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3 days ago

Trailhead is just north of I-70 in Edwards. We hiked this trail this morning. As casual hikers, the first 30-40 minutes were definitely challenging as it is a relatively steep incline to the top. Once we pushed through that the rest of the walk was very enjoyable. Took about 80 minutes to complete (with some breaks climbing up to the top). Nice views of Edwards along the way.

It was 90f today so a shaded walk was ideal. Found it the top end of moderate but perhaps it was the heat! Well worth getting to the bridge/river where we had a pleasant lunch and snooze..

this is a nice short hike with a terrific view of the valley and surrounding mountains. the intial uphill climb will get your cardio going. the last half is a cake walk on a fire road. no shade, so wear sunscreen. watch out for bikers as it's a popular mtn bike trail.

13 days ago

Nice trail, and know that you can go much farther than the 4 mile round trip. I did 10+ today before having lunch near a fast part of the river, and got tired going under, over, and around all the dead-falls. Good Job to the two U.S. Forest guys who were walking the trail cutting gaps in the dead-fall.

More just a bike path. Totally unsheltered by trees.

The views are great. There is plenty of scrambling once you start to ascend from where the stick is. It is a long drive to the TH. The hike itself isn’t bad if you can scramble.

Great trail, along with a beautiful drive out to the trail from Edwards.. I was mostly hiking but did do a little trail running. The surface for the most part is smooth dirt. The wildflowers were wonderful and there was quite a bit of shade. I did find a parking spot at the trailhead midday on a Wednesday. Parking could be difficult on a weekend. The terrain does roll with several uphill and downhill sections. I could have used my shoes with deeper treads!

Fun hike. Beautiful flowers and best of all, my dogs had a blast in the water!

Great hike!

Aspens were great today, September 30. Be sure to go all the way to the bridge over the creek.

Good hiking trail. No obstructions. Moderate ascents and descents. Very scenic. Many aspen groves. Probably about a week late for peak aspen color change. Hiked to bridge and enjoyed lunch by creek. Very few hikers, maybe about a dozen. Highly recommend.

A beautiful hike through a huge aspen grove. 5 starts for hitting it around the peak of the yellowing leaves today. My Apple Watch called it 4.7 miles from the trailhead to the bridge and back.

Pretty view of the aspens in late September!

10 months ago

Very lush full of wild life and berries along the trail for miles. Nice views of some peaks through the aspen trees at the start, as you descend into the valley you will find a bridge crossing the stream where most hikers will end their hike. If you travel past this bridge you will find beautiful waterfalls first one a half mile past second one is at a mile up, and so on. Mushrooms galore.

10 months ago

The end destination isn't that great, but the views along the way are really sweet. Elevation gain at the beginning of the hike is pretty steep and then it gradually gets easier.

10 months ago

Did a little different version of the hike today with my daughter. Instead of starting at the cabins we cut 6 miles round trip and went around via Eagle and Sylvan State Park to the upper trailhead. Google sent us on a road that wasn't well maintain but we made it up to 418 this way and from there to the trailhead. Once on the trail it was a bluebird day and easy hiking. Our total out and back was 4.2 miles and 1,328 feet of ascent. Cairnes marked the way pretty well although close to the top they are a little hard to pick out. We spent over two hours at the summit since my hiking partner had to take some conference calls (5 bars and LTE). It gave me a chance to pace around a bit and watch the colors change as the sun moved across the sky and cotton ball clouds passed over. We figured out the roads on the way down (who knew paper maps could help) and cut almost 45 minutes off the commute. From the pavement above the Sylvan welcome center take 415 to 418 and turn left - about 45 minutes from the pavement. Great day. Great hike. Great views.

11 months ago

Overall this presentation is confusing. There are two segments here. I followed the driving instructions and arrived at the trailhead by Baryeta Cabins. As noted the road is extremely rutted and narrow. Setting off on the marked New York Mountain Trail was clear until midway up a series of meadows where the trail became invisible. If you hike from this point use my return track from the second trailhead to navigate or my edited route saved in uploaded routes. The Garmin Route and the actual route divert 180 degrees at this point. I bushwhacked along the Garmin route on the way up for about 45 minutes before reaching the actual trail. About 2.9 miles in you'll reach the second trailhead with parking that can be reached via Eagle for the actual climb to the peak. From this point the trail is fairly clear until closer to the top. I joined another hiker mid-way up this section who had done the hike before. We circled to the south around the summit to avoid more significant scrambling. In this case use my outbound route or edited route to navigate. Spent some time at the summit in beautiful weather although watched several storms run through the valley to the north, I started down and overshot the trail in the rocks before climbing back up. Upon returning the the second trailhead I followed a sign "to Baryeta Cabin" which was the actual trail back to the start. All in all an excellent hike. Out and back for me was about 10.4 miles and 3,400 gain. Track has been uploaded and suggested as route.

Beautiful hike, great adventure! The forest service road had huge ruts, pretty slow going in our Jeep Cherokee but we managed. Also that road is ~4.1 miles not 3.2 mikes! As for the hike, it was pretty but easy to loose the trail in the meadow around the first mile, we definitely lost it and just bushwhacked straight up hoping we would meet up with the trail again. Luckily we did! Beautiful wildflowers and nice views. There were a ton of trees fallen over the trail, seemed like Forest service hasn't been through with the chainsaw in a while. Strange ending spot for the trail. For some reason we thought this trail went to the top of New York Mountain, but it actually ends at the trailhead for the trail that summits the mountain. Pretty anticlimactic. If you want to climb New York Mountain make sure you go to the New York Mountain Trailhead from Eagle, not this trailhead from Edwards. Or, you could just keep going when you reach the summit trailhead and make it a 16 mile hike!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Narrow at parts, better trails around for sure

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nice wooded trail... decent climb on the way back.. moderate traffic. Not huge views but enjoyable and wooded pretty.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Not much of a view at then end but a beautiful trail none the less!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trail was very pretty and fun to hike. Snowshoes or yak-traks recommended. We didn't have either and were totally fine. However, trail was slick in spots and definitely had some 'post-holin' spots.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Great short afternoon hike. Went in late fall early winter so trees weren't as colorful, but would be great during the fall. Nice easy up slope to start than a long decent into the valley floor below. There isn't much of a lake to relax at but many spots along the river were great.

on East Lake Creek Trail

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good trail, my dog liked it! I went to the bridge, solid two hours out and back. Mostly downhill on the way to the bridge, a nice workout on the way back...nothing extreme. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Definitely a lot better in the fall. Nice and shady and plenty of aspens. Gorgeous.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Very few people on this trail, and the aspens are starting to turn. Lovely.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Great trail, perfect for a early fall hike. Lots of aspens and wild berries, great views with some up and down hiking. Not to difficult, Dead Dog trail is accessible from this trail.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Very pleasant wooded trail with occasional longer range views. The trail goes over a ridge and then drops down into East Lake Creek. After about 1.75 miles the trail at this time of year is very over grown by vegetation. It is a little bit of a nuisance but is easy to follow.

The jewel of this hike is that at East Lake Creek there is a footbridge and at this point your can hike south further into Holy Cross wilderness. The US Topographical map shows this trail but map on AllTrails does not. I would have loved to hiked up the valley for at least another mile or two, but I was running out of daylight and had to head back to the trail head.

I would definitely like to hike this again and also hike the Dead Dog Trail that forks off about 1/3 of the way in.

Monday, July 04, 2016

A pretty walk in the Aspens! The app guide didn't take us far enough to see the lake or creek at all, which would have warranted another star or two from me.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

You spend much of the hike in aspen and it is incredibly beautiful in late September. My GPS recorded it to be 3 miles to East Lake Creek.

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