I’ve lived in CO for over 30 years, and this trail is hands down the most breathtaking display of wildflowers that I have ever seen! The first quarter mile goes through a wooded area before opening into wide meadows, where we hiked through a sea of waist-high wildflowers in every direction. The meadows include abundant displays of mule’s ears, larkspur, columbines, paintbrush (red, purple, and sulfur), lupine, bluebells, cow parsnip, corn lilies, elephantheads, sneezeweed, daisies, fleabane, and more. The first couple miles are easy-moderate dirt single track. The third mile up to the pass summit is extremely strenuous and rocky, but the path is notable for more columbines plus king’s crown, Parry’s primrose, death camas, and other alpine flowers. The sheer quantity and variety of wildflowers in mid-July on this trail is mind-blowing—much better than Trail 403, which we hiked yesterday.. If you want to see wildflowers, this is the trail for you!