes!

Beautiful scenery! This water fall is amazing. The trail is also very well kept up.

Beautiful trail with picturesque settings. One of my favorite hikes.

Hard work! Sore feet to be expected

Absolutely beautiful! Got there at 6:30 and had to park at Bear Lake. There is a friendly marmot at the Lake of Glass and on the way back down a herd of Elk with their babies were crossing the Loch. Truly a remarkable trail. Be prepared for elevation gains and pack bug spray!!

Such a beautiful hike- easily one of my favorites!

7 days ago

Fantastic hike! Leave early to avoid heat and crowds. We camped at Longs Peak Campground and the next morning walked to the Chasm/Longs Peak Trailhead. Started at 7:30am and meandered the way up. Traffic was OK. Many of the Longs Peak hikers had begun a few hours earlier than us. Had fun scrambling at the end just before the lake. We stayed at the lake watching climbers, eating lunch, and relaxing then began the trek down around 1pm and it was really, really crowded. Cool weather at the lake. Hot on the way down above the tree line, cooler once in the trees. Beautiful views all along the trail! We stopped so many times to take in the scenery. Really great enjoyable hike! July 2018.

Not too crowded and views are beautiful! It’s a climb at the beginning and the end but well worth it. Marmots and Pikas everywhere, so cute! It is summer so just be aware there may be some traffic and excited folks who are seeing wildlife their first time.

Awesome hike. Climbing the waterfall was probably my favorite part. I felt like we were discovering a new land as silly as that sounds. My brother and I loved it. Great hike.

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