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Absolutely amazing hike. Not crowded at all so it's great for enjoying the nature of it all. There are a few places where it gets tough but the views from the top are totally worth it. 100% would recommend this if you want to get away from the crowds at some of the other places in the park!

1 day ago

Definitely a fun hike. Great payoff for an intense (if you’re from the Midwest) hike. Would do it again in a heartbeat!

1 day ago

Beautiful hike, we got there at 7 am and made it to the top in 1.5 hours. I would say moderate to strenuous for sure, lots of rock steps. View at the top was totally worth it!

Alright hike great fall colors great view of little Matterhorn

1 day ago

Nice hike stopped by on the way back from the key hole simple scramble to the lake awesome view of the diamond on longs. lake was alright there’s better lakes in RMNP to see Black lake and lake of glass are nicer this was a little more challenging to get to or it would only be a 3 star

Beautiful hike! Enjoyed the amazing falls, peaceful lake and wildlife!

2 days ago

pretty enjoyable trail. Couple mostly easy beside the downhill at the back of that trail. I had a wheel up a time or two. You'll want a spotter and or armor underneath

4th gen 4runner 3in lift on 33s

One of the most beautiful hikes! You get to see at least five different water features. For the most part, the trail is fairly easy up until you get to the rocky area leading up to the Glass Lake. The trail can get a bit confusing when you get up there, but it’s still so worth the trip!

2 days ago

One of my favorite RMNP hikes! It is 9 miles, not 8 as stated in the app.

Nice trail, mostly easy with a few short moderate sections. If you do the 6 mile loop be aware that the last mile is walking down the road. Saw a bull elk early on and lots of moose prints on the trail as well. The lake is pretty but there are a lot of burned/dead trees in the area, "the pool" was a nice place to stop for a snack. We arrived at the Cub TH around 6:15 am and were the first people there, although within 10 minutes others were showing up and it was full by the time we left. We went to Cub Lake first, then followed the trail down to The Pool and then on to the TH parking lot. About 6 miles total including the last mile on the road. The only reasons I gave it a 4 is bc of the dead trees and the mile of road walking, other than that a nice trail.

Nice hike up to pretty waterfalls! Lots of big rocks for big kids / adults to climb on to get extra close! We took advice from previous post and started trail at Bear Lake trailhead and then took Glacier Gorge trailhead to shuttle on way back down —> there was no point in climbing all that way back to Bear Lake since we hiked all of those lakes the day before!

Awesome, family friendly hike! Got there around 830a on Sunday morning and had parking / not too many people / enjoyed breakfast on the lake watching the birds and the ducks! Very nice walking path!

Gorgeous trail, did this for our anniversary. It’s definitely more of a moderate hike. The elevation gain is so gradual up until the waterfall, we were able to power walk the whole thing with very little, short stops.

The waterfall wasn’t nearly bad as I thought, either. The scramble up is intimidating to look at, but just watch your step and wear good shoes and it’s totally manageable- There are practically stairs leading up the whole thing, nothing too precarious. I’m terrified of heights and only had one minor freak out LOL. For real though, not nearly as bad as you’d think, and the climb down was even easier. SO SO WORTH IT. This trail was gorgeous, and the colors have just began to change. Waterfalls, lakes, the river, forest and high elevation views. This trail has it all.

2 days ago

Super challenging hike. Essentially 4 miles of stairs on the way up. Gets really windy when you hit the 1.7 remaining mark. Make sure to bring wind jacket, hat and gloves. First part is in the trees then you venture into the valley where it is super windy, once you get to the sign where it points to chasm lake or longs peak follow the trail to the left alongside of the mountain. First you will see peacock lake and continue until you see the chasm lake sign. Have to climb up a lot of rocks to get to chasm lake. Beautiful hike but definitely a challenge on the legs.

9/22/18 - Wonderful views everywhere! Most of hike is above tree line. Trail somewhat marked mixed with trail searching/finding.

Would not rate this as difficult - more like a moderate trail. There isn't too much elevation gain. The only real gain you see are first at the switchbacks and then later on right before timberline falls, and up timberline falls. Other than that it is really mellow and virtually impossible to get lost. Great trail and very accessible to hikers of all ages. Please wear shoes with better grip than regular Nikes/gym shoes. Saw many people try to climb timberline falls in those and were slipping and sliding all over the place which makes it dangerous for yourself and everyone around you. So many good views on the way to sky pond. Get there before 7am on a saturday if you want to park at the trailhead. If you don't you will need to park at the lower lot and take the shuttle.

Great challenge. Pack layers. Views spectacular

Walking from the parking lot west, up and over the ridge to the lake was the only part I really enjoyed. Once we got to the lake, the trail was pretty heavily traffic due to the fact that it was very flat and went along the grasslands that are known for elk. There was a significant section that was right next to the road. That part was very sandy which made it difficult to climb. There were also groups of guided horse tours along the second half, meaning that the trail was covered in horse droppings.

My new favorite hike in RMNP!! Great place to see the aspens changing colors in September. The scramble at the end is a fun challenge. Don’t forget to continue on past the Lake of Glass, about 0.3mi past the scramble.

Great hike but take it to Odessa lake and finish the loop to Bear Lake

3 days ago

Worth the long climb up for the 360 panoramic views. RMNP at its very best.
Recommend doing on a day without winds as your are very high up and exposed. Parking was fine though we hiked midweek.

Highly recommend this as a first hike! Offers meadows, woods, and water all in one trip. Got to the lot about 745 on a Friday and there were a few spots left. When you get to the waterfall you can cross over and climb higher but it’s not for the faint of heart.

3 days ago

Hopped off the park and ride bus to get away from the crowds and this was a great surprise! It is significant elevation gain in short mileage but the views are incredible. Ended up following the trails to Bear Lake which offered totally new terrain and views but this trail alone would be a great little trek!

Absolutely worth the hike. Our watches clocked it in at around 9.5 miles though. We are fit runners from the flat land and it wasn’t a problem. Take your time and really enjoy the views on this hike. Took us 5 hours. Parking was an issue as the road was already closed so figure an alternate way to get there.

Since we had already seen all we wanted to near Bear Lake area: (Bear, Nymth, Dream, and Emerald) we hiked to Alberta Falls and then hiked to the Glacier Gorge trail head and then shuttled back to Park and Ride.This saved some uphill walking and was recommended by a ranger.

Waterfall was busy with people and was just OK.

3 days ago

Went mid afternoon and luckily found a good parking spot. I went along the ridge and wife took the low route right along the lake. I was disappointed that there were not really any good views of the lake from the ridge trail - but it was a good heart workout. Ridge trail was not that difficult for me.

FYI, I am 70 year old male using wife's account.

The reviews below cover just about everything. If you are worried about the scramble up the waterfall, stay to the right, take your time and bring some microspikes. They will help immensely. Especially now that it's getting colder. The short jaunt passed the steep steps to the waterfall was icy.

Nice hike. I recommend starting from bear lake and doing the loop around to Bierstadt trail head. This will reduce the cloning significantly. The lake is pretty and hike is easy if you do this route. The views are great in the fall.

Great hike. Very serene up at sky lake

The is our favorite hike! It’s challenging, beautiful and chalked full of wildlife. We saw about 20 Elk, 6 deer and our bonus for getting to fern lake was 2 moose right at the mouth of the lake. Parking was limited so we added about 2 miles to our trek. All said and done we hiked 10 miles and enjoyed every minute!

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