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Quite the incline for about half way, but worth the view once you hit the overlook point! Going back down is a breeze!

This was a great hike. Fair amount of people, yet not crowded. Still peaceful and fun. Dog-friendly, with friendliest trial I’ve ever been on. Steep hike up, rocky and often narrow, little protection from the cliff, but worth it. Take it easy, rest. It’s a great afternoon. View of Crag’s Hotel and Continental Divide is spectacular. Oh, and stop in the river once you’ve come down.

Super warm hike . Decent trail, not too technical.

Fabulous hike. Sturdy views, etc. highly recommended.

1 day ago

Great hike. Offers a challenge but not too steep - it was fairly easy taking it slow. The trail has plenty of coverage and great views! Fairly busy but we were able to avoid most traffic by getting there in the morning. The loop is less busy than the main out & back trail. $8 to enter El Dorado park.

the rocks are SO cool!! fun hike, not super hard

5 days ago

This hike is great for a very easy hike with some awesome views. If you enter from Eldorado Springs you'll have to pay $8 to park your car, but you really see where that money goes while walk the well manicured trail with retaining walls on the side. If you park at the other end of the trail it's free (considered Boulder Open Space). The first half of the hike is very scenic, while the rest is pretty open and not as many views. I would suggest branching off to Spring Brook North Trail or Rattlesnake Gultch.

Busy trail, lots of dogs, but great views

beautiful setting, steep uphill climb. had a 7 and 10 year old on the hike, we had to stop many times as it's a long uphill climb. overall we really enjoyed the hike and views.

Amazing place.

Nice trail to hike with oldest son and grandson!

Great hike, perfect length, great views and a variety. Storm rolled in at the top and while I was at the divide overlook, made the mistake of heading back instead of waiting it out - cleared back up in like ten minutes. Followed it up with the first little bit of Fowler. Decent amount of people (~11am on a Sunday) but I wouldn’t say it deterred too much

Nice mix of history, railroad and views

Not very good for bikes was very rocky with sharp pointy Rock sticking out. It was only my fifth trail on a mountain bike so I'm just a beginner.

Fairly busy trail but great views and not too difficult. Mostly shaded.

great trail! it took us about and hour and 40 minutes from start to finish. pretty heavily trafficked especially for a Wednesday

19 days ago

Nice day hike with beautiful front range views, dense forest, and wildflowers in the spring and summer. I usually take the trail counter clockwise; That way if you start in the morning, you'll have nice some sun exposure, and then the trail slowly will escape into the trees as the day gets hotter. You won't notice a huge change in elevation, but the trail can be a bit rocky, so wear good shoes.

This hike took us 1.5 hours - we didn’t stop other than to walk around the hotel ruins and we decided to go up and to the left before we got to the continental divide overlook. There is a little unmarked trail to the left that goes up to a large rock - you can climb on top and the views are amazing. It’s dangerous as there is a steep cliff, dropping straight down. Great weekend morning hike!

Beautiful & scenic. The view from the overlook was great.

This trail is great. I completed it in the winter which added its own set of challenges - traction is a must!

21 days ago

Good and strenuous hike. The 3/4 mile steep section was fun and tough up and down (recommend hiking poles). Enjoyed the shade during that section. Exactly two hours from tail head to peak (with several photo stops) and about 1:45 down. Nice 360 views from the peak.

Great trail. Quite a bit of an incline but nothing too terrible. Note that if you’re not from Boulder with a pass, you need to pay $5.00 for parking.


A fun trail with a great lookout area (continental divide). Relatively shady and covered for a lot of the trail.

I won’t lie this hike is pretty legit! Easy and enjoyable walk the first couple miles and then it gets gnarly!! Totally awesome, only made it to the saddle and got turned around due to weather. Super cool trail and I’ll definitely be back to finish it! Check out my photos to see where it gets tough!

Incredible views. Great for dogs... they enjoyed deer watching.

27 days ago

Awesome views along side of the hill. If you start at the trailhead the views don’t last very long because you start going back down into Boulder. We turned around and hit another trail.

Steady incline for most of the trail, with a couple of nice spots that you can sit and rest, so it's not overly strenuous, but could be if that's what you want. The view from the Continental Divide overlook is stunning. A great trail, even for those who are afraid of heights as the majority of the trail does not have steep drop-offs. We had volunteers on the trail today, 7/20/18 warning of rattlesnakes, and spoke with other hikers who had seen one, so one needs to be cautious. Can be done in under 2 hours.

Hiked this trail March of 2017. Snow fell from the top of the mountain making it one of the most beautiful hikes I have done so far!! Highly recommend.

1 month ago

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